Inventory3D for Excel
Graphical 3D 'inside-plan' inventory, design, bill-of-materials calculation and facilities maintenance using Excel spreadsheets database
Inventory3D for Excel

Inventory3D for Excel allows to do graphical 3D 'inside-plan' inventory, design, bill-of-materials calculation and facilities maintenance using Excel spreadsheets database

The latest version of Inventory3D comes with a bunch of new features, now you can organize the layer structure of your SketchUp model straight in your Excel database and even export database information to Layout.

Together with Inventory3D a sample model working with an Excel database and its tutorial are installed under '...SketchUp\Plugins\Luno_Inventory3D\luno_tutorial_example' folder 

Full scale implementation of Inventory3D system integrates 3D engineering, BOM calculations and mobile operations into corporate ERP, CRM

Installed system application models for telecom carriers, tower companies, photovoltaic systems providers, organizers of expo shops, furniture production companies and interior design

For information and quotation on:

  • Inventory3D extension supporting Oracle/MS SQL/MySQL/Sybase database integration
  • Inventory3D.Mobile application for Android, iOS, Windows Mobile
  • integration of Inventory3D system into corporate ERP, CRM and system customization

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Inventory3D is a versatile tool providing outstanding new opportunities for floor planning and space management, faster locating and more convenient inspection of ERP assets within SketchUp. Take inventory management: Error-prone databases which contain faulty inventory lists can be deleterious, especially in large industry environments. Thus, it is essential that upon inventory changing databases are regularly updated. Such inventory taking is time consuming and tedious. Inventory3D provides a simple but powerful novel tool that links data records from objects listed in a database to the graphical representation of said objects in the 3D space of SketchUp.

Using a completely novel 3D approach, Inventory3D enables the straightforward and intuitive design of plans for correct positioning of your assets in space: Import your maps, plans, pictures and 3D point clouds into Inventory3D, rescale the images to original dimensions, create 3D overlays and view your graphical model from any perspective. The dimensioned virtual reality environment lets you perform measurements in all 3 dimensions and instantly arrange 3D objects on your floor plans and maps. In other words, while, for space planning, you normally measure your objects and plans one dimension after the other, Inventory3D allows you to take 3 dimensions at once – simple, straightforward, quick and error-free.



I have the size and coordinates of a many cubes in a spreadsheet...the extension can read this spreadsheet and draw this cubes?


Andreas J's picture

Hello Edgardo,

we will very shortly publish an update including an autopositioning feature that will be able to read the coordinates from your spreadsheet and draw the cubes accordingly in the model.

Kind regards!

Alex M's picture

I would love a Mac version.

Andreas J's picture

Great to hear! We consider to implement a Mac version of Inventory3D v.6, which we plan to release this summer
(Andreas / luno team)

Hardy V's picture

Hi Andreas
Any news about the MAC version?

Andreas J's picture

Hello Hardy,

unfortunately no news, I am sorry.


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