Feature-based Terrain Design
Design your terrain with simple ridge and valley lines. Standard SU interface -- lines and Bezier.
Feature-based Terrain Design

Design ridges, peaks, valleys, mountains, hills, building sites,  and other "features." with standard SU tools "Line" and "Bezier". "  Arc can be used after 'exploded.'  Our extension, ScapeUp, will create the SU surface (TIN) that passes through the features with a single click.  The first figure shows 21 lines positioned by matching to photos.  The second figure shows a photo textured resulting surface.  The third figure combines two surfaces to create "the best of both world,"  beach and mountains.   One surface is jagged and the other smooth.  

  Two parameters control 1) how sharp/flat the surface is at features, and 2) how steep the slope is.  The fourth figure shows a matrix of images that demonstrates how varying the two parameters on the same ridge line will look. 

    The two minute video shows how simple it is to learn and to use ScapeUp.

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