Inventory3D for Excel
Inventory3D for Excel enables three-dimensional graphical inventory, design and facilities maintenance using Excel spreadsheets
Autolayer in Inventory3D
  • Autolayer in Inventory3D
  • Autobinding in Inventory3D
  • Autopositioning in Inventory3D
  • Assisted Labeling in Inventory3D
  • Settings menu of Inventory3D
  • Full scale Inventory3D system
  • Inventory3D Use Cases
  • Floor-plan design, space planning and assets management in Inventory3D
  • Adding 3D location and shape to your ERP assets
  • Verifying your ERP data vs reality
  • Designing using real-time customer orders and warehouse data
Inventory3D for Excel

Inventory3D version 6 comes with a bunch of new features. Now you will be able to use:

  • Autolayer to synchronize the layer structure of the SketchUp components according to their SU_Layer column values in Excel,
  • Autobinding to automatically connect components in the model to Excel records by their unique identifiers/names,
  • Autopositioning to automatically place components in the model according to their coordinates defined in Excel, and
  • Assisted Labeling to display Excel information about components in SketchUp Layout.

The tutorial of Inventory3D together with a sample model are installed under the C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2018\SketchUp\Plugins\Luno_Inventory3D\luno_tutorial_example folder.

Inventory3D can also be connected to the Database server (MySQL or other) and used in multi-user internet or mobile environments. For more information about the implementation of the full scale Inventory3D system, please contact us by email 

Installed Inventory3D systems have been applied for facilities maintenance, operations of telecom carriers and tower companies, photovoltaic system design, expo shops arrangements, furniture production and interior design.


Phonty A.'s picture

Thank you for this great sms tracker information from Inventory3D!


I have the size and coordinates of a many cubes in a spreadsheet...the extension can read this spreadsheet and draw this cubes?


Andreas J's picture

Hello Edgardo,

we will very shortly publish an update including an autopositioning feature that will be able to read the coordinates from your spreadsheet and draw the cubes accordingly in the model.

Kind regards!

Andreas J's picture

We are very happy to inform you about a new major release. We have just launched the new version of Inventory3D (version 6)!

Our new version comes with a number of handy automatic features. Now you will be able to use Autopositioning for automatic placement of the components in the model according to their coordinates defined in Excel and other new features, which are very useful for different applications.

Please write me to and I will provide you a link for downloading and installing Inventory3D version 6.

Alex M's picture

I would love a Mac version.

Andreas J's picture

Great to hear! We consider to implement a Mac version of Inventory3D v.6, which we plan to release this summer
(Andreas / luno team)

Hardy V's picture

Hi Andreas
Any news about the MAC version?

Andreas J's picture

Hello Hardy,

unfortunately no news, I am sorry.


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