glTF Import
Adds ability to import glTF files into Sketchup
glTF Import

This extension gives you two new file types available on the Sketchup Import menu: glTF 2.0 (*.gltf), and glTF 2.0 binary (*.glb)

Supports Components, Material Colour, Material Texture, and Matrix/Rotate/Scale/Translate transforms.

Imports normals and attempts to correctly define smoothed edges.

glTF Embedded and external mesh and image data is supported.



  Will not at this time import lines, only triangle polygon meshes.

  Cannot deal with Vertex Coloured meshes (as Sketchup can't deal with them)

  Likewise does not support Normal maps, PBR material roughness, etc. Only diffuse maps and basic colours.



An import of a large model can take some time, so please be patient!

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glTF Import (1.2.1); August 17, 2017
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