Instant Architecture
Get all Instant Scripts extensions for $118, save $54 yearly. Bundle includes: Instant Roof Nui, Instant Door & Window, Instant Road Nui, Instant Wall, Instant Fence & Railing, Instant Site Grader, and Instant Terrain
Instant Architecture

Instant Architecture
 is a yearly Instant Scripts Bundle by Vali Architects

Get all Instant Scripts subscription extensions for $118, save $54 yearly. 

  • Instant Roof Nui
  • Instant Road Nui
  • Instant Door & Window
  • Instant Wall
  • Instant Fence & Railing
  • Instant Site Grader
  • Instant Terrain
  • Metric or Feet / Inches
  • Includes all updates and new feature releases durning your subscription year
  • And.. includes any new Vali Architects Instant Scripts that is released durning your subscription year.

We have made it easy, one payment per year, one file to download and installs all 7 extensions.

More Information at Vali Architects / Instant Architecture


Too expensive for me! :-(

Is there another similar tool, cheaper, or free?

William W's picture

If I purchase a standalone like the door and window, and like it, can I then have this credited to buy the full Instant Architecture suite?

Percy S.'s picture

Very impressive plugin but does not work without internet connection. Is there a offline version? Some of us come from a country where internet access is limited.

Arthur K's picture

The issue I have is that if it the plug-in stops working is there even support? I purchased plusspec from rubyscripts and it worked for 1 week before kicking me off their little identity server. No response from their support. Now I don't have confidence at all with these types of subscription based plug-ins.

Just to say that I've bought a couple of subscriptions over the years from Chuck Vali and when I've had a question his support has always been outstanding. He emails back very quickly with help so you don't have to worry about lack of support. Just thought I'd add my positive experience.

Brad's picture

I have been an avid user of all of Vali's plugins for years and i have to say they're amazing! Not only do they perform, they save me a ton of time. If fact, I don't even think could model the complex fences, roofs, etc. starting from scratch, even with all of the time to do so. At just under $10 per month for the plugin subscription it's a NO BRAINER for those of us who use SU for work.

diane a's picture

these look amazing and no doubt incredibly useful time savers and all that....but all these subscription based pluggins are killing us!!!!! if your market is to architectural firms willing to pay for individual subscriptions for an employee , who first has to ask for it or the self employed individual who has enough paid work to justify supporting all these time saving subscriptions good for you. the rest of us slogs will just drool after these like a wet dream.. if you made it more affordable to more users - you would sell a hell of a lot more then i bet you are getting at this premium. just saying. you do the math...

djjireh ..'s picture

I cant agree more!! Exactly Diane!!

tibor p's picture

well said

Ang G.'s picture

expensive.....but I´m going to buy it. I expect this tools would be productive for me

Atila K's picture

is it compatible with metric measurement units?

Mcity 241's picture

TOO EXPENSIVE!!!!!!!!!!! >:(

Andrew M.'s picture

I disagree! These look like amazing tools, with the potential to save huge amounts of time...

Are they compatible with metric measurement units?

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I am a licensed architect in Hawaii and California. Most of my work experience is in the hospitality industry, resorts and hotels. I enjoy modeling in SketchUp and writing ruby scripts. I have written a few Sketchup plugins for the purpose of automating some of my architectural modeling. I refer to my plugins as Instant Scripts -- Instant roof, Instant Wall, Instant Road, instant Terrain, Instant Site Grader, and Instant Fence & Railing.
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