Land F/X
A complete landscape architectural BIM add-on to create planting and site plans
Land F/X

Land F/X is the leading landscape architectural BIM add-on for AutoCAD and SketchUp.

The Land F/X SketchUp Plugin provides a groundbreaking connection between CAD and SketchUp for our users. Pull your CAD site drawings into SketchUp and back into CAD with just a few clicks.

This plug-in allows anyone to create Planting or Site plans within SketchUp, accessing our vast content library. It also has tools to connect SketchUp with AutoCAD, for users of our AutoCAD add-on.



  • Place trees and shrubs linked to actual species
  • Use our low-poly, low file size, clean plant components, or assign your own
  • Place site amenities, accessing our manufacturer database
  • Import/export planting and amenity design changes between CAD & SketchUp
  • Import linework on layers from CAD to SketchUp via the connection
  • Concept lines for site usage diagrams and planning documents
  • Run a schedule of Land F/X items in your SketchUp drawing


This plug-in requires a free registration, available here.

Requires SketchUp Pro, 2015-2018


Learn how to use the Land F/X Plugin!

Installation Documentation

Land F/X SketchUp Plugin Documentation

Land F/X SketchUp Webinars (start with the Basics!)

Short Power Tip Videos

Land F/X Plugin Basic Troubleshooting


Users of this plug-in are entitled to the benefits of our outstanding support:



- +1 805-541-1003

Ask questions to us directly instead of in the reviews below, and get a faster response (same day).


*Some featured images may use additional rendering plugins, use post processing, or may have integrated their own HD tree components into our plugin. 

Please note that having this free plug-in for users without our existing software is a new and evolving project for us.  So please bear with us as we continue to improve on it, in terms of it functioning as a standalone SketchUp application.



Alexander C's picture

I am having trouble using this plugin in Sketchup Pro. The plugin installed, but there does not appear to be any kind of plant database available, making it basically useless. Am I missing something here? Help!

Amanda B.'s picture

Alexander, if you click the tree or shrub placer tool in the Land F/X plugin toolbar, then click "new", that will open up a "Land F/X Add Plants" window which is our massive 26,000+ monitored wiki plant database. You can then choose one of our low-poly components, or assign your own component from your computer.

Visit our website under documentation for more information on how to use the planting tools in the Land F/X plugin.

Alexander C's picture

Hey Amanda,

Thank you for the reply. When I select the tree or shrub placer tool, nothing happens. No window.

Amanda B.'s picture

Alexander, please contact us at or 805-541-1003.
This comments section won't allow me to post links to our troubleshooting pages.

Also, make sure you have the latest version of the plugin, and that you have your Library folder defined in settings.


Jesson Jene B's picture

Hi Krystal and team, this is swell!

ruben b's picture

I installed Land F/X yesterday. Was really happy with how it worked and all after doing the trees in my design. Loaded my shrubs and ground cover (southwest desert scape with lots of grasses) and non of my grasses that I loaded are available. When I browsed to try and connect the appropriate LFX plant to the loaded plant and there are no images for them. I only find about 55 grasses in the perennial grasses, some grass genomes have 10-15 varieties. Where can I find these? Do they exist? Am I missing something?

Hi Ruben,
We are happy to help you with any issues you were having with the blocks, but I do need more specifics about what you uploaded, where you uploaded, among a few other things. Please send your drawing to us at Our team will be there to assist you.


Land F/X's picture

Hi Ruben,

I am sorry to hear you are having issues. I'm not 100% clear on your problem. Feel free to give us a call and our Tech Support can help you through whatever you need, 805.541.1003

Sheena H's picture

I love using this plugin, though I don't use AutoCAD. I wish there were a bit more functionality directly within SketchUp, such as modifying plant lists. Great plugin for what I do either way though.

Land F/X's picture

Hi Sheena,
Glad you love the plugin! I will pass on your comment regarding functionality to my Tech Team. We are always trying to improve wherever possible. Your ideas are appreciated!


Mike H's picture

Too bad the access code I received that was “good for a year” was ALREADY EXPIRED as soon as I got it!

No way to use the extension. Uninstalled. Too bad.

(SketchUp Pro 2015, Mac, Yosemite).

ouldouz M.'s picture

l cannot find preferences in auto cad
what can I do ?

Land F/X's picture

Please appreciate what the plugin offers -- it offers the ability to link symbols to actual plant names, and generate a schedule with quantities. If you are just looking for 3D content, without the need to generate a schedule of quantities, that is what the 3D Warehouse is for.
The Land F/X Plugin installs those empty folders -- then as you add plants to your project, it will download components as necessary (or you can link plants to existing components).

Also please note, that as mentioned in the plugin description, you may contact us at, which is monitored much more than reviews on here. These are intended to be "Reviews" of the plugin, not inquiries for technical support.

Hana S.'s picture

Hello please help me, I have installed Sketchup 8 Pro in MAC, with Land FX plugin, only for using Sketchup and plugin, I have support ID, but have not see any library... Plugin installed 3 files - trees, shrubs, site amenities, but all are empty. I try to reinstall plug in few times, but same result. My ID will expire in few days and I am not able to use this plugin...

Many thanks for yor help in advance, Hana

Windlebar's picture

I just installed the plug in and selected a file to store everything in, yet the only files that are there are trees, shrubs, ground covers and some site amnenities, no perennials, grasses, vines etc.

scott D.'s picture

I have installed the plug-in on sketchup but unable to access the plant library

forrestt w's picture

Are you unable to access it because your settings are not correct?
Here is the info for making sure your settings are dialed in:


nabi S's picture

You are wonderful!

I request got FREE ID ...

Hopefully soon I will work with this plugin useful!


nekopantsu's picture


Do I need to have Land FX for AutoCAD to access the plants components in Sketchup?


Land F/X's picture

Our AutoCAD plug-in is only necessary to link the two, sending plant and site amenities back and forth between AutoCAD and SketchUp, or sending Layers from AutoCAD to SketchUp. The SketchUp plug-in is able to access our entire database of plants, plant components, and site amenities database all on its own, for free.

Mark L's picture


Land F/X's picture

After installing the plugin make sure that the box for Land F/X is checked in the extensions area of your system preferences:
Please let us know if that helps.

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Land F/X is the industry leading landscape architectural add-on for AutoCAD. Our SketchUp plug-in extends the capability of our AutoCAD product, but also is a complete plug-in allowing anyone to create a complete planting or site plan in SketchUp, accessing our vast content library.
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