Eneroth Texture Positioning Tools
Fast texture positioning on multiple faces. Align to faces' side. Align to given edge Rotate 90° clockwise or counter clockwise in one click. Rotate in custom angle. Get rid of patterns formed between faces.
Eneroth Texture Positioning Tools


All these commands work on multiple faces at once.

Align Texture

Align the textures of each selected face to an edge of that face. Useful for multiple faces at once. If you want to control what side to align to, use the next command instead.

Align Texture To Edge

Align the textures of all selected faces to a selected edge. Useful for irregular polygons when it's important what side of the polygon the texture is aligned to.

Rotate Counter Clockwise

Rotates the textures of all selected faces 90° counter clockwise in just one click. Useful for wooden floors to get the planks in the right direction for instance.

Rotate Clockwise

Rotates the textures of all selected faces 90° clockwise in just one click.

Rotate Custom Angle

Rotate the textures of all selected faces by any angle.


Randomly moves around the textures of all selected faces to get rid patterns between faces.


Spiral staircase

On a spiral staircase it might look good if the texture of each step is aligned to fit the step. First select all these faces. Click 'Align Texture' so the texture of each stair is aligned to the side, usually the outer edge of the spiral staircase since this normally is the one first drawn. Now all stairs should look identical which doesn't look very realistic. Use 'Depatternize' to fix this. Depending on your choice of material it might also be a good idea to rotate all textures by 90°.

Change Log


First Release

Merged 3 different plugins I've made, wrapped in extension and made texture aligning work for non-horizontal faces too.


Fixed small icons.


Fixed toolbar not showing up


Jacob P.'s picture

This is just brilliant. Probably 95% of my texture manipulation needs is simply to rotate them 90° and this takes all the pain out of doing just that. Thank you!!

max B.'s picture

Just a suggestion / feature request;

It seems like 'Rotate Custom Angle' only works with ints? For really finetuning a rotation it would be nice if floats would work too. Especially because doing it manually is really a pain (due to snap-ping).

Kind regards,

Eneroth3's picture

Hello Max

I'm afraid I simply don't have time to release an update of this plugin.

However, if you edit main.rb within this plugin's folder and replace "input = UI.inputbox(["Angle (degrees, cc)"], [0], "Rotate Textures")" with "input = UI.inputbox(["Angle (degrees, cc)"], [0.0], "Rotate Textures")" it should support floating point values too. Beware that you need to use "." as decimal separator, regardless of locale if doing this.

I totaly LOVE this extention and it has saved me so much time. I use a bunch of Eneroth's tools almost daily. Thank you so much for your work and for sharing it. It's people sharing thier efforts here and on the warehouse that makes this software so special.

Bill E's picture

Just downloaded script. Works great on extruded surfaces but I cannot get it to work on the floor...Am I doing something wrong?

Bill E's picture

Just downloaded the script. Works great on extruded surfaces and shapes but not on the floor or base plane. I am doing something wrong?

Eneroth3's picture

If the local axes differ from the global axes material in the horizontal plane can be a little wacky. You can however fist align to an edge and then rotate by any angle.

I guess I'm struggling with the same problem. The texture I'm using is perpendicular and its' size is the same as the plank's dimensions. When I click on Align Texture this is what happens: http://oi67.tinypic.com/2wp096a.jpg As you can see, the texture is aligned properly at some planks and it's rotated on others. Any idea how to deal with this or what I'm doing wrong?

Eneroth3's picture

What is considered the "first" edge of a face is quite arbitrary. Sometimes using this first edge of every face is useful, e.g. for steps in a spiral staircase. In other cases, when all faces are oriented the same way, selecting a single edge along with the faces and using Align Texture to Edge can give a better result.

Working good for me. I just had to double click on the texture to be able to rotate it. Very helpful. I have SketchUp Pro 2016

Metrozaman Z's picture

My render shows a different material orientation to which is on my screen.

Metrozaman Z's picture

Never mind I had to explode the object.

EDER ANGELO S.'s picture

not are working in sketch up 2016, install, off, on software, re-starter and not work good... pleasy to do an video lesson in youtube and put link here. thanks

Carlos M.'s picture


Great plugin, but is it compatible with Sketchup 2016? I have installed it successfully and the toolbar is showing, once pressing the buttons also trigger the tool tips in the bottom bar, but they have no actual effect over the textures.

Eneroth3's picture


The plugin works in 2016. It only affects the front side of a face (the side that is white when not painted) and faces that has a material directly attached to them and not inherited from a painted group or component.

Carlos M.'s picture

Hello Eneroth,

You are right, I have tried in non-grouped elements/components and it works as intended.

Thanks for your answer.


George R.'s picture

I assume this is not compatible with 2015?. I cant even see the toolbar, but the sketchucation store plugin tells me that it is installed.

Eneroth3's picture

It should be compatible. Sometimes toolbars don't show up as expected however. Try to manually show the toolbar from View > Toolbars (Tool pallets on Mac).

George R.'s picture

Already did that. The toolbar will not show.. uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times, always same result. Any ideas?

Eneroth3's picture

Could the toolbar be floating and positioned behind a window such as the component or material browser?

George R.'s picture

Nop. Its nowhere to be found. Not only the toolbar dont show, the extension itself is not there in the extensions / tools menu. But the sketchucation plugin store tells me it is installed... and i cant interact with textures.

Roman N's picture

Wow great extension!

If you are having trouble using it make sure you are working on the front face - it is usually white while the back face is blue.



Askhar S.'s picture

Many thanks Eneroth3 very useful extension

Andrew L's picture

Hmm, any idea if this is broken with the latest version of sketchup? The toolbar is still there, but it no longer allows me to rotate. Thanks.

Robby K's picture

Same here.

Tran Q.'s picture

Thank You very much!

manuel H.'s picture

I do not work, some tutorial? please

saad N.'s picture

thank you

Роман Л's picture

This extension is very-very useful - thank you for created it!

Thewathep P.'s picture

Thank you, very useful!

Harry R.'s picture

It is not working! I have the plug-in toolbox with the buttons on the screen, select a texture but the buttons just don't do anything! What am I doing wrong?

Eneroth3's picture

Probably you are either trying to reposition the material at the back side of the face and not the front side (in most cases the only side that should have a material), the parent group/component is selected and not an individual face within it or the material is applied to the parent group/component and not an individual face.

Harry R.'s picture

Yes you are absolutely right - love you!

Matthew V.'s picture

Where have you been all my life??? Love this script. One of my top 10!

Christopher S's picture

simple but very helpful :)

Carl Filip's picture

Sweeeeet! Love this!
It looks, however, like it won't depatternize faces in a group. I put allot of small bits in groups and would like to select all groups and do a sort of intrusive depatternize. How would you go about such a case?

Eneroth3's picture

Is the group itself or the faces inside it painted with the material? Sketchup doesn't support texture positioning on groups themselves so you need to enter it (double click) paint the faces inside of it and then you can depatternize when still inside the group.

Carl Filip's picture

Its faces inside the groups. Did not know you could paint faces of a group. Pity you cant control the position on group that would have solved the issue.

Thanks again!

seraj e's picture

thx alot , great work :D

Richard S's picture

Hi there, I think the sketchucation plugin store has an older version (8/18/2013), the plugin toolbar wouldn't show up when installed from there. When installed through windows>preferences>extensions from the download above it worked a charm...

Thanks a lot anyway one of my favourite plugins!!! :)

Jerih B's picture

I got it! Awesome!..Thanks!

Aboe D.'s picture

thanks...it`s work...

Mark T.'s picture

Excellent. Thank you.

Christy D's picture

Sounds like a great too, but I have the same issue at Gerry K. It's not responding at all in 2014 Pro - I've tried reversing faces, etc.

Eneroth3's picture

What OS do you use?

Gerry K's picture

I really like this plugin - it worked great in SU 2103/Pro, but does NOT work at all in SU 2014/Pro
After reading the comments above I went back & checked that the faces were all front facing & they indeed were… :(

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