Example Ruby Scripts
A smattering of ruby scripts that demostrate what can be done with the Ruby API.
Example Ruby Scripts

A smattering of ruby scripts that demostrate what can be done with the Ruby API, as well as instruct aspiring Ruby script authors.

 The example tools are:

  • Draw->Box
  • Plugins->Cost  
  • Camera->Animations
  • Right click on a circle > Point at Center


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Hi Chris,

How come this extension remain as Unsigned while other extentions are all as signed?
Is there any way change signature information to signed?

I see no point at the center of my circle.... i need desperately a point.

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select face right click - find center

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Great work, but how can switch the unit of measurement from feet to centimeter?

Edward U's picture

What I get is an rbz or encrypted ruby scripts. How do I get the source code to examine the programming techniques?

Sorry for my ignorance. Its as simple as renaming the files as .zip and windows can open it.

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saludos, super, pero no encuentro los programas en esta pagina:

agradeceria si me informan adonde los puedo bajar

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Downloaded plug-in, which is supposed to place point at center of circle (via right-click > point at center). I think I successfully downloaded and installed because when I click on extensions, I get popup: cost > assign estimate…etc. But when I try to use the circle center function on a circle I create, there’s no such choice in the right click pop up. Where did I go wrong?

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Do the Right clik on the line, not on the face

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The description of the example tools is missing one important item: Point at Center

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Done!, thanks for pointing it out Geo.

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You are our hero Chris !

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Cool to have a point at Arc & Circle center (by a right clic )

Permet de poser un guide au point central d’un arc ou d’un cercle (par un clic droit)

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Ну вот что это я не ахтунг по их


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lo maximo


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