Face Cutter
Glue Components to multiple faces
Face Cutter

This tool is used when placing a gluing component on more than one face or on a group/component. All faces parrellel to the component's zaxis are cutout, including interior of wall. Faces are only cut to the depth of the component. For example a window with a 6" jamb would cut the interior face of a 6" wall, while a window with a 4" jamb would not.

When dynamic components are edited by changing Component Options, the faces may need to be 'recut' if the componet size or shape changes. This tool also works when nesting components inside ofther components or groups. 

Added auto mode to automatically cut faces when hole cutting components are added.

Groups and nesting are supported. Glue a component to another component or group to have it cut all faces in the component or group it is glued to. Moving components can be a problem if the axis of the group (wall) is different/rotated from its parent axis. In this case you can delete the cutout, move the opening, and then 'recut'.

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Face Cutter (3.0.2); September 24, 2016
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