3D printing model Repair Service (Makeprintable)
Optimizing and preparing models for 3D printing. Convert SKP to STL, OBJ and 3MF.
3D printing model Repair Service (Makeprintable)

If you're new to MakePrintable (Start here)

This extension connects Sketchup with "MakePrintable", a cloud-based mesh repair service that analyses, validates and repairs most common mesh errors that can occur when preparing a 3D design file for printing. MakePrintable allows novice and intermediate Sketchup users to achieve greater print success by identifying and fixing design flaws before printing a file. Some of these design flaws include non-manifolds, solidity, wall thickness, intersections, and flipped faces.

Why MakePrintable.com

  • Automated
  • New fixing algorithm
  • Easy to use
  • Cloud-based
  • Free & Premium plans
  • High success rate
  • Customer service

Key features

  • Control the holes sizes that you want to close using Close Holes parameter
  • Merge meshes using Clearance parameter
  • Mesh repair Tech Mammoth. 
  • 3D model analyser
  • Texture support
  • Convert to OBJ, STL and 3MF
  • Hollow your model
  • Generate in Gcode
  • Slice for 3D printing
  • Print via Shapeways, 3Dhubs, and imaterialise 
  • Cura Plugin compatible with CURA 3.0.3 and newer versions. 

Benefit from MakePrintable.

  1. It checks and analyses your model.
  2. Get .SKP ready for 3D printing.
  3. Reduce the print of print, by using the hollowing feature.
  4. Convert .SKP files to STL, 3MF and OBJ.
  5. Order 3D prints from Shapeways. 

Get started

To use this extension, you will need a MakePrintable account; sign up for free here.

Step 1: Add MakePrintable extension to Sketchup  

  1. Open SketchUp then go to window->extension warehouse
  2. Search for MakePrintable plugin in SketchUp warehouse window
  3. Choose MakePrintable plugin then Click on the download button
  4. Sign into your SketchUp account
  5. Click on the Install button


Step 2: Upload Your Model to MakePrintable

  1. Go to Extensions-> Upload to MakePrintable
  2. Click on “Repair in MakePrintable” button to upload and repair your model in MakePrintable.com 


Step 3: MakePrintable configure the repair

Next step

  1. The file is now in the repairing process. Once complete you can compare it to the original 3D model. If you're happy, you can either move on to downloads/print or refix it using the High-quality output.

Click store to continue.

Download the file (.OBJ, .3MF, .STL, .SVG or .GCODE)

Finally; you can order your 3D model using Shapeways, 3D hubs, or imateralise



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how do you convert to an stl?

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I am trying to export a model from sketchup as stl through Makeprintable Plugin. It shows the model in green (and exactly the way I want it to be) in Makeprintable website page but when I repair it it changes few edges.
Is there a way to directly save the model as stl without reparing it?
Thanks in advance

Try the export import STL plug in

Reem A.'s picture

Hi Gerhard,

This is Reem from MakePrintable team. Unfortunately at this time you have to go through the repairing process in order to convert your file to STL.



Adam M.'s picture

When I click the menu all I get is a title bar that says "MakePrintible Model Upload" and that's it. I can close, max/min the title bar, but nothing else. I'm running Windows 10, and most current version of SketchUp.

Update: If I hit Tab, then Enter I can upload my model.

Reem A.'s picture

Hi Adam,

This is Reem from MakePrintable team. Please let me know if you were able to use the plugin successfully. If you're still experiencing any issues, please let me know and will look into it.


Adam M.'s picture

I still have the issue, and that being I can't actually see the 'upload' button or anything. The popup window just isn't showing it, but I can tab to it and execute it when I hit return.

Reem A.'s picture

Hi Adam,

Our plugin sends your SketchUp files to MakePrintable to repair it for 3D printing. Also, make sure you have an updated version of SketchUp such 2016.

If you are still having issues, please email me directly reem@mxd3d.com to better assist you.


Reem A.'s picture

Thanks for informing us. We will definitely look into it and get back to you. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Patrick L's picture

Bonjour MakePrintable
Je rencontre un gros problème avec votre de service de réparation que je viens d'installer comme plugin dans SU Make 2017.
Pour tester les capacités du service, j'ouvre dans SU le fichier d'un engrenage parfaitement imprimable, puisque l'ayant fait fabriquer sans aucun problème par un voisin professionnel.
Les dimensions de la boîte englobante de modèle sont de (en millimètres) 189,96 x 189,96 x 19,00. J’incorpore volontairement trois erreurs dans mon modèle, à savoir : deux arrêtes et une face internes.
Je lance le service depuis SU via > Extensions > Upload to MakePrintable.
Le téléchargement terminé, MakePrintable détecte mon modèle aux dimensions suivantes (en centimètres) :
– Largeur 0,02 cm
– Hauteur 0,00 cm
– Profondeur 0,02 cm
– Arêtes non manifold 4 (alors que je n'en ai inséré que 2)
Un message d'information s'affiche "Votre taille du modèle est trop petit, nous vous recommandons de mettre à l'échelle vers le haut".
Je fait donc une mise à l'échelle uniforme avec un coefficient de 1000 (je vais avoir besoin d'une imprimante taille XXXXXL ….)
Je lance la réparation, et constate l'extrême lenteur du service …
J'ai téléchargé le fichier à (heure locale) 16H28, et je reçois un e mail à 18H39 m'informant que la réparation est un échec.
Conclusion : MakePrintable est incapable de réparer 3 petites erreurs en plus de 2H00, alors que "Solid Inspector" de TomTom le fait en moins de 5 secondes.
J'attends vos commentaires.

Reem A.'s picture

Bonjour Patrick

Merci pour le feedback, c'était très constructifs. Nous allons travailler sur quelques idées pour rationaliser l'intégration entre MakePrintable et Sketchup.

Tout d'abord, ont voulais s'assurer que vous auriez une version imprimable 3D de votre modèle.
Pourriez-vous nous donner votre address d'email afin que nous puissions retracer votre compte et voir quel modèle a u un problème?
C'est probablement juste une question d'orientation, et nous n'avons aucun doute que MakePrintable peut le réparer.

S'il vous plaît envoyez-moi votre email, ou envoyez le directement à moi au support@makeprintable.com

Merci et bonne journée,

When I upload the object, the scale gets messed up. It says the object is too small. So I had to x1000 to get the right size.

Also keeps filling in faces that need to be open. Turns my project into a brick. :(

Reem A.'s picture

Hi Emily,

When we upload your 3D model from SketchUp to MakePrintable the unit measurement changes and to avoid facing an issue when uploading to MakePrintable multiply the ratio for scaling by 10.

Let us know if you need us to assist you with anything.

Reem A.'s picture

Hi Emily,

This is Reem from MakePrintable team. I apologize for any inconvenience. I will have one of our team members look into your file to try and give you a better repair.

The program does not support skp as stated in the description.

Reem A.'s picture

Hi Mo,

You have to use the SketchUp plugin, it supports skp. We'll update it to make it clearer.



Phil R.'s picture

I kept getting ajax 500 errors on download attempts but after several attempts it does download eventually. Seems to be a server error.

Reem A.'s picture

Hi Phil,

We have looked into it. one of our server was down yesterday. It's back up. it should work seamlessly now. Thanks again for informing us.


Reem A.'s picture

Hi Phil,

This is Reem from MakePrintable team. Thanks for informing us. We will definitely look into it.


Bruno H's picture


I want to use this program to export objects I make in sketchup to be done on a cnc machine with mach 3, if I convert it into gcode can bit settings, speed, stepover, etc be configured here also ?

Thank you

Reem A.'s picture

Hi Bruno,

This is Reem from MakePrintable team.
Our Extension is used to repair files for 3D printing. We will investigate further regarding generating files on a cnc machine and will get back to you.

Chris F's picture

Cant down load I'mgetting a 500 error when ever I try

Reem A.'s picture

Hi Chris,

This is Reem from MakePrintable team. Do you still have an issue downloading the plugin?

If you like, try to download the extension directly from SketchUp program itself. Just make sure that you login to your gmail account. From the Windows tab, select SketchUp warehouse, search for Makeprintable then click on the install button and the plugin will be added directly under the Extensions tab.

Let us know if that works out for you. Please let us know, If you need any further help.

Michael M.'s picture

Hello Chris,
I'm part of the MakePrintable team.
I will personally look into this and get back to you.
I apologize about any inconvenience.

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Cloud based mesh repair service that analyzes, validates and repairs most common mesh errors that can occur when preparing a 3D design file for printing.
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