Linear Scale Generator for LayOut
Auto-generates linear scales (bar scales) for SketchUp LayOut documents
Linear Scale Generator for LayOut

Create graphical, linear scales (bar scales) for LayOut documents from within SketchUp.
Options available to adjust units and sizing.

10 day free trial. License can be purchased at:

To open in SketchUp, go to:
Tools > Linear Scale Generator > Generate
Choose a LayOut file where you would like to add a scale.

The user can select a page and view on a specific page in a LayOut document where they would like to place a scale. Once the units and the scale length are chosen, the user can click 'Generate' and have the option to open and review the LayOut document. Multiple scales can be added to a single document. Each linear scale is sized based on the current real scale of the selected view in relation to the LayOut page's paper size.

Requires SketchUp 2018 Pro or greater.
Developed by Effortless Engineering

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Linear Scale Generator for LayOut (1.0.1); February 11, 2018
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