glTF Export
glTF/GLB Export for WebGL, Microsoft Paint 3D, and many more. The latest standard in 3D formats.
glTF Export

This exporter will create a glTF 2.0 model of your currently open SketchUp model into the current folder of your SketchUp Model. That is, if you are working on a sketchup file of '/mystuff/project 1064/stairwell.skp', then the output from an export will be written to '/mystuff/project 1064/stairwell.glb' or '/mystuff/project 1064/stairwell.gltf' depending on the export type selected.

Creates either an embedded glTF (.gltf) file, or a binary glTF (.glb) file.

To run the export, from the 'Extensions' menu item, select 'Khronos glTF', and then select either 'Export Embedded glTF 2.0 (.gltf)', 'Export Binary glTF 2.0 (.glb)', or 'Export Binary glTF Microsoft Paint 3D (.glb)'.

The first option is the text only gltf file. This is a pure JSON payload with the binary data embedded with Base64 encoding.

The second and third options are binary files and may be more useful for web servers serving WebGL.

Select the third option if you want to import your model into Microsoft Paint3D for painting. The reason that this third option exists is because the 2.1707.1702.0 version of Paint 3D (Check your version of Paint 3D from Menu -> Settings -> About) is not fully compliant with the glTF 2.0 Specification.

To see the resulting model, drag it here:

Or if you exported it to a .glb with Microsoft compatibility, open it in Paint 3D


Warrenn L's picture

Works really well, i tried it with some old google earth models, texture and geometry seems to be fine, the only thing is the conversion bring everything including hidden layers, not big issue, only need to erase before make the change.
Also i used it in facebook after other change with this site
and i didn´t find any problem
Thank you

ThomThom's picture

Just tried this out - to test Facebook's new 3D post feature. .glb worked great for that. But I noticed that it exported hidden entities. Can I suggest that it's more of an expected behaviour to export only visible entities?

ThomThom's picture

Additionally I'm seeing some materials missing in Windows 3d viewer. Let me know if you want me to provide an example file.

Centaur's picture

Hi ThomThom,

Are these materials 'painted' at the group or component level? In other words, the actual material is nil?
That is a known issue, and I'm not really sure how to resolve it. If it is something else, then yes, an example file would be useful.

Can you clarify what is Windows 3D viewer - Do you mean Paint3D, 'Mixed Reality Viewer', View3D (which is part of Microsoft's insider program), or something else?

Microsoft has done a fairly poor job at following the specification for glTF 2.0, even though they were part of the team developing the spec. For example, Paint3D requires a material name even though it is optional in the spec. For any Microsoft product, it would be best if the export option for Microsoft Paint 3D be used.

Adding check for hidden entities. :)

i use gltf-export tools, the component's material lose. how to solve the problem?

Centaur's picture

Edit the component and Paint the component with a material at the individual face level - otherwise the material of the faces if going to remain nil, and be exported as the default material.

good job! I have successfully exported my skp models in gltf or glb, and this model can be viewer in paint3d within win10;

have done a test but it is not working with paint 3d or view 3d in windows 10. In your online viewer it is possible to view it.
Can you please help.
Thank you very much.

Centaur's picture

Hi Grewe,
You did the export with the GLB (Microsoft Paint 3D) option, right?

One thing I find with Paint3D is that sometimes the first attempt fails, but it will open on the second attempt.
Also, Paint3D re-textures the entire model and does down-sampling to get the model within a 2048x2048 image - so it often looks awful.

Are you able to send me the exported GLB, or the Sketchup file that you used?
And let me know the version of Paint3D that you have, in case it is different from mine.

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