3D printing model Repair Service (Makeprintable)
Optimizing and preparing models for 3D printing. Convert SKP to STL, OBJ and 3MF.
3D printing model Repair Service (Makeprintable)

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This extension connects Sketchup with "MakePrintable", a cloud-based mesh repair service that analyses, validates and repairs most common mesh errors that can occur when preparing a 3D design file for printing. MakePrintable allows novice and intermediate Sketchup users to achieve greater print success by identifying and fixing design flaws before printing a file. Some of these design flaws include non-manifolds, solidity, wall thickness, intersections, and flipped faces.

Why MakePrintable.com

  • Automated
  • New fixing algorithm
  • Easy to use
  • Cloud-based
  • Free & Premium plans
  • High success rate
  • Customer service

Key features

  • Control the holes sizes that you want to close using Close Holes parameter
  • Merge meshes using Clearance parameter
  • Mesh repair Tech Mammoth. 
  • 3D model analyser
  • Texture support
  • Convert to OBJ, STL and 3MF
  • Hollow your model
  • Generate in Gcode
  • Slice for 3D printing
  • Print via Shapeways, 3Dhubs, and imaterialise 
  • Cura Plugin compatible with CURA 3.0.3 and newer versions. 

Benefit from MakePrintable.

  1. It checks and analyses your model.
  2. Get .SKP ready for 3D printing.
  3. Reduce the print of print, by using the hollowing feature.
  4. Convert .SKP files to STL, 3MF and OBJ.
  5. Order 3D prints from Shapeways. 

Get started

To use this extension, you will need a MakePrintable account; sign up for free here.

Step 1: Add MakePrintable extension to Sketchup  

  1. Open SketchUp then go to window->extension warehouse
  2. Search for MakePrintable plugin in SketchUp warehouse window
  3. Choose MakePrintable plugin then Click on the download button
  4. Sign into your SketchUp account
  5. Click on the Install button


Step 2: Upload Your Model to MakePrintable

  1. Go to Extensions-> Upload to MakePrintable
  2. Click on “Repair in MakePrintable” button to upload and repair your model in MakePrintable.com 


Step 3: MakePrintable configure the repair

Next step

  1. The file is now in the repairing process. Once complete you can compare it to the original 3D model. If you're happy, you can either move on to downloads/print or refix it using the High-quality output.

Click store to continue.

Download the file (.OBJ, .3MF, .STL, .SVG or .GCODE)

Finally; you can order your 3D model using Shapeways, 3D hubs, or imateralise


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Cloud based mesh repair service that analyzes, validates and repairs most common mesh errors that can occur when preparing a 3D design file for printing.
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