Eneroth Swift Layer Visibility Control
Swiftly hide the layer of the selected entities or show all layer in the active drawing context with just one click.
Eneroth Swift Layer Visibility Control

I have found I spend quite some time in the Layer Panel in complex models merely to search for a specific layer that I need to either hide or show. To avoid wasting time and to be able to model with less distractions I created this plugin that eliminates the need to manually search for a specific layer and click it with the mouse.

The plugin allows you to, with just one click, hide the layer(s) of the selected entity(ies). It can also just as quickly show all layers used in the active drawing context. To avoid cluttering the view with layers you don't need to show there's a third function than re-hides all layers that were just shown, except those associated with the selected entities.

All these actions can be performed even quicker with shortcuts. Point the shortcuts to Extensions > Eneroth Swift Visibility Control > <Action Name>. I use Ctrl+L to hide layers, Shift+L to show layers and Ctrl+Shift+L to re-hide layers.

Typical use cases

Hide the layer used by a specific entity, e.g. the Furniture layer:
1. Select a piece of furniture.
2. Click the Hide Selected layers button.

Show a single layer that is hidden, e.g. a 2D elevation the 3D model is based on:
1. Click the Show Active Layers button.
2. Select the 2D elevation in the model.
3. Click the Re-Hide Last Shown Layers Except Selected button to hide any undesired layer that was just shown, e.g. 2D plans.

Release Notes

1.0.1 (2018-09-21)

No longer disable command on Mac, as SketchUp for Mac fails to enable the control again.

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