Material Replacer
Tool that let you replace materials by picking from the model.
Material Replacer

Replace one material for another by picking material in the model

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Ar. Nitin Sharma's picture

Hi Thom

Can I use this tool to replace material only within the selection (rather than the entire model)?

Ar. Nitin Sharma

I love this tool, it's exactly what I was looking for to solve this problem of multiple, similar materials cluttering up my materials palette. The problem I have is the size of the text label on the tool; I can barely read it. is there a way to increase the font size?

ThomThom's picture

Hmm... do you have a high DIP monitor?
Also what SketchUp version?

Thanks for your reply. I am running Sketchup Pro2016 on a 2014 iMac with retina 5k 27" monitor, 3.5GHz Intel Core i5 and AMD Radeon R9 M290X 2048 MB graphics card. I could attach a screen shot to this message if it was possible, but I can't see how.


ThomThom's picture

Yea, this comment section doesn't allow for file exchanges. But it looks like someone else also just reported this issue;

Drachenbauer ..'s picture

can you make this?:
If nothing is opened, it should work on the entire project.
But if a group/component is opened to edit, is should only work on things inside there.
That means no effects on things, wich are bleached out in this case.
At a component it can work on all components of this type.

Rafael C's picture

Yes... it would be really neat to have this feature, specially if working the way you just described. I used to have another older tool which had a panel and options and stuff but eventualy exchanged it for thom thom's due to it's simplicity and efficiency. Still, "Material Replacer" could have this feature you described...

Mahbod B.'s picture

Works like a charm, has to be SKP 2016 or older it seems though.

Thanks so much Thom!

ThomThom's picture

Were you getting errors in older versions?

Camila P's picture

thanks for this tool, it's wonderful!!!

Love, love, love this plugin. It's one of the first plugins I install on my workstation.

Amélie R.'s picture

doesn't seems to work with SU2017

ThomThom's picture

It's working fine with SU2017.
I'd recommend starting a thread on the SketchUp forum: It's easier to follow up with assistance there as it's possible to share images and files.
Please include some more description to what doesn't appear to be working. (What are the steps you are going, what you are observing and what the expected result would be.)

Keith S.'s picture

Everytime I hit a snag in Sketchup ThomThom has an extension for it. Another brilliant addition to the workflow. Thanks so much for all the work on all the extensions.

I love this tool to death. I use it religiously. But lately I've noticed that it's not working too well on anything with a texture. It makes the texture HUGE regardless of the size it is when selecting it with the tool. Not sure if it's something I'm doing or what. Anyone else have this issue?

Not seeing any toolbars after installing and restarting in 2017. Hoping this gets fixed!

ThomThom's picture

This extension doesn't feature a toolbar, only a menu item under the Tools menu. (See the extension description.)

Emily W's picture

It is saying that is it not "signd" how do I fix that?

ThomThom's picture

The extension needs to be reuploaded to be signed for SU2017. I haven't gotten around to that for my long list of extensions. I'm trying to figure out if the Extension Warehouse team can do this bulk operation for me.

Are you running in Secure mode for extension security? Unless you do that the digital signature doesn't have any effect.

sapote's picture

Tried installing, but I don't see it under Tools.

Then another window pops up about needing to download. Click on Download - nothing happens.

SUP 2016 (v 16.1.2418)
macOS Sierra 10.12

TT_Lib² Not Installed
Additional files are needed.
The support library TT_Lib² is required in order to use core.rb.
Please download and install the latest release

ThomThom's picture

Hm... clicking download should open the Extension Manager to TT_Lib2. I have to look into that. Meanwhile, manually install TT_Lib2 linked in the description here.

Joe Drafter's picture

Sooooooo useful. Thanks ThomThom.

Keith P.'s picture

Is there a way (or a separate plugin) to do a bulk replacement of materials. Perhaps in list form?

SEE-IT-3D's picture

a gift

thxxxxxxxxxxxx :)

Jonathan C.'s picture

I am presented with the following error with every extension i attempt to install:

an ajax http error occurred. http result code: 500 debugging information as follows

Running windows 7 - 64bit and sketchup 2016 pro (legally aquired)

ThomThom's picture

Errors from the Extension Warehouse is out of my control. I've forwarded it to the SketchUp team.

By the way, did you get this error when using Extension Warehouse from the browser or from within SketchUp?

Download seemed to work when I tried just now.

Jonathan C.'s picture

Thanks for the fwd, ThomThom.
I receive the aforementioned error both through warehouse and browser.

Antonio P's picture

Simple, useful and reliable. Thank you!

Simon J's picture

Have re installed it for SKP 2015, its listed as an extension under prefferences with a tick next to it, but I cant see it listed in the main menu under extensions, any ideas?

Simon J's picture

Have tried doing a search on my computer for it, a folder called "material replacer" does appear, but then dissapears....have looked in all the old sketchup program files, have uninstalled and reinstalled thw luck. Would be good if there was an option in the Extensions wharehouse to just download the .rbz file and drag it into the extensions or plugin folder...clunky but at least it could be done.

Simon J's picture

Thanks this is really good.

Wisava S's picture

This material is very useful thankyou very much

tarang D.'s picture

Installing but cant see in tools menu material replacer in sketchup 2015

ThomThom's picture

What is the full path to where SketchUp is installed?

ThomThom's picture

Windows or Mac?
Is it listed and enabled under the Preferences > Extensions list?
What version of TT_Lib2 do you have installed?

Francis W.'s picture

Please update to allow changing/deleting from the material menu. A lot of the time I'm trying to purge my material list by replacing one material with another, but often I'm not sure where the material is in the model.

Camila P's picture

this would be my dream, it would make the tool perfect!!!

ThomThom's picture

I'm afraid that the SketchUp API doesn't allow adding menus to the Material right-click menu.

ali A.'s picture

ineed all plugins for sketchup2014

Gui T's picture

Very useful plugin.
No issues with SU 08 or 2013

Andernik R's picture

Very good! Thank you!

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