Medeek Foundation Plugin
SketchUp Plugin that provides a simple interface for creating accurate 3D foundation and footing geometry.
Medeek Foundation Plugin


Welcome to the documentation for the Medeek Foundation Plugin. The Medeek Foundation Plugin is a SketchUp Plugin that provides a simple interface for creating accurate 3D foundation and footing geometry within SketchUp. This plugin utilizes the SketchUp Ruby API programming interface and is compatible with the latest SketchUp releases (SketchUp Make 2016 64-bit and SketchUp Pro 2016 64-bit) as well as previous versions (2013, 2014, 2015).

What Can You Do with the Medeek Foundation Plugin

Currently, the plugin allows the creation of the following foundation types (Metric and US/Imperial):

  • Slab on Grade (Rectangle,Polygon) [with garage curb and internal footing options]
  • Stemwall (Rectangle) [with brick ledge and internal footing/floor beam options]

Footing types:

  • (Under Construction)

Engineering (US/Imperial):

  • (Under Construction) [ACI 318-14 Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete]

All foundation types are drawn/designed utilizing industry standard practices. Additional foundation types and footings are in the process of being added, with additional features such as reinforcing bar.


The plugin allows the user to create either an rectangular or irregular (polygon) shaped foundation plan. When the rectangular foundation is selected the outline is defined by simply selecting three points which form the bounding rectangle (bldg. width x bldg. length) of the foundation.

With the Medeek Foundation Plugin, you can accurately depict typical concrete foundations, footings and flatwork within SketchUp and better validate your architectural models.


The Foundation Plugin is in the process of being integrated with the Medeek Footing Calculator and will be able to provide engineering data for specific common footing types. For additional engineering tools and site criteria maps please visit our Resources page.


This document is intended for architects, engineers, designers and homeowners who are using SketchUp as their primary 3D design tool. It provides an introduction to using the plugin and reference material on the available parameters/options for its use.

License and Limits of Use

The Medeek Foundation Plugin is a proprietary softare developed for use with the SketchUp 3D modeling program. There are currently no limits to its use for both personal and commercial applications.

Design Parameters - Foundation Geometry

The following items are typical design parameters than can be modified by the user to define the foundation geometry during the creation process (Slab on Grade):

  • Foundation Profile (required) This item allows two different thickened edge profiles.
  • Foundation Width (required) Width of building, defined by first two selected points, typically given in feet.
  • Foundation Length (required) Length of building, defined by the second and third selection points, typically given in feet.
  • Footing Width (required) Width of the bottom of the thickened edge footing in inches.
  • Slab Thickness (required) Thickness of the concrete slab in inches, typical values for residential construction is four to six inches.
  • Foundation Depth (required) Sets the overall depth of the foundation from the top of the slab to the bottom of the footing in inches.
  • Garage Curb (optional) This option allows one to specify a garage curb that projects above the slab.
  • Curb Width (optional) Sets the width of the garage curb/stemwall in inches.
  • Curb Height (optional) Sets the height of the garage curb/stemwall above the slab in inches.

Additional parameters and options are available for other foundation and footing types.


The recent versions of SketchUp allow you to install zipped Ruby files or extensions (.rbz) directly within SketchUp.

To install the Medeek Foundation Plugin (.rbz file format):

  1. Login into your computer as an admin before installing any Ruby scripts. This will make the installation go more smoothly and ensure that files get installed in the proper places.
  2. Within SketchUp select Window > Preferences (Microsoft Windows) or SketchUp > Preferences (Mac OS X). The Preferences dialog box is displayed.
  3. Click on Extensions. The Extensions panel is displayed.
  4. Click on the Install Extension button. The Open dialog box is displayed.
  5. Locate the Ruby zip file to install (.rbz).
  6. Click on the Open button. SketchUp will install the extension and display a security prompt. The Medeek Foundation Plugin will now appear in the list of available extensions.


The current Medeek Foundation Plugin menu has seven icons or sub-menus: 


The available items are the following:

  1. Draw Stemwall Foundation:
  • Stemwall (rectangle only)
  • Draw Slab on Grade:
    • Slab on Grade (rectangle only)
  • Draw Slab:
    • (Under Construction
  • Draw Column Footing:
    • (Under Construction
  • Draw Strip Footing:
    • (Under Construction
  • Engineering Calculations:
    • (Under Construction
  • Change Global Settings:
    • Graphical UI
    • Check for Updates

    Note, some menus show additional items that are either under construction or planned for future releases.


    Video Tutorials

    Video tutorials are not yet available for this plugin. Sample SketchUp models related to these tutorials files can be downloaded here.

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