Tools for making and editing FlatText and FlatLeader objects.
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We LOVE SketchUp! But the text, not so much.

Because SketchUp text is a "face me" object, it jumps around and will not stay put as you orbit your model. And because no two apps show text the same way, it is hard to get WYSIWYG text output to printers or CAD. So we invented FlatText.

This is lettering done Old School.

Like 3D Text, it goes where you put it, and stays there. Unlike 3D Text, you can edit everything about it.

If you export a lot of text to CAD, this is a great way to get true WYSIWYG performance. No more cleaning up your text in CAD. You can even set the colors of the text, leader lines, and arrowheads. Pretty cool!

FlatText comes with five built-in fonts, and you can get free font packs with several more fonts here.

Watch the videos to see FlatText and FlatLeader at work. You can download a sample file here.

Professional features added to Version 4.0:

Application Default Preferences. Now you can save your FlatText and FlatLeader preferences so they'll be used every time you start a new model. A great way to maintain company standards, or just get things working the way you like them to! Look under the FlatText and FlatLeader menus for the "Save Prefs as Default" command.

Adjustable preview text. When you're using FlatLeader, there's a bit of floating text that moves with the cursor to tell you what the leader note will say when you make it. This text can be hard to see. Now you can tell FlatLeader how big to make this text. Under the FlatLeader menu, select "Preview Text Size..." and enter a size number in points.

- API method #text_in_a_box. You can now make a FlatText from inside another plugin. Coders, read the how-to file here.

New for Version 4.0.2: A minor tweak to how FlatLeader gets the name of something you point to. Now the FlatLeader tool acts like the native text tool!

Cool features from previous versions:

- Colored backgrounds. If you want your FlatText (and the FlatText in your FlatLeaders) to be opaque, so that it hides things behind it, or if you just want your FlatText to be prettier, select a color for the background rectangle. You can also set the width of this rectangle to be the full Paragraph Width or the Minimum Width of the text.

- Draft Font - DPSimple is a drop-in replacement for AHSimplex. Same size glyphs, with half as many edges!

- Find and Replace - Search and replace text in FlatText and FlatLeader objects. You can search in all visible objects or just the ones you select.

- Multi-object Revise - The FT & FL Revise tools work on all visible objects or just the ones you select.

- Support for international character sets (Unicode).

- "Lossless" substitutions. If a FlatText font doesn't include a character you typed, FlatText will insert a "wanted poster" showing the character's image and unicode number.

Get your free trial today and see why the best text is FlatText!