Eneroth Viewport Resizer
Resize viewport or window to given size. Useful to export images matching those exported on a computer with different screen resolution.
Eneroth Viewport Resizer

Sometimes it's desired to resize the Sketchup window to an exact size. For instance if you have exported a 2d image, then changed the model and now want a matching image to compare the changes, but from a computer with a different screen resolution.

It can also be useful when recording video tutorials and presentations with a defined resolution.

This plugin is reached from the Plugin Menu and can both Resize Window and Resize Viewport to an exact size given in pixels. Because of how windows works you cannot make a window bigger than the screen, only smaller.


Somphonsack P.'s picture

Sorry, Load Errors? can not install. Pls advice.

Eneroth3's picture

What happened?
When did it happen?
What did you expect to have happened instead?
What SketchUp version are you using?
What operative system?

Somphonsack P.'s picture

macOS Sierra
Sketchup Pro 2017

When i install extension from "Extension manager", Unsigned ? , relaunch Sketchup and see windows Load Errors. ???

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This is a Windows only extension. If you try to download it from within SketchUp you should get a warning saying it is.

It also says it is if you look in the right side information box.

Somphonsack P.'s picture

Oops. there was not warning. I believe OS X version in the future.

Thank you

Please rename it or something so we know it for "Pro" only before we download it. Got my hopes up. . .

Eneroth3's picture

This is not Pro only. However it is Windows only as is stated in the right side panel.

Super useful extension,thank you very much.

Richard S.'s picture

Please please please make this play nicely with MAC. This is exactly what I need for client presentations and exports.

xtian170174's picture

I am ever so grateful to the author for viewport resizer, and I have a workaround too that may help you if you're on a Mac, so I will try make this as easy for you as it is for me now I've got the hang of it...

My post on https://forums.sketchup.com/t/matching-ratio-of-2d-images-export-and-ani... may offer some insight into my original intention to match the ratios of file output single 2D frames exports and the frame set/animation export that creates a different size file.
There's also a post from a user who creates Mac plugins

What is obvious is that without plugins and additional configuration the animation 'add scenes' are usually just the camera moving around a model. This is useful up to the point where you want a part to move and after performing increments of the total move operation, you can quickly perform [Windows] Alt+F, E, 2 and save a file then Ctrl+Z and repeat until all those increments have been saved as images.
This is where the pixel size is different from an animation/frame set export though - so if you're putting things together and then the awkward jarring moment of switching from one to the other bounces your eyeballs off the screen - possibly the simplest workaround is a plugin for Gimp called Bimp...

...In so much: create all the export files and then perform 'batch image manipulation plugin' operations on them to get the desired result.

I've just been making another animation that contains both types and I challenge anyone to say where one part is this and the other part is that [except for the obvious reason being 'camera stops moving', 'part starts moving'], https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7DQHJSQu6jOZTJIbEU5NnhkMG8/view?usp=sh...

Hope this helps - I didn't really glean the purpose of your need for the plugin.

Eneroth3's picture

I'm sorry but this plugin uses a Windows API to change the window size :/ . Idon't know if there is any similar API on Mac and even if there is there's no way for me to try it and developed a plugin for it since I don't have access to any Mac.

xtian170174's picture

Does what it says on the tin, I'd love to iron this wrinkle out though;
Please direct your browser, https://forums.sketchup.com/t/matching-ratio-of-2d-images-export-and-ani...

rik p's picture

eneroth, can you please give me the names of all the files I have to delete(in the plugins folder)
to remove this plugin from my mac, I didn’t notice it was windows only, and know I am having problems by starting SketchUp’15

Eneroth3's picture

There's one file called ene_viewport_resizer.rb and one folder called just ene_viewport_resizer. However I don't see how this stops Sketchup from starting.

herman h's picture

Hi Eneroth3..., would You mind helping me how to make or using tool if we want to make a scale in sketchup......, for example 1:50. i couldn't make it on my sketchup...., this is my Mobile number if You would like to help. +62 85101196564.

rik p's picture

eneroth, in mac, it has an effect on my memory, so i removed the Win£@API that came along, thank you, i hope this works, because i didn’t had an answer on this issue, probably because of exams…

rik p's picture

hi, Eneroth,
it doesn’t stop, it just gives a list of things that could not load…
bit annoying , ;-]
but what about; “Win32API.so: ?
That is not a part of your extension ?
Oh, by the way, I love a lot of all your other extension, pitty this one is not for mac...

Peter R's picture

this plugin is a dream. my rendering workflow uses pdf export, which can now be more precise thanks to you!!!

Daemonaux D's picture

Marvelous! :]

HAMZA J's picture

très bon merci.

Max C's picture

that's ok, i was curious but it wasn't a must - one can just increase the resolution on export anyway. fab script!

Max C's picture

Thanks Eneroth - can the viewport be bigger than the screen resolution or is it bound to it?

Eneroth3's picture

I'm afraid it can't. It seems like Windows wont allow it.

Francisco E's picture

thanks a lot!

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Edward C's picture

What about us OS X users ;-)

Costa K's picture

this is a very useful plugin... Thank you very much,..you do great work

Jim K's picture

This is such an important gem of a Plugin, especially for those of us who teach rendering. Is there any timeline for this Plugin to work on a Mac. I can only recommend Plugins to my students when they are on both platforms. Thanks!

Eneroth3's picture

This plugin uses an API only available on Windows to tell the window to resize. I'm not sure if this can be done in Mac and since I don't have a mac myself I can't really look into it.

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hI eNEROTH3, iam so proud to have a friend like You here.., i hope we could be together in finding some new style in drawing by sketchup.

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