Instant Roof Nui
Create a complex roof in seconds - just select faces and edges; then run Instant Roof.
Instant Roof Nui
  • Create a complex roof in seconds - just select faces and edges; then run Instant Roof.
  • Hip, gable, shed, dutch-gable, mansard, plantation, gambrel, open-trellis, combined, more...
  • Eave types: boxed-in, exposed, soffited
  • Hips and rafters with customizable ends
  • Fascia, fascia-trim, ridge and hip tiles, shingles, or sheet-metal
  • Complete mission tile or standing-seam roof
  • Use default roof styles - or create your own
  • Export and Import user defined roof styles
  • Choose any unit type supported by Sketchup: Metric- angles for slope or Feet/ inches - ratio for slope
  • Access methods from Instant Roof Nui Toolbar
  • As a Sketchup Extension, it can be loaded or unloaded as needed.
  • Full Roof Framing members or Eaves only.
  • Add Roof Framing to roofs made by other methods or to other sloped faces
  • Create Hips, Rafters, and Beams with decorative end profiles from lines and/or faces. 
  • Corbels for flat soffits
  • Beam Ends at Gables and Dutch Gables
  • Optional Underside of Roof (ceiling)
  • Greek Returns and Queen Returns at Gables
  • Bird Blocks: Add angled or plumb (eave rafter tails only. Not for full roof framing)
  • More preset roof slopes or use angles for slopes
  • Roof styles: Choose from many preset or create custom user style library including custom style images
  • Dutch Gable Styles: Choose from many preset styles or create custom user style library including custom style images
  • Roof Detail Styles: Choose from many preset or create custom user style library including custom style images.
  • Choose from many predefined Beam, Hip, and Rafter end profiles.
  • Align Material Textures on Eaves, Rafters, Beams, Hips, Roofing
  • Gutters: Choose from predefined gutter profiles
  • Additional Roof Material options: Roman tile, Flat tiles or Shingles, Variable width standing seams…
  • Mission tile bird stops and Ridge Closures
  • Variegated color roof tiles and Shingles
  • Reapply, Change or Delete Materials as a separate operation from roof or roof detail creation.
  • Supports all SketchUp units: Metric, Feet/Inches, etc..
  • Take offs and take off log
  • Included Cad Fixer. Can fix some of the problems with imported cad
  • Menu options supported with both thumbnail and enlarged images.
  • An internet connection is required in order to execute this script and it is offered a yearly $39 subscription 

For more information, Tutorials and  the Instant Roof Nui extension




yahya i's picture

can install

Purchased - but not in My Extension??

I already have this extension on my laptop. Is their anyway I would be able to have axis to this extension on my desktop ? would i be able to redownload it on my desktop without paying fo rit ?

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Laurent Paméla's picture

chuck - would be nice to have simplify version (lower cost) of your extensions for our related professionals that need basic usage only.
many thanks.

M B's picture

This is what I wanted to write as well. The amount of details in the extension are amazing but a simpler lower specced version would be nice for basic concept work.

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Alex B's picture

I had purchased instant roof, road and site grader about 3 years ago and was working for me based on the limited use of especially site grader and road. Do you have an upgraded version of the roof plugin for 2014 without me purchasing the whole set?

Simon J's picture

Looks way too complex, if there was a simpler /easier version I would probably use it. Maybe have less options in the simpler version?

Nathan C.'s picture

I'm in Australia and we use a lot of color bonded corrugated steel roofing, do you have this as an option? How about trusses?

Eleanor N's picture

This is an outstanding plugin - I use it all the time and find it invaluable, and very good value for money.

benedict c's picture

:( i want this for free. . because i can't afford it. . :(

ema m's picture

non si possono buttare i soldi fare la versione gratuita

Patrick v's picture

Is there a free (limited) version of this I can use to play with?

Mafalda M.'s picture

How do you download the free version?

fabiano m's picture

I´m to want.

kenzo M.'s picture

I bought the plugin "Instant road" and does not work. Today I downloaded a free plugin "Instant roof" to make sure it works and Sketchup crashes. On some models do not work well and make 50% of the roof.

Or fix the plugins, or stop sell them. Thank you.

Chuck Vali's picture

Please see my website - I have made many pdf tutorials that explain how to use my scripts.

Instant Road:

Many people have sent me roads they were having trouble with and, so far, I have not found one that the script can not make when used correctly. But without further information, I can't tell what you are doing wrong. What error is the script reporting? See the top of the pop up window after the "ERROR:...".

Typical beginner errors are:

1. Using a component instead of a group for the road outline, Components and groups are not the same.
2. You are likely using a terrain mesh that is not active but is in a group. Try exploding the group.
3. You are trying to run the road or shoulder off the edge of the terrain. Everything must fit on the terrrain.
4. Your road has closed loops in it. (Instant Road Nui can make closed loop roads but Instant Road can not)

Instant Roof:

You are obviously using imported Geometry such as CAD without fixing it. Please see my tutorials on how to do this. To make this easier, I included a cad fixer tool in my newer roof script, Instant Roof Nui that can automatically correct some imported cad,

If you still have problems, you may wish to look at the forum on my webpage or contact me from the webpage.

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I am a licensed architect in Hawaii and California. Most of my work experience is in the hospitality industry, resorts and hotels. I enjoy modeling in SketchUp and writing ruby scripts. I have written a few Sketchup plugins for the purpose of automating some of my architectural modeling. I refer to my plugins as Instant Scripts -- Instant roof, Instant Wall, Instant Road, instant Terrain, Instant Site Grader, and Instant Fence & Railing.