Geopal ToolBox for Geologists
An introduction booklet and a set of Plugins to provide tips and tools to handle complex exploration and evaluation data, including drilling, and to prepare 3D geological models.
Geopal ToolBox for Geologists

SketchUp:the best geologists tool, after a waterproof field book.

A three dimensional (“3D”) view is an essential skill for a geoscientist , and the assistance of a “good” 3D software is a definite advantage: it must be easy to learn, simple to operate, robust to run, and efficient in producing results.  It must also be portable and “popular”, so as to be accepted for easy dialogue with employers, clients or colleagues. It should also be reasonably inexpensive to individuals.

At Geopal, we believe that there is room towards simplicity for geological modelling softwares. SketchUp provides simplicity of a 3D viewing for geoscientists. Big systems may still be necessary at large operations, but they require fully dedicated operators . Here we address, for instance, the needs of a geologist coming back in the evening from field work. 

A LandCruiser rather than a Ferrari!

Relatively few dedicated applications are readily available to geologists. The most frequent application of 3D viewing for geologists is examination of drill-hole information; presently there is only one SketchUp plugin publicly available for this task. This plugin can only handle a dozen drill holes at a time, due to lack of proper memory management. At Geopal we have optimized the handling of drill-hole information, which allows using SketchUp with lprofessional databases. This is achieved mainly through a robust procedure and the use of the more efficient “components” and “construction-points” available in SketchUp, which are frugal on memory usage.

The "Geologists ToolBox Package" proposed by Geopal includes an introduction booklet and a set of Plugins for the SketchUp software.

 The booklet provides many tips and tricks  to:
- approach SketchUp
- handle complex exploration and evaluation data, 
- prepare 3D geological models.

The Plugins set consists presently of eight original plugins to handle the drill holes information:
-one to gather the three usual collar, assay and geology files,
-five to draw in 3D the results with different representations,
-one to draw the structures orientations ( from alpha and beta angles).
One plugin to georeference images based on two common points.-
One plugin to composite drilling results and produce a file that can be fed directly to SGeMS software , which is free and allowing geostatistical calculations,
One plugin to draw a block model produced by SGEMS or other softwares,
One plugin to interface with ParaView software to look into block models and produce grade shells,
One plugin to draw control points for using the Delaunay 3D-contouring i.e. creating surfaces from a “loud” or group of points.
One plugin to plot geochem data over a DTM and one to add corresponding markers.

Geopal will provide support to queries .  Arrangements can also be made for “ A la Carte plugins” or training sessions - contact Andre Lambert by email at:  .

Instructions for use:

You can get direct help on the Geopal ToolBox menu.

Otherwise, the ToolBox comes with a demo directory which is essential to understand the program rationale.
To find where the "Geopal ToolBox" plugin is on your own computer you can select  the following instruction in SketchUp Menu :  Window -> Ruby Console and type on the console the  following line:

In Windows you will have: “C:\Users\**name**\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2015\SketchUp\Plugins\AL_GeopalToolBox2.0.1”
The demofiles sub-directory in the "Geopal ToolBox" contains a 75 pages pdf explanation booklet and a series of demo files, including a set of CSV files.

It would be better to copy the demo file in a simpler location.

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André is managing a geology consultancy in Belgium: Geopal. He has a BSc in geology and mineralogy from the University of Liège. André main field of activities has been gold exploration, to which 22 years of his career have been devoted. Other 13 years were spent working on diamond, base metals, pegmatitic and raw material deposits, as well as resource projects management.
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