LibFredo6 is a companion Library required by all my scripts.

LibFredo6 is a shared library used by some of my plugins. It is NOT a standalone plugin. Plugins currently using LibFredo6 are:

You need to install it and respect the versions required by the Plugins, the higher, the better. The current version level of LibFredo6 is 7.7. I maintain backward compatibility so that plugins requiring an older version of LibFredo6 should work with a newer version.

LibFredo6, like my other plugins, is hosted on Sketchucation. Sketchucation is a Community site entirely dedicated to Sketchup. It includes an ExtensionStore of 800+ plugins, as well as a quite rich Discussion Forum about Sketchup and a Gallery. Registering on Sketchucation is FREE.

IF YOU ARE NOT FAMILIAR WITH LIBFREDO6 INSTALLATION OR WITH SKETCHUCATION, it is advised to watch the video "LibFredo6 Installation" at the top of this page.

You can find more information on the Home Page for LibFredo6 on Sketchucation.

IMPORTANT: if you just install LibFredo6 without any of the plugins above, you will see no new toolbar in Sketchup but a menu entry "LibFredo6 Settings.." in the Window menu of Sketchup.

LibFredo6 menu