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A Free Sample of our FlatText tool for WYSIWYG lettering.
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FlatText FREE

Anouncing FlatText Lite: If you have SketchUp 2014 or later, you'll want to give FlatText Lite a try. It has everything FlatText FREE has, plus leader notes and color! FlatText FREE will remain available for our friends who use SketchUp 2013 and earlier.

FlatText is a better way of lettering your SketchUp models.

Like 3D text, it stays where you put it and prints out just like it looks on screen (WYSIWYG). Unlike 3D text, you can change everything about it, over and over again!

FlatText FREE is the stripped-down version of FlatText. If FlatText is a minivan with electric doors and a DVD player, FlatText FREE is a Baja racer. Just an engine, some wheels and a place to sit.

Here's your chance to take the FlatText engine for a spin around the block. Make some actual FlatText. Change it around. Print it out. Export to CAD. Admire and repeat.

If your text needs are simple, FlatText FREE may be all you need. But if lettering is a big part of your workflow, we hope you will get FlatText. It even has leather seats!

You can download a FlatText sample file here.

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Evgeniy K.'s picture

Hello! The big important issue for me is when I export drawings to pdf, dimensions and screen text in SketchUp works as selectable text afterward in pdf. And even editable in vector programs as text. 3d text and your plugin after export generate only lines (too many unnecessary lines and often very robust). As a result, text considered by SketchUp as lines, grouped or put into the component. Is it possible to represent them as SketchUp text entity, that will export as text by then? Thanks.

David P's picture

Hi Evgeniy,

If you want text to export as text... use SketchUp's text tools. :-)

FlatText makes letters out of lines so they will display and export accurately, just like other lines do. Text just doesn't seem to be able to do this, which is why we wrote FlatText in the first place.

It is true that all those little lines add up to large files. Have you tried using the DPSimple FlatText font? It's the same shape and size as AHSimplex, but with half the number of lines.

Thanks for trying FlatText!
- Dave

Evgeniy K.'s picture

Yes, using simple draft text makes the point - fewer lines as a result. If to say in common, this issue is a big mistake of SketchUp developers, still doesn't have normal text (screen is not of much use, f...ing irritating) so you can write where you want and again - export as text. Some drawings would be very nice to do in this way, avoiding layout and writing as long notes as required. And related workers are not limited working with data, exported by SketchUp, BUT... Maybe someone knows the answer. Help in this regard would be highly appreciatable!

Ken F's picture

Still using Sketchup 8 on an old Vista machine. Like the tool very much but getting part dotted/part full lines above and below each line of text. Is this expected?

David P's picture

Hi Ken,

Sounds like you have View->Hidden Geometry turned on.
All FlatText glyphs have hidden lines at their top and bottom edges, so that FlatText knows how big they are.
Turn off Hidden Geometry and the lines should disappear.


Ken F's picture

Hi David,

Doh! Had been using an old drawing to test the tool and rarely use the Hidden Geometry option so mea culpa.

Really appreciated the fast response. Great tool - will take up the full option when I get to using more text in my drawings but this occasion was just a one off.


Arma B's picture

Thanks David P... It's so helped my work..

Oscar L.'s picture

Ya descargué el plugin, ahora donde lo instalo? porque la verdad no aparece en mi SketchUp 2015. Gracias.

David P's picture

Mientras que usted está utilizando SketchUp, abra la ventana de "Extension Warehouse" e instalar desde allí. Puesto que usted está utilizando SketchUp 2015, es posible que desee probar FlatText Lite. Es más capaz y además gratis.
Por favor, disculpe mi pobre español - se trata de una traducción de Google.
¡Buena suerte!

Micoangilo T's picture

I am so sorry to tell you it sill not work in my sketch up 8, after remove the old one and reinstall the one.
I'm still using osx 10.6.8 will it be problem?
and I'm appreciate our work.

David P's picture

Your OS should not be a problem. Please email me directly at my Customer Support address, and I'll try to help you troubleshoot the problem.
Micoangilo found a conflict with another plugin that kept FlatText FREE from loading. If you turn that extension off, FTF loads fine. Great detective work!

Micoangilo T's picture

not work in skp 8

David P's picture

We fixed it!
Thanks for catching this. We traced the problem to some glyph components that were saved to a newer version of SketchUp. All glyphs will now open in SKP 6 and later.

edsel s's picture

Thanks David P..it's a very useful plugin

Jonathan F's picture

Cant work out why the text seems to randomly reverse of mirror when placed?

David P's picture

We've fixed it so that FlatText and FlatText FREE now work more like SketchUp's 3D Text tool - text will always read correctly, even if it's placed on the back side of a face.

Thanks for the feedback!

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