Eneroth Terrain Volume
Adds volume to a terrain by adding an arbitrary depth.
Eneroth Terrain Volume

Adds volume to a terrain by adding an arbitrary depth making it a solid. Useful to determine the volume difference before and after excevation so you know how much earth needs to be moved to and away from the site

Run this script and then make a copy of the terrain before you start modifying it and you will be able to compare the two volumess  shown in Entity Info.


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OMG thanks for your extensions. This one saved my backside. We needed an animation for review and they pushed up the meeting so I had 15 min to hide the underside of my terrain and export. I would not have been able to do it in time without this add on. I downloaded for this remembering having seen it when I had gotten some of your others.

Why does this extension want to access the File system on machine ?

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Because it is a software you are trying to install.

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What a huge timesaver. This I will use a lot when working on terrains. 1000 Thanks:)

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