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FlatText Lite

We LOVE SketchUp! But the text, not so much.

Because SketchUp text is a "face me" object, it jumps around and will not stay put. And because no two apps image text the same way, it is hard to get WYSIWYG text output to printers or CAD. So we invented FlatText.

FlatText is a better way of lettering your SketchUp models.

Like 3D text, it stays where you put it and prints out just like it looks on screen (WYSIWYG). Unlike 3D text, you can change everything about it, over and over again!

FlatText Lite is our FREE trial version of FlatText. If FlatText is a minivan with electric doors and a DVD player, FlatText Lite is a basic 2-door sedan - It will get you there, just not in as much style!

Here's your chance to take the FlatText engine for a spin around the block. Make some actual FlatText and FlatLeader objects. Change it around. Print it out. Export to CAD. Admire and repeat.

If your text needs are simple, FlatText Lite may be all you need. But if you're looking for more power, try FlatText. It even has leather seats!

New in Version 2.0.5: Added the DPSimple font, good for keeping file sizes smaller. Added some new glyphs useful for Polish, Czech and others.


- Support for international character sets (Unicode).

- New fonts, including Simplex, Duplex, and Complex, with lots of new characters like ø, ü, ß, €, ™, Å, ¿

- "Lossless" substitutions. If a font doesn't include a character you typed, FlatText will insert a "wanted poster" showing the character's image and unicode number, making it easy to see what characters you need to add to your font.

- Single, double, and 1.5 line spacing.

You can download a FlatText sample file here.

If you like what we do, you can always throw a buck in the Tip Jar! (our PayPal donation link)




Michał P's picture

"Trial" in this case means that it expires after 30 days or has limited functionality?

David P's picture

Hi Michał,

FlatText (the paid version) has a 30-day trial period during which you can use all of FlatText's power tools, such as Adjust, Squeeze, Search and Replace, etc. After 30 days, unless you purchase a license, FlatText will just stop working.
FlatText Lite is free - download it and use it forever - no trial period involved.
Since FlatText Lite is a different plugin than FlatText, it will keep on working even if your FlatText trial expires.

- Dave

I Got 2017 sketchup pro.
tried to install.
Got warning the plugin is not marked as okay for 2017?
Will you fix that in near future?


David P's picture

I will look into it. Nothing's changed recently, so the extension should be OK.

Thanks for letting me know!


Clinton G's picture

Can’t seem to add text in a line (sentence) when I place the box it simply breaks the sentence up, can you advise pl

David P's picture

Sounds like you need to set a larger Width value. The Width is the maximum number of inches a line of text can be before it gets word wrapped to another line.

You can set the Width value ahead of time using Preferences, or when you are making a FlatText using the Place dialog, or change the Width value afterwards using the Edit dialog.

In the full version of FlatText, you can also change the Width by dragging, using the Adjust command. Check out the videos on the FlatText EW page to see this in action.

Hope this helps,

info's picture

What about TTF?

David P's picture

You can make your own FlatText fonts from any linework.
Just don't step on any copyrights!

David P,
I Just picked up SketchUp Pro 2016. Installed your text lite extension and it all seems to go well till you click ok on the text placement window. The window closes but I am unable to place any text. I even get prompted (in the lower left hand corner) "click a location to place your flat text", but I still can not place text. Clicking on the SketchUp curser icon allows me to keep working but bypasses any text placement. Can you help me correct this?

David P's picture

Thanks for the report - bug's been fixed!
A couple things I did to improve FlatText, broke FlatText Lite. All better now, and re-uploaded to the EW. Look for version 2.0.3 in a few days.
Meantime, why not grab a free trial of FlatText to go with your shiny new 2016 Pro! ;-)


Your fix works well, thank you. I will more than likely be picking up the full version. Thanks for the quick response.

David P's picture

You're welcome!

JohnMcC's picture

Works nicely within the limits of the Lite version, but two comments:

1. I couldn't immediately see how the Width option works - initially, it seemed to make no difference to output, and the units aren't specified. Are they user default units (inches, feet, metres, mm etc?) Perhaps it is a 'width' at which word wrap is forced? If so, it would be helpful to show the measurement units. [LATER] After experiment, I see that the units for text height seem to be feet (using an Architectural Units template in Feet/inches), and setting a very large value does put the text on a single line instead of three lines produced with all default settings. But intermediate values produce unpredictable results. If the width units ARE feet, why does a setting of 20 units still wrap the sample text on three lines, each about 6' wide, not 20'? But further experiment shows that the Width units seem to be inches, though 1 unit Scale seems to produce text one foot high. So I get a sensible word wrap at about 10' when I use the default Width setting of 128. Confusing. With a lower setting, it defaults to a width apparently the same as the longest word in the text - that makes sense.

2. Pity the settings for scale and justification aren't remembered from one use to the next - especially as the defaults are much too large for my normal use. Setting Width scale and Height scale to 0.25 (approx 3" high) or less makes more sense for me at least in the current drawing which (at real world scale) is about 45' wide.

Must give the trial of FlatText pro a go to see if that is materially different...

David P's picture

Hi John,

I use inches for width units, and yes, the width value is the maximum width before wrapping, like the margin setting on a word processor.

FlatText characters are a foot tall (the em height is 12 inches), since that's the size I use most of the time, working in the scale 1/8" = 1'-0".

Preferences are remembered at the document level, not the application level. This allows different models to each have their own settings. If there's one set of prefs you always want to use, then save them in your default template.

FlatText (pro) adds some nice interactive tools for creating and tweaking FlatText and FlatLeader objects.


Peter L's picture

This is what I have been looking for, unfortunately it does not work for me, There is no dialog popping up, but I get this in the ruby log

Error: #<
NoMethodError: undefined method `font_loaded?' for #>
/users/peter/library/application support/sketchup 2016/sketchup/plugins/dp_flat_text_lite/dp_flat_text_lite_main.rbe:43:in `get_the_message'
/users/peter/library/application support/sketchup 2016/sketchup/plugins/dp_flat_text_lite/dp_flat_text_lite_main.rbe:37:in `place'
/users/peter/library/application support/sketchup 2016/sketchup/plugins/dp_flat_text_lite/dp_flat_text_lite_main.rbe:86:in `block in '
SketchUp:1:in `call'

How do I get around this

David P's picture

Hi Peter,

Thanks for finding this bug - you are the first to report it!

I think I figured out why it's doing this, and will fix it right away. It might take a day or two to get the fixed code up on the EW.

In the meantime, you might try using the free 30-day trial version of FlatText. You can always go back to the Lite version...


Ruud B.'s picture

Man! This neat! Nicely done..and thanks for the easy interface.

David P's picture

Thanks, Ruud!

If you like FTLite, you'll LOVE FlatText. Lots of power tools, and a 30-day free trial!

Nuno R.'s picture

This is amazing, I have been waiting for this since forever. You have fixed Sketchup text. Bravo!

David P's picture

Thanks, Nuno. You made my day! :-)

NeNaD /.'s picture


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