Eneroth View Memory
Swiftly memorizes and recalls a views or exports/imports scenes. Useful to cerate matching views in numerous models.
Eneroth View Memory

This plugin can memorize a view and later recall it at any point. This can be done between models and even SketchUp versions. You can chose to recall any of the following properties and leave out those you are don't need: camera location, visible layers, section planes, style and fog, shadow settings, geo location, and axes location.

The plugin can also export scenes to a file with full control over what scenes should be included. This file can then be stored locally or be sent to another computer.

This allows you to easily re-use good scenes between models, e.g. with a nice style and fog, or create matching views to see the progress between file versions or compare different design options.

You can use the plugin to get a number of matching scenes in several models to use in LayOut to create corresponding drawings of numerous items or design options.

Another use case is when you want to isolate a part of a project in a separate file, e.g. to reduce lag or let different team members work on the project at the same time. After copying and pasting the geometry in place this plugin can be used to also copy the needed scenes over to the other model.

Yet another use case is when a glitch occurs in SketchUp and you want to try copying the content of the model to a new pure file as a workaround. In such a scenario this plugin helps to also move all the scenes over to the new file with just a few clicks.

The plugin's menu is found at Extensions > Eneroth View Memory.


Definitely this is ace! Thank you x

Well, I was going to buy it, as it's a very useful exrension, but then I found I can't pay for it using PayPal. It only accepts credit cards, and I'm not prepared to do that. So that's unfortuante. Pity. If you come up with a better payment system that provides for PayPal payments, then I'd love to buy it.

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Many thanks for taking the time to create one more useful plugin. This is more than what I was looking for.

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