Eneroth Upright Extruder
Extrudes a face along a path of edges similar to the native Follow Me but keeps the extrusion upright (or aligned to any other vector). Useful for stair railings, roads and railroads.
Eneroth Upright Extruder

Differences between this and native Follow Me

The Follow Me tool keeps the sides of the extrusion flat but rotates the profile around any axis to do so. This tool keeps the extrusion profile upright (or aligned to any other given vector) and twists the sides instead.

This means the top surface of the extrusion doesn't tilt sideways which makes it useful for stair railings, roads and railroads for instance.

To avoid unexpected results make the first edge of the path start at the profile face's plane and be perpendicular to it.


Upright Extrude

Extrude selected face along selected edges while keeping extrusion profile upright (or aligned to any other vector).

Set "Upright" Vector By Coordinates

Set the vector to align extrusion to by coordinates.

Set "Upright" Vector From Edge

Set the vector to align extrusion to from a selected edge.



Start by drawing the profile of the embankment. At the top edge, where the road should be, you can add short edges inside the long edge to form the lines drawn on the road.

Draw the path you want to extrude the profile along. You can use the line tool, arch tool, a bezier curve plugin or draw edges in any other way.

Select all these edges and the face and then run Upright Extrude.

To add street lights and other components along the path you can use a plugin like PathCopy.

Change log


First published release


Closed paths are now a lot more intuitive and consistent with Follow Me. Extrusion starts from the point along the path closest to the extrusion face and is no longer limited to start from corners.

Sides of the extrusion are now parallel instead of the profile of the corners having fixed width which looks better and is consistent with Follow Me (see last image).


Hi, I'm having a problem getting FAK to create a staircase handrail that goes around a half-landing. Sketchup hangs with a white screen and I have to kill it using the task manager.

I've uploaded a small test example to dropbox (22k). I would be great if you could have a quick look to see what I might be doing wrong.

Cheers, Steve


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Hi Steve

It works for me (tested in SU2017) although it takes a little time. After browsing the interwebs and checking my Facebook for a few minutes the operation has finished. However a lot of tiny faces were missing as SketchUp struggle to create these. For me it worked to scale everything up 100 times, perform the operation and then scale down again.


Wow, perfect, thanks. I didn't realise that it would take a while to complete. The upscale idea worked well.

Thanks again, Steve

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The Upright Extruder doesn't work in my PC, it created a twisted in stead of upright extrusion.
Any suggestion?
File attached: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AkUoRLnQ86B_hSyvZ3YIOPv7xdZj

Best regards,

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Hello Hasan. The file appears to be missing. Anyhow, vould it be that that you have changed the up vector for the extrusion?

Hasan H's picture

Thank you very much! Now it works.

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Hi Julia,

Is it possible to automatically generate thomthom's QuadFace compatible quads when extruding?

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My Upright Extruder doesn't natively produce a QuadFace mesh and I'm currently not working on this plugin. However QuadFace Tools can convert the mesh made by Upright Extruder into a QuadFace mesh, if you select a diagonal edge and click Convert Triangulated Mesh to Quads.

Hope this works for you!

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Just what I needed all along.
I never write with caps on, but I'll let this be the exception.

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Thank you.

Great job!
Thank you very much!

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Thank you so much for sharing your hard work,
it worked perfectly for what I needed (pool waterslide)
keep up the great work !!

thanks , soo much

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Thank you!

Zihao W's picture

PERFECT extension for making slides in playground! Thank you very much!

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I thought this was too good to be true, but it worked on my first attempt! Life saver!

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Thanks thanks

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Excellent plugin helped with my spiral staircase ALOT. Thanks

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I'm getting some odd behavior. I have a template/surface selected that's vertical and connected to a line perpendicular to the face. When I try to extrude around a curve, it does the first couple of segments, then stops. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong. Any suggestions? Thanks for your help.

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Are all the edges properly connected and is there any error message shown in the console?

Ed. M's picture

Thanks for your reply. Yes, all edges are connected. My surface has curved edges on both sides. If I extrude around a 180 degree horizontal curve (perpendicular to the face), it works fine. However, if I attach that curve to a line that slopes a bit upward, it does the extrude OK, but leaves areas where you can see through the sides like a window. It only does this on the curved sections. What I'm trying to do is create a staircase railing for a curved staircase. Thanks again.

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Perhaps the faces are to small to be created. Sketchup has a problem drawing faces with a side smaller than 1/10". Can you upload the model or images of it?

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How install in SketchUp 8?

The file is .rbz.

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Thank you!

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thank you!

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excellent plugin, thank you

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excellent plugin!
works perfectly, easily and simply.
Thank you!

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Making pieces for a water slide, works perfectly!

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When using Eneroth Upright Extruder to create a double helicoidal Archimidean Screw (please see illustration of a similar model of what I need to create at: http://i1006.photobucket.com/albums/af181/Tarma_photo/Ne%203D%201mage/Archimedes-screw_two-screw-threads_3D-view_animated1.gif )

I get the following problems, when the plugin is used to make a plane follow along the path of a spiral, it successfully does it, but given the particular arrangement of the plane with regards to the spiral, I get slight errors in pitch (every other spiral height is different from the preceding one) and the terminations (starting and end points) of the resulting spiral solid have strange artifacts.

Please see the following annotated Sketchup file:


How can this be solved?.

Thank you!!!.

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If you remove the outer half of the outermost segments of the path so the extrusion starts and ends in the middle of the segment rather than in its corner the ends should work. By not letting the extrusion profile go all the way to axis of the helix the artifacts along the extrusion seem to go away.

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Love Love this extension. I was pulling my hair out making spirals and using the follow-me tool which would start off level and end a complete mess. Thank you - you're a genius and now I can finish my project.

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hi when i upright extrude with a box it works ok but when i use a more complex shape like a stringer for a staircase it has faces missing. Am I using it incorrectly? screenshot link below



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This should not happen. Perhaps the resulting faces are too small for Sketchup to be drawn properly. What happens if you scale up the path and the profile before extruding?

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I have i am still having trouble with this every time I extrude the upright dimensions seems to get stretched as when it turns its is intersected in the wrong place is there any chance you can have a look at this sketch up file to see if I am doing anything wrong? or is my method wrong?



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The four points defining each disappearing face are extremely close to be on the same plane so the plugin tries to draw it without a diagonal edge which doesn't work since they aren't really planar. I actually haven't seen this happening with my plugin and my code to check if a diagonal is required seems to be quite a lot more precise than the code used in internal Smooth/Soften Edges for instance. Your faces are about a hundred times longer than they are wide but if you either add more segments to the big curve in the path or remove some in the small curve in the extrusion profile I think it should work.

I'm not really sure what you mean by "intersecting at the wrong point". To me it looks normal.

f's picture

Thanks that makes sense i scaled the whole thing up to a huge size and the faces joined up ok re: intersecting I referring to where the stringer changes direction from staright alomg the green axis to a diaganol the width of what i have extruded changes, these pics show it best:




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The extrusion profile is always kept upright with this plugin so if you measure the distance vertically it will be the same. Perhaps you could use native follow me around the first corner of the path halfway into the second edge and then intersect the extrusion with a vertical face that you then keep extruding using this plugin along the rest of the path.

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Hi Eneroth, this plugin have the same capabilty as a FollowandKeep plugin (I think). The only thing I don't understand is the function of the last symbol. What does it do basically? Please advice. Thank you

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Hi. It sets the direction the extrusion should be aligned to froma selected edge.

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exlent plugin, more plugins available in the software for modeling.

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This won't work. My curved structure is tilting on a 45 degree angle at the opposite side of the face when I did the same thing as the picture. Follow Me works much better.

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Kiitos Eneroth3
I’ve only been using SketchUp for about 3years teaching myself so still learning.
I have tried this and find it works but had to put the shape on the inside of the spiral I was doing.
I was trying to make a M3 metric thread.
Outside spiral is 3mm dia
and 2.5mm inside dia.
it works OK if I use the 3mm dia to follow but scale it up first by 1000 because ShetchUp does not do faces 0.1mm.
But can’t post my results  my computer crashed as I tried to save it so I have to start again but just means more practice

God bless Aina

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Extruding a vertical face along an arc does not leave the final, extruded face parallel to the radius of the arc itself -- the corner closest to the centerpoint extends beyond where it should and the corner furthest from the center fails to extrude as far as it should.

The specifics are to extrude a vertical face 12.5m long along an arc having a radius of 266.6557m that spans a distance of 6.32 degrees. The arc is altered to have 4 sections.

Highlight all four sections and the vertical face, execute Upright Extrude.

I posted an image of this here:

충훈 조.'s picture

That's similar to Keep and Follow and the old plug. I had spent searching I found it useful.

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Excelente Plugin. Ya habia intentado hacer un parque con una carretera al lado y fue una odisea estruir imitado esas curvas. Al final quedo horrendo. Ahora que tengo tu plugin intentare hacerlo de nuevo.
Muchas Gracias. Saludos desde Venezuela.

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life saver!! thanks again!

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Very good plugin - fills a void where the Follow Me tool doesn't work the way you want.

But like Mic S, I've found it doesn't always work along a spiral (e.g, drawn using either Jim Foltz's DrawHelix14.rb or my plugin 3D Parametric Shapes, either of which are on the Sketchucation Plugin Store. )

For example, if I draw a triangular face with its apex on the helix, and the triangle on a vertical plane inside an upright helix, and then run Upright Extrude, the plugin draws lower and inside faces, but no top faces.

Faces are missing because the quadrilaterals on (for example) the upper surface of the triangular screw thread aren't in one plane. Drawing a line corner to corner where a face is missing fills in one face at a time, but for long threads that isn't really a good way to do it.

The lower surface shows hidden lines forming triangles, but the upper surface only has the quadrilateral edges, with no corner to corner hidden lines, so doesn't generate faces there, just lines across the helix between adjacent helical edges. That's a pity, because I had hoped to use it to draw screw threads.

Could that be fixed? I don't think it's possible to post an image on this thread, unfortunately, but I hope the description in words is clear enough and you can try it yourself to see what I mean.

It works fine with a rectangular face, but not a triangular one.

John McC

PS. I've just found that it CAN work, if the INNER side of the triangle is on the helix, with the apex outside. Then it gets drawn as you'd expect.

Eneroth3's picture


I don't fully understand what you mean. Does the face intersect the axis of the helix or is it outside of it? When extruding with a radius so small that parts the extrusion face is on the other side of the axis it rotates around there will be some errors with faces not showing up.

Anders L.'s picture

I've noticed this issue as well.

I think the problem is that 'vectorRotationStart' (line: 300) is set to the direction of the first segment in the path. However, if the profile is not perpendicular to this segments the rotation of the profile gets wrong.