The gbXML and Energy Analysis Plugin

The gModeller plugin enables architects, designers and energy modellers to use SketchUp to create gbXML files which include the necessary information for further energy modelling. The resulting models can then be exported into any gbXML compatible tool such as our own gEnergy or EnergyPlus tool. gModeller is easy to use, compatible with most energy and modelling systems, simplifies the process of doing accurate energy analyses and facilitates early stage "what-if" scenarios. As a result of using gModeller, Trimble SketchUp becomes an intelligent solution for low carbon building design.

You need to register with GreenspaceLive to use gModeller; you can register by following the links in gModeller or visit


With gModeller you can:

  • Turn your existing SketchUp models into gbXML in seconds using our auto convert tools.
  • Identify and label model surfaces and spaces.
  • Make your models compatible with most energy and 3D modelling systems through export facility.
  • Import gbXML models into SketchUp.
  • Export Energy Plus IDF Files from SketchUp.
  • Run an Energy Plus analysis directly from SketchUp
  • Export NCT files for SBEM Energy Performance Certificate Generation.
  • Synchronize SketchUp files to the Cloud using gWorkspace.


gModeller is part of our gTools suite in which you can:

  • Store, share and backup your model to our cloud storage system.
  • Time stamp previous versions of your model through our innovative file versioning facility which allows you access any time online.
  • Team share with a built in messenger and notification system, you can contact your colleagues about your building, regardless of you or your team’s location.
  • Invite collaborators / viewers through social networking media such as Facebook and Linkedin.
  • Export directly to our gEnergy energy analysis tools within the gTools software suite. 
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