Eneroth Cylindrical Coordinates
Move all vertices inside selected group/component by letting the old X represent a radius and old Y an angle. Useful for creating spiral shapes.
Eneroth Cylindrical Coordinates

I created this script for a school project to easier be able to draw the shape I wanted for a building. The script takes and selected group or component and moves all vertices inside it by letting the old X (red) axis represent a radius and the old Y (green) axis an angle of a polar coordinate system. Z is kept as it is.

By shifting coordinates this way it's easier to draw spirals since it can simply be represneted by a straight line. The radii of all point also becoems parallel and follows a coordinate axis (X, red) which allows for the native scale tool to be used to alter the size of the profile.

When using the plugin first make sure the group/component is sliced along its green axis. The plugin only moves existing vertices and doesn't split edges or faces automatically.

The script is called from Extensions > Eneroth Cylindrical Coordinates.... When run you will be asked what length along Y (green) axis sould correspond to a full turn.

Known Issues

When the model is saved after using this script the model validator may pop up and fix some faces and edges that has become invalid (same start and end point for edges and too few bounding edges for faces). But don't be afraid, the model validator is your friend (and I haven't managed to make the plugin remove these entities by itself).

Horizontal faces should be avoided since the vertices are moved horizontally. Otherwise they could be dragged across a face, interfering with its edges and create strange artifacts.


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Look at how massive those rocks are in the image

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Look at how massive those rocks are in the image

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Is this An update to the original?. I love the original, & if there is any kind of improvements or additions to this little jewel I want it. Love your work?. Thank You?.

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What do you mean by the original? This is the only version I've uploaded of this extension.

thanks alot >> its intrest

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Hello, Thank you so much, this looks like it will be fun, can't wait to try it out. How creative you are.

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