Use the KK_Tools to detail furniture joints in your model.

Program sets up a toolbar, K2WS_Toolbar with Icons to activate all the individual tools.From the Tools  Menu:  Tools/KK_Tools/KK_Tools_SetUp you can set what tools are shown on the toolbar.

Because the joiint tools are flexable you the user will need to enter several pieces of data for the program to modle your exact joint. Don't be concerned if the results are not what you expected as your edit/undo command will always put your model back to the starting configuration.

From the help button you can choose to display a sketchup document (Replaces current file) with images and text to guide you thru your first Joint detail or view a vidio (Note: Vidio shows Old ToolBar Version) .  The reset Button is for problems with "use existing data" during user input.

I suggest using the x-ray view when first starting with this plugin so you can see what changes the program made to your model
If changes are not what you expected use Edit/Undo to fix your model.

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