A Quick Launcher for SketchUp

This plugin offers a quick launcher to search and execute features of SketchUp, including (and most importantly) plugins that you have installed.


  • Menu Plugins → LaunchUp – Tool Launcher
  • or create a shortcut, for example ctrl+space
  • The push pin icon toggles whether LaunchUp stays open all the time, or whether it hides when a command is executed.
  • The clock icon toggles the history of recently used features.
  • You can search for native SketchUp features as well as plugins and select them by mouse or keyboard. Features that are not usable in the current context can not be executed (and are shown grayed out).
  • Search for 'LaunchUp – Options' to change settings.



Tuan T.'s picture

Can you update LaunchUp new version which can show shortcuts were set before?

Robert C.'s picture

I have been waiting for this exact functionality for a long time!

So great. Thanks a bunch!!

Himanshu D's picture

hey Aerilius, thanks for such beautiful plugin.

But I have a suggestion if you mind.

I installed this extension:
namely stl exporter from suteam.
It works by providing EXPORT STL option under FILE menu bar.
When I installed your LAUNCHUP plugin, this EXPORT STL option vanished
from FILE menu.
So now each time, when I need to use STL eporter plugin, I need to remove your !ae_LaunchUp.rb file
from PLUGIN folder, and the option EXPORT STL again shows up in FILE menubar, and vice versa.

Hopes you research over it and finds the bug, if there any.
Iam sending same information to suteam, to improve STL EXPORTER plugin,and hopes
both plugin works in coordinate.

anyways, thanks a tonne for such amazing plugin.

Aerilius's picture

Since the plugin does observe all menus, issues with menus could be related to it, although I took very strong precautions to prevent breakage of expected behavior by whatever unknown could happen.
If I understand right, by "vanish" you mean after starting SketchUp, the menu item "Export STL…" is missing (or do you mean after installing the extension at runtime?).
I reviewed the code and it should still be valid for the recent API additon (menu index) which STL exporter uses. I tried reproducing the issue in an empty installation of SketchUp 8 (no plugins except those two). I can not reproduce it. It must be connected with some more/other conditions than these.
• SketchUp 8 is not officially supported anymore by Trimble SketchUp (although they as well as me have still listed it in the plugins). Would it be an option to try SketchUp 2015?
• Could you test with an empty plugins folder (only these two plugins)? See here how to find the plugins folder:
• Can we continue the discussion via email?
Thank you!

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Q from rubie (ruby newbie) - is there some utility that will allow me to select a component from within Sketchup, and either right click or some kbd short cut that would open a web browser window with an external predefined link for this particular component?


Aerilius's picture

This question seems not specific about this plugin (or am I mistaken?), so it is best if you address it to SketchUp's official Help forum. If you are looking to develop an extension using Ruby (ruby newbie), then you can ask here:
If you are searching for an extension as a user (then you can shouldn't worry what "ruby" is about), you can ask here:
An extension that is similar to what you describe could be the Links Manager:

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Markus M's picture

absolutley GREAT plugin! :) especially for beginners, or if you sometimes end up searching for some less frequently used function for minutes x)
Just one request: could you add a hotkey? thats the only thing it really lacks :)

Aerilius's picture

Extensions can not add (or even manipulate) your hotkeys. But you are right, a hotkey adds much value to this plugin.
I'd recommend to set for example 'ctrl+space' in SketchUp's Preferences → Shortcuts.

Eneroth3's picture

I've just tried it and it works great, looks really nice and the code seams to be beautifully written.

Eneroth3's picture

I've just tried it and it works great, looks really nice and the code seams to be beautifully written.

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I love it! This is an excellent plugin for those who use still use the command line UI in AutoCAD. This is now used every time I install Sketchup on a new machine! 5 Stars! Hey any developments on the "PaintBox" plugin? I could use that. Keep up the good work!


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I love the concept of this! I expect it will quickly replace my need to navigate the menus for my lesser frequently used functions. Might even take over for some of my keyboard shortcuts as I quickly run out of available keys.

Btw, if you added a demonstration video to this it'd be awesome.

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Hi Aerilius, I was about to ask if you could please post this great plugin in the extension warehouse. It is now a must have tool for me.

Tyler's picture

Fantastic little tool to reach functionality in SketchUp that is several layers deep in the SketchUp UI quickly.