GKWare Door Maker Pro / Gold
Creates Cabinet doors of any size in a variety of styles and a variety of textures.
GKWare Door Maker Pro / Gold

7 days free trial (Gold) additional 7 days free tiral (Pro)

Pro Version $20.00 CDN

Gold Version $30.00 CDN

Upgrade from Pro to Gold $10.00 CDN

Licenses are perpetual and do not expire. Licenses are for one user on one computer. Contact me with valid reason for trial extension.

Creates cabinet doors for all types of cabinets. Doors can be virtually any reasonable size. There are a variety of styles to choose from and a variety of textures. You can add additional textures if you wish. Door Maker Pro allows you options like named styles, door handles, edge treatments, custom profiles, multi panel doors, combo panel and glass and passge doors and bifolds. The Door Maker Pro also allows you to interact with the doors. They now open and close.

There is an option to add your own profiles which are supported by the Door Maker Pro.

There is a toolbar for my plugins called "GKWare Door Maker". There is a submenu under the Plugins menu called "GKWare Cabinet Door" and menu option under that called Door Maker. You may consider adding a hot key to the menu item. I have added 'D' as the hot key.

There are 4 distinct methods for creating doors which are available with the "Tool Options" drop down list.

  1. The first one is the "one click" method. It honours all of the settings in the Cabinet Door input box. The door's bottom left hand back corner is positioned to the right of the click point by the gap amount.
  2. The second method is called "drag". You on any corner and then click on opposite diagonal corner. In this case the lower left hand back corner of the door is positioned exactly where you click. The upper right hand back corner is positioned exactly where you clicked the second point.
  3. The third method is new and is called "overlay". This method works very similar to the "drag" method except in this case the "Door Gap" and "Door Protrusion" are honored. The door protrusion is how much the door sits in front of the cabinet. The left hand corner is positioned to the right of the click point by 1/2 of the "Door Gap". The top left hand corner is positioned to the left of the click point by 1/2 of the "Door Gap" and the positioned below the click point by the Full "Door Gap". See the video "Sketchup Door Maker - Simplified".
  4. The fourth method is called "inset". It is used to inset the door and honors the Full "Door Gap" on both sides, top and bottom. It also honors the "Door Protrusion" but in this case a value of 0 means the front of the door will be flush with the cabinet. See the video "Sketchup Door Maker - Face Frame".


Door Maker Pro has 12 shapes: plain, shaker, square, arch, cathedral, double arch, double cathedral and multipanel doors. The 5 multi panel doors are square square, arch square, cathedral square, three panel square and mitered square.


There are 15 wood grain textures to choose from. You can add your own textures. There is an Images folder that contains textures as well as a texture.txt file. Add both a horizontal and a vertical texture in jpg format using the proper naming conventions. For instance maple_hor.jpg and maple_ver.jpg and place a single entry in the textures.txt file. You can also re arrange the order of the textures in the textures.txt file.


There is a 52 page door maker manual in the gkware_doormaker/DoorMaker.pdf

Alternatively you can view the manual on my web site.


Language Localization

DoorMaker currently supports English, French, Russian, Chinese(Traditional), Chinese(Simplified), Spanish, German and Italian with other languages to come. There is a folder called Translations and in it are en.lang, fr.lang, ru.lang, zh.lang, zh_cn.lang, es.lang, ge.land and it.lang. The en.lang file can be used as a template for more language support. Anyone wishing to help out please contact me.

There is a Config.txt editor available from the plugins menu. GKWare Door Maker/Door Maker - Edit Config. Change the Language: entry from "en" to one of the other language codes.


If you have any problems please log on to my web site and contact me. Please include what version of SU and which OS you are using. My web site is WWW.CabMaker32.com

Release Notes

Version 1.0.42 – Apr 20, 2015

  1. Modified security. Some users were getting inaccurate error messages.
  2. Add more handles.

Version 1.0.39 – Jan 2, 2015

  1. Input Form was getting to tall for Gold version. Added new tab for Gold version and moved some inputs to new tab.
  2. Moved “Language”, “Debug” and “Force Silhouettes Off” from input form to “Door Maker - Edit Config”.

Version 1.0.38 – Dec 23, 2014

  1. Added Config file editor. You can now edit a number of fields without having to find the files on your hard drive.
  2. Added extra space field which allows yo to pad the input form with more space.
  3. Added small_font field which you can turn on / off.
  4. Modified the menu option "Door Maker - Check License". It now brings up your userid and password which may need to be changed.

Version 1.0.37 – Dec 20, 2014

  1. Fixed Astragal bug with Swing Layer. Wasn't allowing space for Astragal.

Version 1.0.36 – Dec 17, 2014

  1. Added door jambs and half jambs for passage doors and bifolds.
  2. Added Swing Layer for 2D house plans.
  3. Added pivot point for passage doors and astragals for double doors.
  4. Re organized door maker input form.
  5. Added Top Rail Height.
  6. Added a number of new fields to support door jambs.
  7. Dropped "Schlage Modern Handle Left" and changed the name of "Schlage Modern Handle Right" to "Schlage Modern". Door maker now flips RH handles for LH doors.
  8. Finished dynamic movement for bifold doors.
  9. You can now have 0 to 3 mullions for square panel sections.

Version 1.0.34 - Oct 10, 2014

  1. Added Mitered Profile feature. Users can now create mitered frame doors.
  2. Supplied “Open Styles” wasn't working with translations. Fixed.

Version 1.0.33 - Sep 6, 2014

  1. Changed the web dialog - the enter key now acts like the OK button.
  2. Fixed first time registration bug. 
  3. 'Plain Panel' door shape now disables several irrelevent fields.
  4. Added 'Wood Grain' drop down – you can now modify grain direction for door panels.
  5. Added 'Second Handle' check box. Great for passage doors where you want a handle on both sides of the door.
  6. Added 'Half Width Stile' drop down. Great for bifold doors where you want 1 of the stiles half the width.
  7. Added 'Open Style Sheet' drop down. You can now store and retrieve style sheets.
  8. Changed 'Save As Default' check box to 'Save Style Sheet' drop down. You can now save current style as a named style sheet.

Version 1.0.32 - Aug 3, 2014

  1. Updated documentation.
  2. Fixed translation issues. Engish, French and Traditional Chinese are completed. The other language files are not complete.
  3. Better sizing of web dialog input form.
  4. Added “Center Shaker Panel” and “Debug” option to the Pro version web dialog.

Version 1.0.31 - Jul 24, 2014

  1. Packaged incorrect rbs file. Fixed

Version 1.0.30 - Jul 17, 2014

  1. Re-factor common code used by Door Maker and Stair Maker.
  2. All utilities now under license. License is checked once per session and by first utility that is run.

Version 1.0.29 - Jun 11, 2014

  1. Changing “Handle Location” now automatically changes “Click Action”. You may override “Click Action” if you wish.
  2. Broke “Tool Option” in version 1.0.28. All selections acted as if “One Click” was choosen. Fixed.

Version 1.0.28 - Jun 7, 2014

  1. Change the input box to a web dialog.
  2. Removed “Interact Value”.
  3. Added “Click Action”, “Hinge Angle” and “Pullout Depth” to the web dialog.
  4. Click Action is now independent of handle. Added Hinge Top and Hinge Bottom to the Click Action.

Version 1.0.27 - Jun 4, 2014

  1. Added Interaction to Pro version. Doors now open / close based on user supplied hinge angle – defaults to 120 degrees. All Doors and Drawer fronts that have a center mounted handle have pull interaction based on user supplied value..

Version 1.0.26 - May 13, 2014

  1. Dragging a door with ht of 0 produced errors. Door maker now handles this gracefully.

Version 1.0.25 - Apr 19, 2014

  1. Licensed user had to be connected to internet. Now Licensed user is checked every 5 to 10 days. There is also a Check license choice which will check license now guaranteeing at least 5 days before the next check. This is useful if you plan on being off line for extended periods of time.
  2. Some unnecessary checks were being performed if you choose only free version. Fixed.

Version 1.0.24 - Apr 14, 2014

  1.  Modified web connection code to use Ajax to support OSX Lion.

Version 1.0.23 - Apr 11, 2014

  1. Door handle positions top center and bottom center were not correct for plain panels. Fixed.
  2. SU 1013 and SU 2014 had date time issues with licensing. Fixed.

Version 1.0.22 - Apr 5, 2014

  1. If you drag with "one click" there was a line which was confusing. Fixed.

  2. The stile profile is now a separate moulding and no longer part of the panel.
  3. This is so that glass and mirror type doors can have the same look.
  4. Added 4 new door shapes for Pro version.
  5. Added 1 new door style for Pro version.
  6. Added “Save as Default” for Pro version.
  7. Added “Add Door Profile” button on tool bar and menu item.
  8. Added “Panel Profile” for Pro version. Users can create custom profiles.
  9. Added “Stile Profile” for Pro version. Users can create custom profiles.
  10. Added “Front Edge Profile” for Pro version. Users can create custom profiles.
  11. Added “Back Edge Profile” for Pro version. Users can create custom profiles.
  12. Added 5 Handle Styles for Pro version. Users can add their own handles.
  13. Added Handle Locations for Pro version.
  14. Added Handle Offset for Pro version.
  15. Added Bottom Rail Width for Pro version.
  16. Added Bottom Panel Height for Pro version.
  17. Added "Save as Defaults"  for Pro version.

Version 1.0.21 - Mar 8, 2014

  1. Fixed regression bug for “one click”
  2. Now only require vertical wood grain patterns
  3. Wood grain name now translated in Materials editor
  4. Added Spanish language file. es.lang.

Version 1.0.20 - Mar 5, 2014

  1. Fixed the draging operation. User can now chose any corner and drag to the opposite diagonal corner.
  2. Added config folder. Users should put their edited defaults.txt and or textures.txt files in this folder. They will be preserved with future updates.
  3. Added Chinese(Simplified) language file zh_cn.lang

Version 1.0.19 - Mar 1, 2014

  1. Now Sketchup 2014 Compatible.

Version 1.0.18 - Feb 27, 2014

  1. Added 2 new methods to "Tool Options"
    1. "overlay" - Use this for European style cabinets and furniture (32 mm system).
    2. "inset" - Use this for Face Frame Construction.
  2. Added "Door Protrusion" - this positions the door in front of the cabinet by X amount. For inset doors you can use a negative value.
  3. Added "Door Angle" - used for corner cabinets or any other cabinet that is not on the front plane.



Michael Kanellos's picture

I have bought the pluging but i need to activate the license in the plugin.
Please let me know what to do.

Thanks !!!!!

Gary Doronila's picture

trial working or what?not user friendly

Does the door show in plan view? I.e in 2D , so i can use them in layout?


Thank you!

Garry K.'s picture


From main menu make sure that ' view \ toolbars \ gkware door maker' is checked.
This should bring up the door maker toolbar.

If it doesn't then try unchecking it, then shut down sketchup, then runs sketchup and re check it.

 Katia M.'s picture

Thank you, it's all good.
It was a problem concerning the way to place the files in the plugin file.
Can't wait to use it!

 Katia M.'s picture

Thank you Mister K.,
there is no possibility to check it : (view \ toolbars \ gkware door maker' ),
because it just don't appears in the list.
It appears only in preferences/ extenssion (this is checked there).

I tried to shut down and restart SU from my admin account as my user account.
Nothing happens

Garry K.'s picture

Please email me from my web site


I will be happy to work through this issue.

 Katia M.'s picture

Hello, i can't succed to install the extension. I followed the instruction for my old version (8 pro)
, wich telling me to save the .rbz file in the C:\Program Files\Google\Google SketchUp 8\Plugins.
(all description in here: https://help.sketchup.com/en/article/38583)
but not working....
I followed instruction from another site wich telling me to copy the .rbs an .rb file on this same location described above (end with pluggins) and a part seems to works; when i open the sketchup, i click on window, then preferences and then extension. Then i see in left list that the GKware door maker appears and it is checked (wich is good news).

But when i tried to find the toolbar, it's not in view, camera, tools, window or pluggin tabs.
Another button( wich i don't have in my sketchup) is maybe the reason why i can't succed ( i see it in differents instructions for installation. In the same :''window, then preferences and then extension'', there is supposed to be a button '' install extension'' at the bottom of the window, but i don't have it.
I don't know if the installation was well done or it's a problem with my version.

I have an old version wich is the 8 pro (any M... on it, only 8). I use windows 10

Please help me. :/

Thank you

Nick W's picture

hi garry
how do i upgrade from trial to gold and how do i make my own door profiles.

Garry K.'s picture


1) Go to my web site and log in with the userid and password that you set up for the trial.

2) Go to the download page. You will see 3 different prices for Door Maker.
If you have already purchased a Pro license then choose the Upgrade otherwise choose the Gold. You will then go to Pay Pal. My Web service will automatically update your user account.

3) Making door profiles is covered in the user manual. If you need assistance then please email me from my web site and I will help you through it.

Adam C's picture

Error code 25. I can't use door maker.Thanks

Garry K.'s picture

Adam - please email me at gkernan@telus.net and I will be happy to help you out.

I did reset you license. Your license will lock to the next computer that you use door maker on.

Adam C's picture

How do you get the icon on the toolbar for doormaker?

Garry K.'s picture

From Main menu
View/Toolbars/GKWare Door Maker

Angel M's picture

Good tool for Woodworkers. The programs is easy to use. Garry is very helpful.

I have the pro for mac and will buy the pro for windows.

Garry K.'s picture


Sounds like a possible rights issue. There are files that door maker needs to read and you will need read and write file rights.

Please restart sketchup and the Ruby Console before you try to run door maker. The console will show you any errors. Please email me the errors. Log on the my web site and email directly from there. CabMaker32.com

Michel L's picture

Hello team,

I just install this plug in (Version 1.0.33 - Sep 6, 2014) today on Sketchup 2014 pro.

I try to use this plug in with free licence choice, but all the screen lists in window display are empty.

The installation of this plug in as been realised from the standrad procedure in sketchup (preferences choice in the Window menu, and extensions installation).

Jochen O's picture

Hello Garry,

thanks for such a great plugin. But i am not able to start it. Into which directory must i download the exe-file?

Sketchup 8 at Windows

Garry K.'s picture

The Door Maker plugin is just like all other packages as it pertains to installing.
Just make sure that you have adequate rights to your plugins folder.

1) You can let Sketchup install the plugin itself. From the main menu choose Window/Preferences/Extensions and click Install Extension. From there pick the file gkware_doormaker_v1.0.32.rbz

2) Or you can change the file extension of the the downloaded package from '.rbz' to 'zip'.
rename gkware_doormaker_v1.0.32.rbz to gkware_doormaker_v1.0.32.zip
Then you unzip the file gkware_doormaker.rb and the folder gkware_doormaker into sketchup's plugins folder. My sketchup 8 plugins folder running under Windows 7 is:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Google SketchUp 8\Plugins

3) If you are running several versions of sketchup you can provide a shared location for additional plugins folders and install your plugins there. You tell each version of sketchup about the shared location through a file. I called my public shared folder:
Add a file called loader.rb into each sketchup version plugins folder. The file has 2 lines:
require 'sketchup.rb'
require_all( 'C:/Users/Public/Documents/Sketchup' )

If you require more assistance please go to my web site and message me from there. I will then answer your questions via email.

sean T.'s picture

Paid for the pro version but am unable to download from the site

Garry K.'s picture


The software is the same for Free and for Pro. The license info is stored on my web site.

I see that you are licensed for the Pro version.

If you were running the pro trial then there is nothing more you need to do.

If you had set up the Free License then all you do is delete the license.dat file on your computer - restart sketchup and run door maker. When you are asked - tell door maker that you want to run the trial. Door maker will check the web site when you enter your userid and password and door maker will recognize that you are now licensed.

If you have any issue please go to my web site and email me with your issue. I will respond.

sean T.'s picture

Thanks Garry for your prompt response.
The plugin is now up and running.

Hélène C.'s picture

Vraiment génial ! Merci :-)

Garry K.'s picture

Version 1.0.21 is in review and offers a few more features and it is free.

1) Fixed "drag", "overlay" and "inset" methods. You can now click any corner
2) Added config folder for user changes to textures.txt and or defaults.txt. This folder will not be overwritten.
3) Now only require vertical wood grain patterns
4) Wood grain name now translated in Materials editor
5) Added Chinese(Simplified) language file. zh.cn.lang
6) Added Spanish language file. es.lang

Once you have added all doors and drawer fronts for 'say' a kitchen, you can then bring up the material editor.
1) Select "In Model"
2) Double click on the door material.
3) Click the "browse" button
4) Double click on a different material

ALL the doors and drawer fronts change from like 'cherry' to 'maple' or whatever you want.

There will be a future 'PRO' version for a small fee which will add a bunch of new features and allow you to do things.
1) Add user panel raised profiles - pick the panel raising profile from a drop down list
2) Add user edge profiles - pick an edge treatment for the door from a drop down list ( or none )
3) Add user handles - pick a handle from a drop down list ( or none )

I will supply 3 or 4 default raised porfiles, 3 or 4 default edge treatments and 3 or 4 handles.

I will also be adding multi panel features and allow you to modify the bottom rail height and the lower panel height. This allows you to even build passage doors and bifold doors.

shukry S.'s picture

Hi Garry!

Thanks for the awesome plugin man. A lifesaver & timesaver!

Just wanna ask, is this plugin totally free?

Garry K.'s picture

I was just notified that 1.0.19 has completed testing! You should be able to download it now.

jimmygeeez ..'s picture

Gary, I downloaded your plugin and can make doors, but the main dialog box doesn't come up. Would appreciate some help, excited to put your work to use.

Garry K.'s picture

What version of SU are you using.
What OS and version are you using.

There is a problem that you are describing with SU 2014. I have a new version 1.0.19 that fixes this problem - it is going through final testing as we speak!

Version 1.0.18 is not compatible with SU 2014.

jimmygeeez ..'s picture

Thanks for the quick response Gary. I am using SU 2014 (latest download) and Windows Vista. I guess I will wait for ver 1.0.19 to be available.

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