FlatText Lite
Free tools for making Flat Text and Flat Leader objects
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FlatText Lite

We LOVE SketchUp! But the text, not so much.

Because SketchUp text is a "face me" object, it jumps around and will not stay put. And because no two apps image text the same way, it is hard to get WYSIWYG text output to printers or CAD. So we invented FlatText.

FlatText is a better way of lettering your SketchUp models.

Like 3D text, it stays where you put it and prints out just like it looks on screen (WYSIWYG). Unlike 3D text, you can change everything about it, over and over again!

FlatText Lite is our FREE trial version of FlatText. If FlatText is a minivan with electric doors and a DVD player, FlatText Lite is a basic 2-door sedan - It will get you there, just not in as much style!

Here's your chance to take the FlatText engine for a spin around the block. Make some actual FlatText and FlatLeader objects. Change it around. Print it out. Export to CAD. Admire and repeat.

If your text needs are simple, FlatText Lite may be all you need. But if you're looking for more power, try FlatText. It even has leather seats!

New in Version 2.0.5: Added the DPSimple font, good for keeping file sizes smaller. Added some new glyphs useful for Polish, Czech and others.


- Support for international character sets (Unicode).

- New fonts, including Simplex, Duplex, and Complex, with lots of new characters like ø, ü, ß, €, ™, Å, ¿

- "Lossless" substitutions. If a font doesn't include a character you typed, FlatText will insert a "wanted poster" showing the character's image and unicode number, making it easy to see what characters you need to add to your font.

- Single, double, and 1.5 line spacing.

You can download a FlatText sample file here.

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