The gbXML and Energy Analysis Plugin

The gModeller plugin enables architects, designers and energy modellers to use SketchUp to create gbXML files which include the necessary information for further energy modelling. The resulting models can then be exported into any gbXML compatible tool such as our own gEnergy or EnergyPlus tool. gModeller is easy to use, compatible with most energy and modelling systems, simplifies the process of doing accurate energy analyses and facilitates early stage "what-if" scenarios. As a result of using gModeller, Trimble SketchUp becomes an intelligent solution for low carbon building design.

You need to register with GreenspaceLive to use gModeller; you can register by following the links in gModeller or visit


With gModeller you can:

  • Turn your existing SketchUp models into gbXML in seconds using our auto convert tools.
  • Identify and label model surfaces and spaces.
  • Make your models compatible with most energy and 3D modelling systems through export facility.
  • Import gbXML models into SketchUp.
  • Export Energy Plus IDF Files from SketchUp.
  • Run an Energy Plus analysis directly from SketchUp
  • Export NCT files for SBEM Energy Performance Certificate Generation.
  • Synchronize SketchUp files to the Cloud using gWorkspace.


gModeller is part of our gTools suite in which you can:

  • Store, share and backup your model to our cloud storage system.
  • Time stamp previous versions of your model through our innovative file versioning facility which allows you access any time online.
  • Team share with a built in messenger and notification system, you can contact your colleagues about your building, regardless of you or your team’s location.
  • Invite collaborators / viewers through social networking media such as Facebook and Linkedin.
  • Export directly to our gEnergy energy analysis tools within the gTools software suite. 


I've installed it and it gives me the "THIS CONTENT IS MISSING ADOBE FLASH PLAYER" error, how can I solve this issue.

David M's picture

Please check that you have Flash enabled by installing it from Adobe's site with either Safari on OS X, or Internet Explorer on Windows.

Raphael C.'s picture

As I get it has no longer use for Mac users with versions after OSX- El capitan.
So Sierra and High Sierra can't use it, otherwise they will experiment crashs on sketchup as I did.

shreedhar B's picture

i want to know is this free version or full version for free download . Is this useful for doing energy analysis for building .Is there any free version for students

Can you not export gbXML with the trial version?


Paul S.'s picture

Based on the Company's website trial versions are allocated 0 gbXML exports. Guess they just want your details to bug you with subscription upgrades - yay!

Jean-Yves M.'s picture


gModeller is non operative with SketchUp Pro 2014 and Mac OS X 10.11 (El capitan).

Thanks to communicate about this problem :-)

chabah L.'s picture

i have the same probleme as Arhur,
when i click on "g" icon, the message " adobe flash player is needed" appears
but when i viste the adobe website i can see that my version is successfully installed ?


Arthur C.'s picture

I can't use the plugin anymore. When I click on the "G" icon a new windows opens with a "This content requires the Adobe Flash Player". I tried updating SketchUp and reinstalling the flash player, but I can't get it to work.

chabah L.'s picture

Hello Arthur,
i had the same problem as you,
untill my lovely boyfriend found me the solution

it's pretty easy
you just have to download adobe flash player ( with internet explorer and not another browser
since sketchyp depends on it


David M's picture

Hi, make sure you're installing Flash Player for Safari (OS X) or Flash Player for Internet Explorer (Windows). If you visit with one of these browsers, do you see the 'Successfully installed' message?

Bridgette C's picture

hi, is there an educational version/price of gModeller?


chinmiwong .'s picture

can it work at sketchup 2015?

David M's picture


Yes, gModeller is compatible with Sketchup 2015.

chinmiwong .'s picture

are there any videos or tutorials teaching the method for turning existing sketchup model into gbxml format? thanks a lot

David M's picture

Please see the tutorials on our website at:

chinmiwong .'s picture

as the sketchup model's walls, windows and other elements are solid model, they are not only have 2 faces. for example, one single wall contains 6 faces. how can i define the exterior wall and interior wall?
Besides, what is nonsliding door? the door cannot be opened?
Would you mind allowing me to send my model to you for better explanation of the problem. thanks you very much!!

David M's picture

To export to gbxml each wall should be a single surface in Sketchup, so that there is no thickness to them. All the walls on the outside of the building should be exterior walls.

A nonsliding door is a door that opens at an angle (using a hinge). Some patio doors are sliding doors, most doors within a building are nonsliding.

If you want to email us, you can send models to

chinmiwong .'s picture

I have sent the email to you. thank you for your help.

Abida R.'s picture

From where can I download the trial version

David M's picture

You can sign up for an account at our site:

Use the gModeller version from the extension warehouse, and sign in with your greenspaceLive account. This will allow trial access to gModeller for 30 days.

Genesis M.'s picture

Hello Neil,

I am an accredited assessor in Australia.

I am interested in applying various BIM or 3d alternatives to comply with current regulatory schemes here.

I was wondering if I am able to query a few questions in regards with your projects as basis for suitability here in Australia.

Kind regards,

Donald A M's picture

Hello Genesis,

Ask away, we would be glad to help.

Kind Regards,

Donald A

Hi all,

I lead gModeller and gEnergy development at GreenspaceLive and just thought you might want to know that we now have SketchUp driven online building simulation visible in a big way. Here's an example:

450 more projects at the gEnergy Wiki

Enjoy! We very much welcome your feedback.


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