LSS Matrix
LSS Matrix allows advanced copying of groups and component instances.
LSS Matrix


LSS Matrix extends copying functionality and allows to create custom arrays of groups and/or component instances. For example it is possible to create circular stair and what is more important it is possible to adjust settings of generated array of copies any time later.



«LSS Matrix» has preprocessing stage:

it is necessary to make an initial copy instance and «controlling» copy instance(s) before «LSS Matrix» dialog launching.

After preparations:

  • Choose Plugins>> LSS Matrix>> Lss Matrix Dialog command from the main menu or click appropriate button of «LSS Toolbar»
  • Pick the initial instance
  • Pick copy instance(s)
  • Adjust settings
  • Click «Apply» to generate array of copies



Yudi A's picture

Not compatible with SU 2016. update please

Abdul Rahman M.'s picture

doesn't select your extention

Dear Mr. Kirill Bannov
Your extension is very practical but unfortunately not compatible with the latest version of SketchUp. Please update the plugin or put it for sale maybe other developers will fix it.
Thank you again :))


Bjorn B's picture

Looks very promising, but unfortunately the 'Pick' buttons don't work.. Using Sketchup 2017

Don't tell me: 2016 version isn't ready yet, if it's ever ready at all.

Austin P's picture

Maybe its just me - but I couldn't get it to work in my latest version of SketchUp. :(

Kirill B's picture

Yes extension should be updated in order to become compatible with the latest version of SketchUp. For now extension information claims that extension is compatible with SketchUp 2013 only. But unfortunately I can not say for sure that I'll be able to update it any time soon (not even sure if I'll be able to update it at all). In short I recommend to search for some fresh alternatives, which compatible with the latest version of SkethUp and provide similar (or even more powerful) functionality, created by other extension authors.

Melissa T.'s picture


Hello, thank you for developing this interesting plugin.
I succeeded the installation of the LSS Matrix, and the functions of the LSS Matrix were convenient for parametric design.

I gave a lecture based on the plug-in, using installation method and the implementation your three examples.

However, some errors were found when students tried to install the plug-in.

- Some students says "I cannot find the dialog box although I click the launch box button (the left side)."

Can we resolve the problem?

atek s's picture

thanks for making the plugin what i was thinking

I have question regarding the plugin
I have made 2 object same shape big and small and i want to divide or i need same object descending order type. It has created the descending order but the problem is with the thickness. I have given 2 inch thickness for the top and bottom object but the new descending order object created dont have the 2inch thickness. Any solution or if u give me ur email id i can attach my sketchup file u can go throught it.

Kirill B's picture

Thanks for your interest to LSS Matrix plug-in.
The point is that LSS Matrix is able only to detect changes in scale/rotation/position of given objects (groups or components) as a whole and it does not take in account content of groups/components. Plug-in just generates copies of the very first picked group/component gradually changing scale/rotation/position of each copy.
If I get you right you need to preserve some certain thickness (i.e. size along Z axis) of all intermediate copies, while gradually changing the size of copies along X and Y axes between two given states. If that's the case, then it can be reached by non-uniform scaling of a group, which represents the last state of series of copies (adjust the scale only along X and Y axes as needed and leave the scale along Z axis the same).

Mae Anne S's picture

is it working/compatible already in sketch up 2015?

Richard D.'s picture

please make it compatible for sketchup 2015

Mohammed Fuad A's picture

thanks to you

Hirun J.'s picture

thank you

Kristoff R's picture

2014 ready?

Kirill B's picture

Unfortunately version compatible with SU2014 is not yet ready.

Xing J.'s picture

Thank you so much.

AtomicA N's picture

Works wonderfully. Thank you for creating this tool. I do wish that I could adjust the spacing while I am creating the copies. I see now that I can change the spacing appropriately after the fact. Its perfect.

shukry S.'s picture

Hi Kirill,

This is taking copying to the next level... Superb work man!

Roberto M's picture

Does not seem to work in osx.

Kirill B's picture

That's right. For now the only supported OS is Windows unfortunately.
Note that OS Compatibility is explicitly specified in extension's specification (after Sketchup compatibility and above supported languages).

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