Layers Panel
Designed to be very similar to Photoshop's layers panel. It adds the ability to group layers, sort them, lock them, hide/collapse groups, etc.
Layers Panel

WARNING : Layers panel is not maintained anymore.
It is now open-source, anyone can contribute and update it, or even make it better and sell it if you want.
Here is the repo :

As a result, I'm not responding to bug or feature requests anymore. You can still post them, in case another developer might want to fix/add them.


Layers Panel basically replaces Sketchup's layers window. It reproduces every features of it, except layer colors (for now), and adds the ability to group layers, sort them, lock them, hide/collapse groups, and a lot more features.

If you use a third-party renderer, you can also choose which layers are rendered. (Compatible with Vray, Maxwell, Podium, Indigo, KeyShot and Kerkythea)

For support, please go to : 
Do NOT use the reviews below for support, I will no longer reply here. Go to the link above.


  • Although the undo/redo support was improved a lot since the alpha versions, sometimes it still messes up (rarely), which prevents you to redo some operations.
  • By using this plugin, you agree to send completely anonymous data, used to improve it.



View full usage instructions here:

The way you sort/nest layers is simple, just grab the handle on the left of a layer/group, and drop it where you want. To choose the depth of the nesting, move the layer to the right or the left. (See image above)

To choose if a layer is rendered or not, toggle the teapot icon on its right. Then trigger the render from the top of Layers Panel's dialog.

CTRL+G : Group selected layers
CTRL+SHIFT+G : Ungroup layers
CTRL+A : Select all
CTRL+E : Merge selected layers
ALT+click on layer visibility : Isolate layer
CTRL+click on layer visibility : Isolate layer in its group
SHIFT+click on layer visibility : Toggle all highlighted layers

Colors are in Sketchup 2014+ only. Right-click on a color to change it.


Indispensable, vital magnifique,
Merci ;-)

Very familiar interface & useful for layer management PressureWashersLab
you can glue it to other windows, and it automatically resize like the other windows above.....


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I love Layers Panel.
Had some glitches originally with a previous computer.
Has been working without problems for a year in Sketchup 2017, just installed it in Sketchup 2018 and seems OK so far.
Running Win 7 Pro with Nvidia Quadro K3000M graphics card on HP EliteBook 8770W.

I found this to be a great workstation, available for $500 - $900 on ebay. Have several now.

pleases suport SketchUp 2018

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pleases suport vray 3.4

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I would recommend people to use Layer Manager by D. Bur instead. I also use TIG-LayerWatcher (free over at SketchUcation ExtensionStore) since drawing everything on "layer 0" is a must. I organise my models using the Outliner in groups and subgroups. The Layers are nice to turn off or on when you want to see contexts such as trees (on the tree layers), furniture (on the furniture layers) etc.

Generally buggy behavior in SU 2017 (version.17.1.174).

Very familiar interface & useful for layer management, but I don't trust it.

Regrettably, I've uninstalled the plugin =[

Generally buggy behavior in SU 2017 (version.17.1.174).

Very familiar interface & useful for layer management, but I don't trust it.

Regrettably, I've uninstalled the plugin =[

Seems to be a powerful tool, but doesn't seem to be fully compatible with Sketchup 2017. I like the photoshop-esque panel for layers, it definitely is making sketchup easier to learn, however there seems to be bugs with Sketchup 2017. When starting a new project it works mostly fine, but when I start working again on a saved project, the entity window seems to not recognize new layers created in the layers panel, or folders created in the layers panel.

It does however, seem to work as intended as long as you don't save and quit the program, which is not ideal, but a work around none the less. I'll be checking back frequently because the new update for Sketchup just came out a week ago, and I love this extension, so hopefully the dev/devs will update the extension quickly. Thank you guys for making my life easier :)

Have you found any other 2017 issues - we are about to ask a developer to debug this plugin for 2017 compatibility.

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I love this Plugin. (SU 2016, Mac OS X)

Suddenly I had a problem last year with the Layer panel closing after flashing quickly at initial startup and only allowing the "layer states" Panel to open.

I got help from the original developer (Thom Thom) and he helped me sort it out by editing a line in the Ruby Script. This is what he told me to do in the .rb file and it worked.

The file is located here and here are the directions:

Can you try opening the file "....SketchUp 201X\Plugins\jbb_layers_panel\rb\menu_toolbar.rb" (with notepad) and remove "@dialog.close" on line 10?


(Put a "#" at the start of these line, it will disable it) :
dialog.rb => "@dialog.close" on line 413
menu_toolbar.rb => "@dialog.close" on line 10"

It was working for about a year...and now it back to not opening Layers panel again - very
frustrating. But there new /rb script looks different and I cannot seem to find the line that closes it automatically...SO basically, the plugin no longer works for me...Anyone - please help!

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I am currently experiencing this issue on my Macbook set up with Skp 2015 - i.e the Layers Panel flashes when I initiate, but cannot be found/brought to front it just disappears. The debug feature can be started and the plugin spits out the issue register, but does not fix the disappearing panel.

I have previously used the plugin without issue on the same laptop, with the same version of Skp. Tried uninstalling/re-installing, but sadly no change. The plugin continues to work well on my Windows desktop, for both Skp 2017 & 2015.

Awesome plugin and super useful to my workflow, would love to find out what the issue is or if you may direct me to a fix that works?

Thank you kindly!

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Although it is not supported anymore, it is still a fundamental plugin to have. So far I haven't found anything else that comes close to this.

Yes it does have issues, but it doesn't outweigh what you can do with it.

I can't stress enough how important this is. If you look at the native layers function in sketchup, it's too limited in what you can do and need as a designer.

Imagine if you dont have a proper layers function in Photoshop, you're practically cornered.

I hope someday Trimble will take a look at this and revamp it. All the other new updates are cute, but not fundamentally innovative.

thank you

He hecho varios intentos pero no ha sido posible la descarga. Me sale un aviso de error. Alguien me podria dar una soluciòn.

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Hey guys, I'm having a small problem with this tool that hopefully someone here can help with. I've been using v 1.2.1 for about 9 months with no problems. A couple of days ago I got a warning message that said "Layer Panels needs to be fixed. Click "OK" to open debug dialog". Click OK open debug dialogue and it tells me "No issues detected with layers/group ID's". Now every time I launch the tool I get this message. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling and that didn't help. Anyone have any ideas?

ruben b's picture

Well I just found my problem. I went thru and deleted all of my groups. Had a few layers and groups with the same name. Closed drawing reopened and still had the same problem. I started adding the Groups back in. When I was moving my layers I got a Debug Message that two layers had the same ID, do you want to fix?. I clicked fix and what do you, no more problems.

The error was never found when the groups were there and it wasn't till they were removed and added back in that Debug caught it. The conflicting layers weren't the layers that had duplicate group names.

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I am having an issue with you plugin...I can get the layer states panel to show on my screen but the Layers Panel does not. I am working on a model and I have turned it on, but it is no where to be found. I am on a brand new MacBook Pro running El Capitan (10.11.1). I am also running SketchUp Pro 2015.

Any ideas?

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I also have this Problem. Did you find a way to fix it?

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Hello Dana

I went back to install everything, because he had several problems.
Now with all in the latest version, I stopped having that problame.

It is a iconpatibilidade with something, but I could not see well with what. I suspect the Microsoft silverlight

You have?

Dana R's picture

No. I am on a Mac...I do have Silverlight installed but why would that be an issue? That is for internet visualizations.

Any other thoughts?

The add-on did work for a while and I can bring up different aspects of its, but I cannot get the Layers panel to show up any more.

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This page says it is compatible with Mac and SU 2015, which is my set up. But when I go to install, it teels me it is incompatible with my SU version. Why is that?

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would it be possible to add octane render the list with Vray, Indigo, ...

Thanks, good job!!!

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awesome plugin! one rather trivial suggestion... can you make it 'snap' to other floating windows? for instance: attach it to the bottom of the Material attributes window?

Wahid S's picture


ton J.'s picture

nice extension - would love to see Twilight render added to the list of available render engines.

Roberto F's picture

some times it disapear i turn it on and off on the windows menu and it appear for half a second and disapear, i already install and uninstall it several times

Ricardo Sketchup's picture

you already solve the problem with the pannel layers?

Ricardo Sketchup's picture

I have the same problem

Ernesto C's picture

Hi! I am trying to use the lock button on layers, but objects still can be moved... What could be wrong?


Chris N.'s picture

Really like this extension.

I have files that i have set up with filters, and I have files that haven't been set up with filters yet.

I am having problems when i bring in files or models from other drawings. The layer manager from the source material is overriding the layer manager that i am bringing files in from.

Model 1 - has set up filters for managing layers
model 2 - has the same layers, but no filters.

I bring an object from model 2 into model 1 and the filters from model 2 (which there are none) replace all the filters in Model 1.

Just a sugesstion/request, when bringing in models from other drawings, a dialog to ask weather you want to keep source filters, or destination filters.

Let me know if this is possible.


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Hi, a quick question regarding the Layer Sort Order.

Does this plug-in allow one to control the sort order?

I understand that the Layer Panel built-in to SU allows you to do this but that is for display in SU only.

For example, if I create the layers B, C and A in that order - the Layer Panel will sort them alphabetically (A, B and C).

However, when I import the SKP file in my application the Layers will get imported in the order of creation (B, C and A).

As a workaround I edit the file in SU in this order:
Cut A Layer and Paste it back in.
Cut B Layer and Paste it back in.
Cut C Layer and Paste it back in.

It's a lot of work, especially if one has a lot of SKP files.

In my application, it's necessary for the Layers to appear in Order as each Layer is associated with a color and when the order is random then they will appear confusing in my interface.


jiminy-billy-bob's picture

No it does not, sorry.

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This does not seem to work with SU 2015. Is there an update? Or am I doing something wrong? (Very real possibility, of course!)

ruben b's picture

Seems to be working fine in 2015 for me. Did you load the tool bar after installing? If not got to View-Toolbars and make sure Laters Panel is checked on.

Is there any future plans to have this toolbar dock in a similat fashon to the stock SU layers tool bar or any SU toolbar for that matter? Kinf of anoying to not be able to roll up the bar. I know, just a little nitpicky ... lol, otherwse this is an awesome tool!!!!

Jakob O's picture

Thank you for a very useful tool.

I have to simple requests or maybe these two features already exists but I just couldn’t find them.

1. It would be really nice if you could sort layers alphabetically automaticly. I haven't been able to find this feature. When working with fx skalp you get a lot of layers you need to put somewhere.

2. It seems like you can’t minimize the panels like the the other Sketchup panels. When working on a laptop this is quite an important feature. Is that possible.

jiminy-billy-bob's picture

1. This is on my todo list.
2. I can't make the dialog behave exactly like other Sketchup panels, but you can click on the thin dark gray bar at the top to minimize it.

Siim P's picture

Just installed and first impressions are excellent - a really useful addon with a good interface and tooltips that make it really intuitive to use. I'll certainly be using it from now.

Pablo E's picture

I’ve been using this plug in for a while and it had been working pretty well until two days ago that the tool panel does not display… Anyone has a clue about what may be wrong? I already uninstalled it and loaded it again but nothing…


jiminy-billy-bob's picture

The same happens in every file?
Any error in the ruby console?

Pablo E's picture

Doesn’t seem to be an erro,r tough I don’t know how to know for sure. It happens in all files. Everything seems to be normal, even the debug panel appears as soon as I open a file, just the panel layers window is the only one that doesn’t appear.

When I click the Layer Panel Button it just blinks, then the window pops up for half a second and dessapear. The layer state panel is alright and it opens normally.

I turn off and on the computer, the program, install and uninstall the plug in but nothing…

Thanks for answering so quickly.

I am using SU14 on a mac.

What do you think?

Jeremy C.'s picture

Thank you i been searching for this plug but didn't have the right world sorry i am french
Best regard's

Fadli K's picture

This is good layer tool....

+1 roll up n down like other tool window

request :

1. isolate by selected layer
2. when select multiple layer in layer panel , when I pressed eye button , it only activate or deactivate the first layer only, could you make for entire selection.
3. is it possible to create layer then automatically add selection object in selection ?

Thanks , it really help me lot.

jiminy-billy-bob's picture

Take a look at the shortcuts in the description.

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Really great extension - it's really taken charge of how I model (in a good way)! It's now a staple extension for me.

One suggestion/request - is it possible to make the window "roll up" like the other SU windows? It would helpful when I'm on my laptop and have limited screen space. Thanks, the extension is awesome!

Edit: Disregard, I see this was already asked in a previous review.

jiminy-billy-bob's picture

I cannot make it work exactly like the othe SU dialogs. But you can click on the thin dark gray bar at the top to roll it up.

Clayton T.'s picture

To Jbb,

I had the dreaded unexpected file format with this extension, as posted on the SU forum:-

I was told to uninstall it until fixed & validated, has the recent update resolved this issue, as really would like this extension back.

Over & out,

jiminy-billy-bob's picture

Yes you can now update, the issue has been fixed.

Remy V's picture

great plugin... i use it with SU2014
should it be possible that the window act like SU2014 others window?
that is to say if you click on the title bar, the window is reduced
you can glue it to other windows, and it automatically resize like the other windows above.....


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