Land F/X
A complete landscape architectural BIM add-on to create planting and site plans
Land F/X

Land F/X is the leading landscape architectural BIM add-on for AutoCAD and SketchUp.

The Land F/X SketchUp Plugin provides a groundbreaking connection between CAD and SketchUp for our users. Pull your CAD site drawings into SketchUp and back into CAD with just a few clicks.

This plug-in allows anyone to create Planting or Site plans within SketchUp, accessing our vast content library. It also has tools to connect SketchUp with AutoCAD, for users of our AutoCAD add-on.



  • Place trees and shrubs linked to actual species
  • Use our low-poly, low file size, clean plant components, or assign your own
  • Place site amenities, accessing our manufacturer database
  • Import/export planting and amenity design changes between CAD & SketchUp
  • Import linework on layers from CAD to SketchUp via the connection
  • Concept lines for site usage diagrams and planning documents
  • Run a schedule of Land F/X items in your SketchUp drawing


This plug-in requires a free registration, available here.

Requires SketchUp Pro, 2016-2019


Learn how to use the Land F/X Plugin!

Installation Documentation

Land F/X SketchUp Plugin Documentation

Land F/X SketchUp Webinars (start with the Basics!)

Short Power Tip Videos

Land F/X Plugin Basic Troubleshooting


Users of this plug-in are entitled to the benefits of our outstanding support:


- +1 805-541-1003

Ask questions to us directly instead of in the reviews below, and get a faster response (same day).


*Some featured images may use additional rendering plugins, use post processing, or may have integrated their own HD tree components into our plugin. 

Please note that having this free plug-in for users without our existing software is a new and evolving project for us.  So please bear with us as we continue to improve on it, in terms of it functioning as a standalone SketchUp application.


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Land F/X is the industry leading landscape architectural add-on for AutoCAD. Our SketchUp plug-in extends the capability of our AutoCAD product, but also is a complete plug-in allowing anyone to create a complete planting or site plan in SketchUp, accessing our vast content library.
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