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VR Sketch is a tool for editing and visualizing architectural models from SketchUp in virtual reality. The current setup requires HTC Vive with SteamVR installed or Oculus Touch. Windows mixed reality headsets work, but are not officially supported.

The download here is a trial that works for 2 weeks. Then a paid version is needed, with another 2 weeks for free. Full satisfaction guaranteed. The present version lets you view and edit directly in VR and should work on large models. The link from SketchUp files is immediate and one should be able to edit both on the monitor and in the VR at the same time.

The present version does not aim for photo realism and instead focuses on having a cartoonish but well performing mode that lets you edit SketchUp files 100s of megabytes in size.

For more information on how to use it, please see out website at https://vrsketch.eu

Works in Sketchup 2017 Pro or Make and Sketchup 2018 Pro. See https://www.sketchup.com/download/all to download either version 



Andy L.'s picture

Yippee an Oculus Rift version (although you say Oculus Touch :).

Will try it out as soon as I can get on my Rift.

Many thanks Macie F. and team

We say "Oculus touch" which I thought means "Oculus rift + touch controllers". It's not really usable without the controllers.

kellie P.'s picture

Love the idea. The price is very steep putting this higher then Octane and sketchup. The yearly "maintance fee" with sketchup is 150.00 a year.... yours is $360. Putting this service in the "super premium" catagory. Not worth the investment considering all the other costs of doing business. Get it in line and you have a service worth exploring.

You T.'s picture

Looks like the beginning of a great product but I refuse to subscribe to software. I don't mind paying for software and pay good money for good applications but I will not subject my business to the subscription software model. It is unsustainable in the long term.

The extension worked flawlessly with Sketchup Make 2017 on the first try with my Vive. I'm a non-architect designing an addition for my house. My model has multiple floors and I was able to walk/teleport up and down stairs very easily. Being able to see my model in VR helped my wife and I make some decisions about our design.

The VR editing tools are very well done. I was able to close off a door opening within VR to see how the room felt. Overall I don't see myself doing much editing within VR. I had to get pretty close to the wall to make a rectangle to close off the doorway. I also couldn't reach the corner of a ceiling.

VR Sketch was a great experience overall. The pricing for a non-professional is a deal breaker unfortunately. I won't be able to justify 30 euros/month. The pricing seems reasonable for an architectural firm that uses it frequently. I wish there was a one-time flat fee for non professionals. Maybe you could make a view-only version that only allows teleportation and scaling.

With a old "Make" version on a PC, this plugin is compatible?

Yes, it's compatible if you have 2017 make

Well it looks like nice fun, but nothing more. Working with Sketchup in this mode seems to be extremely slow. Keyboard shortcuts impossible to use. The movement is much faster and easier with mouse or 3D mouse.

Works great!... it's a perfect combination with Sketchup free 2017.

When do you plan to release the new version for sketchup 2018? I supppose it will only work with Sketchup pro 2018 since the free version is now web-based?

Yes, it'll only work with Pro. I will test Sketchup Pro 2018 for the new version, which is coming in a few days.

Great! Really looking forward to this new version... keep me posted!

Can you do a Mac version

Hi Joachim

Can you have a VR headset for mac?

Eric R's picture

I would like to test a Mac version,
(I'm running a HTC Vive on MacBook Pro and Radeon 580 eGfx / Steam VR)

Ok, I'll see if I can get this going. I don't have a macbook with that high graphics card, but maybe we can compile it anyway.

Eric R's picture

I would like to test a Mac version,
(I'm running a HTC Vive on MacBook Pro and Radeon 580 eGfx / Steam VR)

Hi Eric

Seems that a good setup for VR on mac is more than $3k. This is not the kind of expense I can see spending right now on just mac support. It might change in the near future though.

Mark R.'s picture

+1 for mac version please. I am one who has invested in a VR compatible mac setup, and work entirely on the mac for the rest of my workflow. Seems a shame/hassle to switch to windows for this. I otherwise really like your extension!

Hi Mark. As mentioned above, $3k for a Mac setup is a lot of money to invest that we might not be able to recoup quickly. We would make a Mac version very quickly if someone was willing to sponsor us the hardware.

This is awesome, I've been trying to get my model to correctly import with textures into Unity for ages so I could walk around my remodel sketch, but this makes it so simple to do right in SketchUp I can't believe I wasted all that time.

Furthermore it's so wonderful to be able to do small changes (and likely even large changes!) without leaving VR and see the results instantly. Thanks for building this!

Andy L.'s picture

Hi, Any chance of a version for the Oculus Rift please?

Hi Andy.

Supporting oculus rift is on our todo list. Since this is a beta, we're aiming at providing full experience on HTC Vive first. If you want to help us or have a contract to prioritize this work, please get in touch under the official email.

Best regards,
Maciej Fijalkowski

This is really great. The transition from the warehouse to the skybox is especially elegant, and I love the way you can keep scaling way past 1:1.

The one problem I have is not knowing when you're at 1:1. Given that you're using physical gestures to get there, it would be fantastic if there were a haptic hit from the controllers when you're there.

The Vive has an especially tuneable response, making it possible to smoothly shift from light vibration to strong. If getting close to 1:1 triggered slight feedback which intensifies until you hit it, then decreases as you go past would make finding actual size something you could literally do with your eyes closed, not unlike the way you can tune a guitar string by ear.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the comments! We could add haptic feedback, or (and?) visual feedback: e.g. drawing a line that connects the two controllers with the scaling factor written near it.

For now, note that teleporting always forces a 1:1 factor; it's not exactly "feedback", but on some kinds of models like big houses, it is enough.

Adding to the haptic feedback discussion:

Do you also plan to add haptic feedback to snapping? In my humble opinion, it would help a great deal to have some kind of feedback other than only visuals when e.g. I create a rectangle and switch from snapped creation mode to smooth creation mode (if I change the angle to anything else than 90° for example) and vice-versa.


This is a really good point. I will look into it now :-)

Works great, Having some textures not load in

I am finding situations where the textures are indeed not correctly placed. The fix is not completely obvious because SketchUp lies about the texture placement in one case, so we need to somehow detect if we're in that case and fix it manually. But it will be fixed in the next version.

Hi Kevin.

Can you send me the model that does not load? Would be happy to help. Fijal at baroquesoftware dot com

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