Layer Manager
Set of tools to quickly create, show, hide, isolate and manage your layers and layers states.
Layer Manager

Set of tools to quickly create, display, hide, isolate and manage your layers. It also has features to save, restore, update layers states, within the SKP for later use.

The Layer Maker tool helps you to create layers following AIA naming conventions or ISO naming rules, or user defined layers properties.

What is a "layers state" or "layers config" ?
This is a visibility status of all the layers of a drawing at a time. When working on models with lots of layers, it can be very long to select which layer to display and which not. Layers states can help you doing that very quickly.


Julian S's picture

With the version 3.1.0 update this just became super useful, thanks for the dedicated work! In my opinion, this should become part of the standard set of tools that ships with SketchUp Pro!

One small request, icons that will scale to high resolution monitors, like in SVG format?

I just downloaded and will begin to use, but curious if other users have any compatibility problems with 2017? Thanks!

Joe Drafter's picture

Great plugin. Thx D.Bur
Would be great if we can decide wich icon can be in the taskbar or not. On the 20 differents icons, I use only 2 very often. The rest could be in Menu.

El D's picture

Thanks. Works perfectly. Very comfortable.

Would be nice if it´s able to shorten the toolbar (on/off icons) in the options menue

Parfait !

Ce plugin fait exactement ce que j'attendais.


Earl L.'s picture

Wanted to ask if I'm missing something silly with this tool. I've installed the latest version into SU 2015 and I can see the toolbar, but when I hover over the tools I don't see any kind of popup message indicating what each tool is/what it does. Is this just me? Or has everyone that loves and uses it have all the tool images/operations memorized?

Michael L.'s picture

This extension is awesome. Works perfect for me (using SketchUp 2016)

MIG Z's picture

Same here, had this one since it came out **** friendly user and a MUST SU plugin

obd.withana's picture

this is terrible plugin. No key shortcut. bad bad very bad

Tuan T.'s picture

i'm trying to draw within Autocad. This plugin is useful. I want to set shortcut but this plugin just have toolbar, not include command in Menu. So i can't set shortcut for this plugin.
Anyway, thank D.Bur

Chad B's picture

Can anyone tell me where the help file is on a Mac? OSx 11.1.1 SKP 15.3.329
Many thanks

D.Bur's picture

Help file is in the Resources folder of the extension

Robert M's picture

Hello, same issue... where would one locate the "resources file of the extension" on Mac OSX?

Thanks much!

Chad B's picture

Mr. D.Bur.

I am still having trouble finding the help file. I have looked in the resources folder with no luck. I am positive the extension is installed, but no info over hover. Do you have it posted somewhere? Can you email it to me?

Antonio P's picture

Same here. Plugin installed and working. Impossible to find resource folder on mac sketchup 2015…. Could you possibly share the help pdf file with us?

Anda Iulia P.'s picture

I have trouble seeing the icons for some part of the extension: for example, "set layers of selection invisible" and so on. The basic layer selection tools icons are visibile though. Can anyone tell me if there is like an icon pack or anything?


Miguel R.'s picture

Spot on! Many thanks!

Kenn R's picture

Where is the pdf. help file? I'm using the extension, but don't recall seeing anything about a help file when I installed it.


D.Bur's picture

The pdf file is in the resources folder of the plugin

Chad B's picture

Where can I find the file on OSx?

D.Bur's picture

What file ? The RBZ extension ? Did you install it ?

Joshua M's picture

Could you create a way to reassign all the entities within a group/component to a particular layer, without having to open the group and highlight them?

D.Bur's picture

this way exists: select groups or components, select "move selection to current layer" icon. That's it.

D.Bur's picture

The plugin can do that (page 3 of the pdf help file)
Move selection to current layer:

Select object(s) and click the icon. All their content(s) will be moved to the current
layer. If there are group(s) in the selection, you will be prompted to also move the
contents of the group(s) to the current layer or not.

David R's picture

First, I would like to thank D. Bur for his generosity. I very much appreciate using his powerful (and free) tools. I have been using Layer Manager in Sketchup 8 for years. It is so important to my workflow that I can't transition to Sketchup 2015 until I figure out how to make the newest Layer Manager work like the older versions. The problem is the newest version of Layer Manager has several tools that change the current layer away from Layer 0. This is something that I have learned not to do under any circumstance. I model everything on Layer 0, create a group or component and move those objects onto the desired layer. I never change the current Layer from 0. I'm looking for a simple tool that isolates selected layers while leaving Layer 0 the current, active layer. Thanks again for everything you have shared over the years!

D.Bur's picture

Hi David,
Done !

David R's picture

Thank you very much, D. Bur.
You're the best!

D.Bur's picture

Hi David,
I'm currently updating some of my extensions to SU2014 (I don't have 2015 yet, maybe in a month or two), and when I'll update Layer manager, I'll tune it so when isolating a layer, layer 0 will remain current.

David R's picture

I would appreciate that very much!
Thanks again for all you have done to enhance the usabilty of Sketchup.

Clinton I's picture

any plans for updating to SU 2015? pleeez

gang L.'s picture

It seems that there is still some Compatibility problem in Sketchup 2014/2015. you can't set any shortcut.......

do you guys meet the same prblem?

Brian S's picture

Hi, a quick question regarding the Layer Sort Order.

Does this plug-in allow one to control the sort order?

I understand that the Layer Panel built-in to SU allows you to do this but that is for display in SU only.

For example, if I create the layers B, C and A in that order - the Layer Panel will sort them alphabetically (A, B and C).

However, when I import the SKP file in my application the Layers will get imported in the order of creation (B, C and A).

As a workaround I edit the file in SU in this order:
Cut A Layer and Paste it back in.
Cut B Layer and Paste it back in.
Cut C Layer and Paste it back in.

It's a lot of work, especially if one has a lot of SKP files.

In my application, it's necessary for the Layers to appear in Order as each Layer is associated with a color and when the order is random then they will appear confusing in my interface.


L c's picture
L c

this was a great plugin - i also wish it would be made compatible with SU 2014 !!

Batsketch's picture

Yea, this extension is useless. I'm having the same problem as Brian M, AA, Robert W and Be O. Basically as soon as you add a new layer with behaviour all other scenes are ruined. Even if this bug was fixed there is still no way to modify behaviours of existing layers. So for models that I've already created I would have to start all over again. Like I said this extension is useless.

Clayton T.'s picture

To all,

Great extension, but SU Pro 2014 say's it's been removed as not compatible, h'mmmmm.....can the author let us know when this will be updated...........back to SU Pro 2013 in the meantime.

Over & out,

Clayton T.'s picture

To all,

I just checked again as of March 23rd 2014 on my SU Pro extension warehouse & it still say's this extension was uninstalled as not compatible. I generally don't like work-arounds, so need SU HQ to validate this asap.

I hope SU HQ gives this the thumbs up soon, I'm still using SU Pro 2013 in the meantime. (I use Win 7 Professional)

I'll only use it again when this has been confirmed. Any news from the author in the meantime will be most appreciated, seems a bit quiet, you must be on Holiday..!!! :-) I really need this extension for SU Pro 2014, as it's gathering dust. I can't see me using SU Pro 2014 until this has been resolved, as I use this extension all the time, can't work without it.

Over & out,

George G.'s picture

Nice tool, it helps to create handles like Formufit

Brian M's picture

Should add: Working SK8 on Win 7 64 also

Ayssar A's picture

Hello Didier,

What would make this even more wonderful and useful, would be an extra option in the New Layer panel, to COPY SELECTED TO NEW LAYER (perhaps as a third option to "Assign selected: Yes/No/Copy".

I make a lot of diagrams in sketchup and often you want the same element to have different colors in different diagrams (only way to control it is through making multiple copies on different layers).

Merci encore

Ayssar A's picture

Me again...
it's not working as imagined for me.
I do this:
1. Create a new scene and make it current (by scene i mean an animation scene, not a layer state)
2. Select an object
3. Click on "Create layer and control behavior" and set it to Visible in current scene only / Make current:NO / Assign selected:YES, set a name and click OK.

It creates the layer, places the object on it, and makes it visible on the current scene.

BUT! if i then repeat the above again, the previously created layers disappear from all previously created scenes. The only workaround i've found is to go back to every scene, set the layer state the way i need it and update that scene. BUT THAT IS USELESS the moment you create another new layer through the plugin, everything disappears again.

anyone else having this?

SK8 on Win7 64.

Brian M's picture

I am having the same issue described by AA

Robert W's picture

i also have the same problem that Be O has. I am not a draftsman and do not know the term used such as isolated and invisible where can I find these terms defined

Oleg C's picture

I have a button "No" button works as a "Yes" tool "move selection to current layer". This is a bug?

When trying to add a component to a new layer not adding it to other scenes, all other scenes lose all there layers....

Eric D's picture

Good plug-in, missing one thing: Select all entities under selected layer!


昱達 陳's picture

very good tool, thank you very much!

昱達 陳's picture

very good tool, thank you very much!

Stuart D's picture

At last a way to create a new layer and not have it appear on every scene. This plug-in is fantastic. thanks

Daniel Tal's picture

This is amazing. CAD like Layer tools.

Lock layers, isolate layers, match layers, make layer current, delete layer, layer filters etc...

If you are used to AutoCAD or similar program layers tools and managment well here it is for SU and then some.

Thank you Thank You Thank You.
Daniel Tal