Image Opacity
Adjust the opacity of Image entities.
Image Opacity

Control the opacity of Image entities by using the context menu. Useful for overlays without having to explode the Image to edit the material.

Menus & Toolbars

  • Image » Context Menu » Opacity


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Greg P.'s picture

Trying to get this to work but no luck at all.

Both the TT_Lib and the Image Opacity extensions are installed and enabled. To confirm, I have deleted and reinstalled. I have restarted SketchUp, and have also done a hard reboot of the computer.

Right-clicking does not bring up the opacity window/options.

SU 2017 17.1.174 64-bit
Windows 7 Enterprise

Also not showing up for me in the context menu.

EDIT: Hah. Have you tried switching it off and on again?

ThomThom's picture

It's showing up?

Todji K's picture

The tip that would have helped me forego trouble shooting is: Extensions can only be downloaded from within the Sketch Up Program from the Extension Warehouse found under the window menu (In sketch 2015).

Downloading the extension from a web browser doesn't work, and I am sure many people do a web search to search for extensions. Hope this helps!

ThomThom's picture

Downloading from the RBZ from a browser do work. It might have been a temporary glitch with the server if it didn't work for you earlier.

The only extensions that must be downloaded from within SketchUp itself are the ones that are sold via Extension Warehouse. Every other extension (which is most of them) can be downloaded from the browser. But you do have to sign in first.

michael H.'s picture

Having same problem. Does not show up in context menu. ???

ThomThom's picture

Is the extension listed under Preferences > Extension?

You right click Image entities?

Alexandra C's picture

great tool! thanks

Snuffles D.'s picture

Took a while to get it installed, mainly due to operator confusion.

What I think I'm missing - open to correction - is a way to lock the image as an overlay WITHOUT exploding and regrouping it, so I can change the opacity settings again to facilitate some detail operations. I can see how I might import the same image more than once and change the opacity settings for each placing before exploding, grouping and moving onto different layers but I suspect there may be a better way.
Am I missing somethng?

SU 8, Snow Leopard and your library TT_Lib2-2.9.0.rbz. No later library worked, hence the difficulty with installation.

Thanks for a very useful range of products. The pricing is very friendly. Will try and find a padded bag to send you a cookie. The beer already leaked through the bag.

Blake K.'s picture

Very useful plugin—really helps when using architectural plans as overlays.

Christina D's picture


I have exactly the same problem.
Thanks in advance!

ThomThom's picture

The plugin is accessed from the context menu of Image entities.

WalterV's picture

Extension Warehouse says that Image Opacity is installed' However, I cannot find this plugin in the menu. Ca you please help.
I am using W7 Pro Home and SU Pro 2013.

ThomThom's picture

The plugin is accessed from the context menu of Image entities.

Jamie P.'s picture

Where is the image entities? Is that just right clicking the image? I am not seeing the opacity option show.

Thank you