Space planning tool for convention centers, real estate, etc

MapSpacer is a powerful space planning software that lets clients envision their entire space down to the last square inch. A planner booking a large tech event may need a stage for speakers, designated areas for product demonstrations, and they’ll want to visualize how foot traffic will move through the venue. Sure, this can be done with ordinary convention center software, but atlas3D takes it a step further, and lets them arrange all these elements and see them virtually, in dynamic 3D, without ever stepping foot inside. Our event floor plan software works in tandem with our 3D tour software to bring added functionality and utility. Now planners not only walk through a space remotely, they have the power to modify it to suit their needs. Booths, kiosks, stages and seating can all be mapped out and configured to optimize space. They can view in 2D and 3D, make changes, reset and do it again until they’ve got exactly what they need for their event.


Data center managers have a different set of challenges. To power the cloud, detailed planning of power, cooling, and associated redundancy is required. Designs need to take into account physical security and cooling configurations. Mapspacer acts as an interactive diagram maker, letting managers and IT professionals plot out all the elements that play a factor in their operations, arranging and rearranging until everything works like it’s supposed to. With MapSpacer, these designs come to life in 3D and provide for a rich interaction with future customers. Prospective clients can now walk through a data center, visit data halls, cages, and suites in manner that develops familiarity and trust for your operation without actually being there.

Whether configuring a convention center, data center, or hotel meeting space, MapSpacer gives your clients a dynamic view, and helps them see why your space is the best choice for their needs.

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