Instant Terrain
Create simplified terrains over complex terrains, drape terrain meshes over objects. Any objects will work: Faces, Groups, Components, Terrain Meshes; no need to explode them.
Instant Terrain

Features include:

  • Create simplified terrain meshes over complex terrains or terrains with problems
  • Fast and simple. No need to explode a problem terrain
  • Can also drape a terrain over any object or collection of objects: Faces, Groups, Components, Terrain Meshes...
  • Just select the object or objects to create a terrain over. Choose a grid spacing and press OK.
  • Reduce file size and speed-up your SketchUp model.
  • * New in Version 2: Make areas with different grid spacings.

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I am a licensed architect in Hawaii and California. Most of my work experience is in the hospitality industry, resorts and hotels. I enjoy modeling in SketchUp and writing ruby scripts. I have written a few SketchUp extensions for the purpose of automating some of my architectural modeling. I refer to my extensions as Instant Scripts -- Instant roof, Instant Wall, Instant Road, instant Terrain, Instant Site Grader, Instant Fence & Railing, Instant Window & Door, Instant Stair and Instant Cladding.