Spirals, shells, spiky spheres, pursuit curves and other parametrized objects for graphics artists and all fun loving people

MagicBox is a set of tools for creating parametric objects that are ubiquitous in nature, but difficult to make using standard modeling tools.

The objects in MagicBox are defined by a set of parameters that can be set interactively or numerically.  After activating a MagicBox tool, watch for a prompt at the bottom of the window, it will guide you through the creation process.  For additional help you may wish to download some of the  manuals, or watch demo video available on the ShapeWizards website.

What can you do with MagicBox?

  •          Draw spirals as easily as you draw lines and circles
  •          Generate  funny variations of a sphere
  •          Create different kinds of sea shells
  •          Create unique objects based on pursuit curves
  •          Enhance visual impact by making sets of edges and faces invisible
  •          Paint easily stretches of faces
  •         …  and more

If you don’t find what you want, let us know. We are expanding the set of tools continuously.


This free version has limited functionality, to download full-featured MagicBox please visit the company website.

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We are located at the intersection of applied mathematics, geometry and computer science. Our creed is to make complexity invisible and simplicity shine.