LSS Zone
Extension, which allows to enter and process rooms data.
LSS Zone


  • create geometric data carrier (so-called 'zone'), which stores identity, quantitative and descriptive information about a room
  • reshape and/or re-adjust properties of created 'zone' interactively any time later
  • manage entered information in a batch manner
  • create and attach labels
  • generate reports

Version 1.1. New Features

  • 'Layers Toolbar' added
  • 'Filter Zones' dialog added
  • handling of three zone types added (room, box, flat)

Version 1.1.1 New Features

  • floor, ceiling and walls cumulative area added to 'Properties' dialog
  • supressing units in an active model now affects zone labels, list and properties representation

Version 1.2.0 New Features

  • automatic zone's contour tracing feature added
  • 'Settings' dialog added (it contains settings only for automatic tracing for now)
  • ability to list nested elements of zone group(s) added to zone's list generator
  • supressing of area units now affects 'LSS Zone' tool dialog as well

Version 1.2.1 New Features

  • 'LSS Zone' extension is made compatible with SketchUp 2014
  • ability to switch all dialogs to a smaller font size added
  • layout of all web-dialogs is tableless now
  • it is possible to fold/unfold groups of settings inside dialogs
  • automatic adjustment of dialog's height added
  • 'Trace Contour' settings added to 'Properties' dialog (it is possible to set contour tracing options individually for selected zone using 'Properties' dialog, options inside 'Settings' dialog affect new zone only)
  • adjustment of an initial position of zone's label added
  • persistence of zone's label position added (it is possible to move label manually after attaching and label will stay at the same position after rebuilding of a zone)
  • eye-droppers of 'LSS Zone' main tool dialog now pick visible material of a face (tool checks if front surface or back surface of a face is under cursor and returns face.material or face.back_material depended on check result)

Version 1.2.2(3) New Features and Fixes

  • color indication of material names within material drop-down lists added
  • java-script part fixed in order to work with new versions of IE
  • minor CSS styling fixes in order to display contents of some dialogs properly
  • all global variables were replaced with module variables in order to meet new stricter Extension Warehouse requirements
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