Link components to websites, proxy, layers, scenes, sounds, files and folders.

Link components to websites, proxy, layers, scenes, sounds, files and folders.

How to use it?
1. Select Set:: Options and click any component.
2. Select ::GOSU:: and click component to activate action.


Menus & Toolbars

  • Plugins » Renderiza Tools » GOSU
  • Toolbar button » GOSU


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Thanks for sharing this blog. I was looking for it all over the internet finally I found it here. This is great tool for working on proxy settings . and I have a simple suggestion as well please provide mac version too.
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Nice info you shared. Thank you

Is Gosu harvest proxy list or harvest and check proxy? Can it be used like proxy harvester for ScrapeBox for example. I'd like to use it to optimize my site coolessay.net

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Stas T's picture

Excellent plugin! Thank you so much!

Stas T's picture

Excellent plugin! Thank you so much!

Bill A.'s picture

This tool works awesome! It allows quick access to my videos when I am using SU as a presentation tool. Is there a way to make a shortcut key to toggle GOSU on and off? That way i could toggle GOSU on for component interactivity, and then off so that I could use the select tool in the normal fashion. Without having to have the dialog box visible.

杰华 马.'s picture

Nice tool! Mac version is available?

Saurabh Gayali's picture

after setting, if i send to third party the sketchup file, will it still require GOSU installed on other computer!!!

Rafael Rivera's picture

Hi, Saurabh Gayali,

Yes, the plugin needs to be on the other computer as well. The good news is that the SketchUp file will maintain its Gosu parameters but indeed the plugin needs to be active to access their functions.

Best regards,

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