GKWare Cabinet Maker 5 Design / Build
CabMaker plugin lets you quickly design cabinets and furniture such as kitchens, baths, bookcases etc. Used by woodworkers, designers and architects.
GKWare Cabinet Maker 5 Design / Build

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You may download a copy of CabMaker 5 from my website


Licenses are perpetual and do not expire. Licenses are for one user on one computer. Contact me with valid reason for trial extension.

Creates cabinets for kitchens, vanities and various types of furniture such as book cases or entertainment units, Cabinets can be virtually any reasonable size. There are a variety of door / drawer styles to choose from and a variety of textures. You can add additional textures if you wish. CabMaker Design allows you options like creating your own libraries, adding door handles, adding edge treatments, adding custom profiles, The Door Maker Pro also allows you to interact with the doors. CabMaker's doors and drawers open and close and pullot.

You can have adjustable shelving, vertical dividers, and pullouts.

Produces 6 spreadsheet reports including Parts lists that will work with Cut List Plus or CutMaster


If you have any problems please log on to my web site and contact me. Please include what version of SU and which OS you are using. My web site is WWW.CabMaker32.com

Release Notes

CabMaker comes with pdf manual. The last section contains complete release notes.

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GKWare Cabinet Maker 5 Design / Build (5.0.147); September 18, 2019
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I have 15 years experience in cabinet making and curved staircase building and have been building software full time since the mid 90's Hobbies include skiing, golfing, hiking, sushi making and writing software.