IRender nXt Photorealistic Rendering
IRender nXt is the ideal SketchUp extension for architects, interior designers, industrial designers, and set designers who want to create presentation-quality images from SketchUp models.
IRender nXt Photorealistic Rendering

IRender nXt Will Improve Your Client Presentations

IRender nXt is the only SketchUp renderer you’ll ever need. Our powerful extension creates photorealistic still images, panoramas, and animations and runs inside SketchUp. If you can draw it in SketchUp, you can render it with IRender nXt.

With IRender nXt, generate superior images from your SketchUp models. IRender nXt is the perfect tool for architects, interior designers, landscape designers, set designers, or anyone who needs presentation quality images to share their designs. IRender nXt optimizes your workflow by saving your rendering preferences inside the SketchUp model and includes post-processing methods and filters.

IRender nXt 2018 now available!

The latest version of IRender nXt works with SketchUp 2018 and earlier versions.

Just download and install for SketchUp 2018

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If you have a subscription, or if you purchased your license within the past 12 months, you can download and use the IRender nXt 2018 release immediately.

IES Lights - Choose from 30 IES Preset Light Profiles or browse the Internet for manufacturers' IES files.

Material Styles - a fast and efficient way to explore design options for colors, textures, and materials

Seamless integration with SketchUp.

Auto Reflection - makes materials reflective by using a matching word pattern method in the material name. 

Easy to Learn, Loaded with Features:

Fine-tuned lighting, transparency, reflection, highlights and HDRi backgrounds.

Render at any resolution

Save renderings in popular image formats.

Post-processing features included. Adjust brightness, saturation, contrast, and more.

Single, multi-seat, and unlimited licenses.

Discounts for Educators and Students

Try a fully-functional trial version free for 30 days. Visit the Render Plus Software website to learn more about how to put IRender nXt to work for you.

f you have a subscription, or if you purchased your license within the past 12 months, you can download and use the IRender nXt 2018 release immediately. 

Try a fully-functional trial version free for 30 days. Visit the Render Plus Software website to learn more about how to put IRender nXt to work for you.


IRender nXt is available by either Subscription or Permanent Licenses.

 Download Free 30-day Trial


A SketchUp Rendering Extension

IRender nXt is a powerful extension for rendering high-resolution images directly from SketchUp. IRender nXt is fully-integrated with Sketch Up materials, lighting, and components for complete control of interior, exterior, daytime or night-time scenes.


Top-quality rendering software doesn't have to be expensive. IRender nXt is professional, ray-tracing renderer that Sketch Up users can afford. A single seat license is just $499 USD and can be installed on both your laptop and desktop.

Easy To Use

With IRender nXt you can create beautiful rendered images from your SketchUp models with ease. Add interior and exterior lighting, control shadows, reflections and transparency. Anything that you can model in Sketch Up, you can render with IRender nxt.

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I have seen the video which you have shared here and got some information about the new features and all. I think the software is very easy to use. Thank you so much for introducing this to us.cable tv alternatives

The project is never complete till you render the final project so that everyone could see the work. The extension offers photo realistic rendering of your projects to make it more attractive and appealing to potential clients or other people. Trinity Builders Ernakulam

Really good to see this article and it is much useful for me to know about IRender nXt.It makes easy creates photorealistic still images, panoramas, and animations and runs inside SketchUp.This tool is perfect for the architects, interior designers, landscape designers. Chrome browser issues

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it doesn't work.

each and every single time it get stuck at 92.3% I lost a day trying maybe 10 times with different settings

Render Plus's picture

Please place this request on our support forum:

Render Plus Software's picture

I'm sorry you are having problems.

Send an email to and we will send you a direct link for download, or we can send a copy using a service like HighTail

Mike H's picture

I started my company Mesh-3D 3 years ago to provide affordable 3D visualisations for Architects and allied professions. I have used Sketchup since it first came out but the renders from the built in render engine always disappointed me.
When I set up I researched all the available render engines available for use with Sketchup.
After extensive trials I settled on IrenderNXT and bought the software. This has proved to be one of the best buys I have ever made. My company has flourished, due in no small part to the superb quality of the renders I can produce using IrenderNXT. I constantly get complimentary comments from clients regarding the quality of the output from NXT.
In addition to the great software, the help desk at Irender NXT is the best I have ever come across, in any aspect of computing. Rich and Al Hart are the most responsive and helpful people you could wish for. As an example I asked if it was possible to do a certain thing I needed to do using the software, it wasn't possible, I was astounded when 24 hours later an update of the software was posted with the function I needed included !!
I would recommend IrenderNXT, without reservation. It's affordable, a joy to use and produces stunning renders with not too steep a learning curve.


IRender nxt is an excellent plug-in and has come in very handy when trying to get a good visualization of new concepts being considered. While there is a slight learning curve, its reasonable and well worth to effort.
My only concern is that I have tried to write to Al, Sales and even info and all my email keep bouncing back. Wished I had a good email address for Al.
Keep up the good work guys. Great application.

Render Plus's picture

If you need help, or advice on rendering we suggest you use our forum:

If you want to send a email, send it to


Tried sending my email to, but it too bounced back.
I'm trying to send you a 'business' email.
Should I call your office?

Render Plus's picture

I don't know why your emails are not going through.

Can you post your questions on our forum:


An Excellent plug-in. Very easy to learn and use. It took me a day to know all there was, to fine tune everything. Love the user interface and how intuitive it is. Very powerful and fast as long as you don't surpass Sketchup limitations.

Dieter J's picture

I use Render nXt with Sketchup Pro and it not only does the rendering very well, it provides improvement to Sketchup that other wise wouldn't be there. for example changing materials with only the Sketchup material editor becomes laborious if the material is within a grouped object. Much easier to do using the Render nXt material editor. Al and Richard are responsive to providing solutions when problems when I have had some and to adding features that I have requested. They are approachable. For example I was getting borders around rendered images that I had to then crop away. They determined it was the white background image I was using and gave me a link to a graphics editor that allowed a borderless white page to be produced as a jpg file. I asked for a way to save a view so that one could make changes and then always return to that view. Bingo, the new View Wizard was produced, found under the Rendering Tab.

I produce design illustration related to our hot tubs, saunas and thermal solar products. Many of my Sketchup files are huge (some approaching 100MB), because of the detail contained within them. While some of these can take their time to save and complete the rendering process, I never found that Render nXt hangs. If there is a problem it will be Sketchup itself that hiccups. Keep up the good work Al and Richard!

Jorge Lopez's picture

We use IRender nXt in our Architectural Technology and Interior Design programs at Kirkwood. It is relatively easy to use and all the online videos and tutorials make this program accessible.

Occassionally when we get stuck with a feature. That's when we post questions on the IRender site and receive a response fairly quickly. The IRender community is great.

The program interface is simple to use and intuitive (not too many options - not too few). The renderings are great! We like the ability to create panoramas and videos too.

Jorge Lopez, Architect
Professor Architectural Technology
Kirkwood Community College
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

***'s picture

IRender NXT is a fantastic bit of software and I frequently use it to produce great renders. Once it has been set up correctly it is extremely simple to get fantastic looking renders. Really happy customer and have no problem recommending this to anyone. Happy rendering :-)


Except for a setting issue (quickly resolved!) I have found IRender nXt brilliant to use! It has made the difference when presenting to customers and talking them through options.
Nothing like a visual aid to help the decision process!
What I like about IRender nXt is that if you are just starting out it is simple to use and with excellent results. I knew very little about rendering before reviewing a few packages. IRender nXt was the easiest to use with the best results of them all.
As you use it more there are refinements and complexities that are incremental to learn that give even better results!
I have and will continue to recommend this to anyone interested in a rendering package for Sketchup!
David S.

***'s picture

IRender nxt is a brilliant piece of software that for not very much money at all can produce some amazing renders. We have used it for the last 3 years or so.
We are architects and use it all the time to produce renders of the buildings we have designed and have never had any real issues with it.

The software has a brilliant library of materials, plants etc. and the functionality has steadily improved over the releases.

It is incredibly quick to render compared to some pieces of software.

The service level is exceptional. I have had a couple of queries and have had direct emails back from the developers within a few hours sorting out my issues, which considering we are on the other side of the Atlantic to them is really brilliant.

Happy to recommend and couldn't see us using any other renderers any time soon.

R. Douglas, England


I've also found their customer service extremely responsive! In this day and age of decision tree's, premium phone numbers to get help or just lack of interest in the customer this is a breath of fresh air.

David S.

alan h's picture

I work for a Cornish Based Architects practice and over the past three or four years we have begun to use IRender nXt more and more within our projects. None of our machines have had any issues and neither have our staff -with varying computer and human specs !

It's simple to use compared to others I have seen, and the results come out as good as the time you invest tweaking the materials and light fittings..

One of my favorite features is that once the initial 'Writing Geometry' has finished computing, you can carry on with the Sketchup modelling process, whilst the render is busy processing the image in the background (you cat set how many cores to dedicate to the render)!

All in all, no problems and would, and do, recommend it to other users of Sketchup looking for a good value rendering plugin-in.

Al H

(Alan Hughes) ! Bodmin, Cornwall, UK. - Arco2 Architecture Ltd.

Alun J's picture

Great software and does what it says on the tin. We used it to render 3D city building models and had some great results. Simple to use, quick, efficient with excellent results.
Happy to recommend it.
A Jones, Cambridge, England

Francisco E's picture

We design and build we bought IRender nxt over a year ago (with sketch up Pro 8) and even We have not been able to get the year subscription It works great I suggest like any other software in the market it's use needs to be reviewed and carefully study simply because when you deal with big amounts of Mb in a design a program and computer will not work correctly We have Quadro 2000 from NVidia and software compatibility existed due to the drivers We discovered this in the system info. That burned and crash a mother board and Disk on a Dell system! so until you know for sure how to use your system I will say that a software "crashed My computer" I have spend many hours learning about my software that is the sensible thing to do just because you buy a new software it means that is completely freaking automatic!! LOL.
I had A. Hart return my calls (personally) when I had a couple of issues myself.
Francisco E. Dallas Texas


I've been using IRrender for the past 4 years in my business and I am always getting great results. It gives quick and fine renders with less effort. I never faced problems with the machine I installed the plugIn at.


My name is Albert Birch

I'm generally not one for posting reviews; However; I am compelled to extol the virtues of Irender nxt and Mr. Hart.

I am a 69 year old registered architect of the old school; and adore the artistic end of architecture. That is why sketch-up is so very appealing. When I was in search of a photo renderer I scoured the internet. Irender was the only product that I would recommend.

Here are the reasons:
1-You don't have to be an prior expert in the terminology of rendering. with a few settings in simple language you can execute a rendering in minutes.
2-The way Irender handles lighting and channels is by far the easiest to understand and apply and that work within sketchup without almost having to complete another program. Aiming wattage etc. are a cinch!
3-The absolute fantastic thing about Irender is that it renders in a progressive way such that right from start you can see what your product looks like. Other programs wind up with a scattered bitmap drawing that forces you to wait through to many passes.
4-Price is absolutely right on target for a product of such caliber.
5-The abililty to halt renders, modify settings, without having to reload the entire model.
6-Support. I always got a great response and I remember personally sending a request to Mr. Hart to suggest the right computer he would recommend. He got back to me in 24 hours,
with reccomendations I could use and do work.
7-I really agree that is probably the best companion product for sketchup that allows you to produce high quality presentation, initially and as you grow beyond the neophyte state.
8-The mirror function is great with lots of control.
9-Finally; the fact that you are allowed a full use trial download with no pixel limitations you know exactly what your getting as a product for your money
So; I tell everybody I know use I render nxt----------To me it is hands down the best product out there for 90% of persons needing its use.

And no I was requested to write this review but sometimes the record just needs to be set straight. "keep of the good work guys"

thank you______and fun rendering with irender nxt.

Paul B's picture

I use IRender and ArialVision. Both are easy to use and give very good results even if, like me, you are not an expert Sketchup user. I certainly have not experienced any problems on the PCs they are, or have been, installed on.

I have been using IRender for a number of years with SketchUp, and I have really enjoyed it. I was first introduced to the plugin while in school, but have continued to use it in my profession for a number of photo-realistic renderings and animations. It is so easy to use, especially with things like adding reflections, transparency, lighting, and especially trees. It has an incredible library of trees that is easy to use, where you can even make your own tree with a number of parameters. Everything is so easy to use, and easily tweaked to make your renderings turn out just the way you want them.


I've used Accurender in AutoCAD to do some amazing work. When I decided to move to SketchUp for my primary workflow, I wanted a plug-in that would easily work in SU and would also be capable of high-quality renders at a reasonable price. I also wanted to make use of an extensive RPC library. After researching all of the options, iRender NXT emerged as the winner for me. I've been very pleased with the results and would highly recommend it.


iRender (Render Plus) is a key component of my rendering process. It's easy to use, powerful, and one of the most affordable.

I've been using this since it was AccuRender (for Autocad), and I rarely have issues with it. It's not the fastest one out there, and takes a little patience, but the results are completely worth it. iRender is good out of the box, and wonderful after you learn how to tweak it to your liking.

I'm an architectural designer and illustrator, and I after researching a lot of rendering software, iRender provides the best value of quality, price, and ease of use.

John Moon


I've been using iRender for a number of years now and I love it. I am an architect and former university professor. I encouraged my students to use iRender for their projects and they all loved it and created some spectacular projects and renderings.

Very easy to use and wonderful product. Excellent customer service as well.

Highly recommended!

D. Alan Roberts, RA, MA

StudioM's picture

I work for a Design-Build firm and have test drove many of the rendering plug-ins that are available for SketchUp. I settled on the IRender plug-in because of it's intuitive interface. My clients have been impressed with the renders created using IRender. My favorite feature is the ability to load custom backgrounds and adjust the placement so they look correct in perspective.

I have also been impressed with customer support's response time when I have questions.
This is the second version of IRender that I have owned and continue to be a happy user. Give IRender a try.

***'s picture

Been using these products since the early versions of Accurender in AutoCAD! No other software offers the degree of flexibility and realism found in RenderPlus...Oh, and you do not need a computer science degree to learn how to use it...and always problem free!

Frankly, I have never heard of a rendering software package physically damaging any computer and question whether the gentleman above had any idea about what he was doing. Sounds more like an embedded graphics chip issue to me

Gary Giacci
Kokopelli Design


I really like IRender, it is so much easier to use than a lot of the other 3D rendering plugins for Sketchup. I tried several plugins before deciding to purchase IRender including Indigo Renderer and Shaderlight. IRender was easier to control and had plenty of options to get a nice rendering for someone who is not a really skillful 3D modeler. This is a good way to make fast renderings for simple to medium complexity Sketchup models. As I would say with any rendering plugin for Sketchup, you can't expect to get photorealistic 3D renders like other professional software like Blender or Maya simply because of the limitations of Sketchup. It is not ideal for high-poly models because Sketchup cannot handle it. So, by extension, IRender can't handle high-poly models either. If you have a particularly complex Sketchup model, you need to turn off certain layers or reduce the complexity because IRender will slow to a crawl or freeze up.

The best part about this software in particular is the customer support. The guys that created it are extremely helpful and quick to respond to your questions or issues. Whenever I have had a question I get a response on their forum in under an hour, sometimes in minutes. You are not just talking to a support rep, you are talking to the people that developed the software which makes a huge difference. One time I had an issue with a setting, they actually fixed the software within a week and had a new version that worked.

It takes a lot of experimentation and tweaking to get the renderings just right, but this level of control is great. I use the software for product renderings, interior design, and 3D diagrams. It takes a lot of work to get something to look completely photorealistic but it is possible. For the most part I don't need it to be completely photorealistic and it is so much faster and easier to use than the full-fledged 3D modeling programs that I don't have the time to learn to use.

And come on, it isn't going to break your computer like the previous reviewer said.

Downloaded it, and my computer crashed. I had to buy a new computer (luckily all my stuff was on a USB). Tried downloading again, and it said this:

Unable to start Batch Rendering Process.
Please Reboot your computer and try again.
If that fails, please try Uninstalling and Reinstalling IRender nXt.
Command line: C:\Program Files (x86)\SketchUp\SketchUp 2013\Plugins\RPS_IRender_nXt\bin_nXt\IRenderBatch64.exe C:\Users\Toothy\AppData\Local\Temp\nXt_batch\nxt_render_params.txt

I'm disappointed because the program made me have to buy a new computer because the other was damaged beyond repair. CAN YOU FIX THIS ******* PROBLEM??? My projects are huge and look like big splotches from afar.

Martin T.'s picture

Dear Sabertooth Turtle(ST),

I am sorry and be able to understand your situations about your computer and huge project files that you were handling. My name is Martin Tey from Singapore. I am working as an interior designer for the past 15 years. I then further studied in interior architecture and just graduated last year which I started to use Sketch up(SU) since version 6 till 2013 and I Render NXT(IRN). I started using both of these software's since 3 to 4 years ago. I was not attracted by their advertisement and works which produced by the user either at that moment. It is only because SU was free for the standard version, and IRN has got the trial version initially. The most important reason was the cost was reasonable and affordable. I get to know IRN through SU and use it conveniently as a plug-in. Both of the supporting teams provided feedbacks and solutions promptly as according to your clarity information.

Computer was separated by software and hardware. Both are equivalently necessary to be able to learn through hands on and practiced by oneself in order to have a good performance or result and act as a tool to showcase your works. The software will not be possible to cause your monitor not working, and it is probably related to your cable connector like VGA, DVI or HDMI etc. and sometimes graphic cards. The above example was caused purely by hardware. It is expected ST will encounter the mentioned issues because your design should be an extensive modeling and big files which the problem were proven that for such a huge size project may need a compatible hardware in order to get the optimum result.

The opportunity solution to lighten your issue, ST, may consider salvaging your existing laptop or PC which upgrade your current Hard Disk(HDD) to Solid State Drive(SSD), use clone software to transfer your data to SSD. I will prefer to get 240GB as an operation system(OS) and get external HDD up to 2 or 3TB for storages. I practice to transfer my completed project from SSD to HDD and only keep on going project in SSD with important software's, and these will increase the operating performances. ST may consider upgrading your Graphic Card and RAM(memory) which must be compatible with your current Motherboard as secondary which is optional if you want to achieve a better result and work within your budget. I upgraded my laptop with a compatible 240GB SSD and 16GB RAMs at SGD$500 as compared to a brand new laptop cost at SGD$1500 which equivalent system. I am satisfied and happy with my computer and both SU & IRN software's.

I hope the above information may lighten your issues. Have a great day and wish ST all the best to your works and project. Thank you!

Sincerely Warmest Regards,
Martin Tey
SU & IRN Happy User

NotAvailable N's picture


That seems very unlikely. You did't even mentioned what part of the Computer was damaged.

I am pretty sure that incident has nothing to do with IRender nXt.

I used IRender nXt on many, many different computers with no problems.

And by the way, the support of these guys from IRender is excellent.

Render Plus's picture

I'm sorry you had problems with your computer. We are not aware of anything in IRender nXt (or in anything related to SketchUp) which could break a computer.

If you were able to get renderings, but they were zoomed out too far, then we can work with you to get the view set correctly.

I'm sorry that we didn't notice you problem when you posted it here.
Please post this or any other problems on our support forum and we can help you with them there:

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