Eneroth Solid Tools (Pro Only)
Solids union, subtract and trim tool. Designed to be more consistent to other Sketchup tools than Sketchup's own solid tools.
Eneroth Solid Tools (Pro Only)

Menu: Tools > Eneroth Solid Tools.

Union: Add one solid group or component to another.

Subtract: Subtract one solid group or component from another.

Trim: Trim away one solid group or component from another.

If the tools are activated with two or more solids selected, the plugin guesses the biggest one is the primary (the one to keep but modify) and the smaller are the secondary ones, deciding how the primary one is modified.

If tool is activated with no selection you'll be asked to click each solid, first the primary one and then any number of secondary ones used to alter it.

The primary solid will keep its layer, material, attributes and even ruby variables pointing at it unlike how native solid tools work. Layers and attributes of entities inside both of the solids will also be kept.

If the primary solid is a component it will unlike the native solid tools keep being a component and all instances of it will be altered at once, just as components are supposed to behave. If you want to alter only this one instance, first right click it and make it unique as you normally would.

These tools, unlike the native solid tools, completely ignores nested groups and components. You can e.g. easily cut away a part or add something to a building even if it has windows or other details drawn to it, as long as the primitives (faces and edges) inside it form as solid.

Any tool in the plugin be activated and used to check if a group or component is regarded a solid by the plugin, simply by hovering it and see if it gets highlighted.

April 2017 this extension was made open source, available at GitHub.

Change Log

1.0.0 (2014-11-13)

First Release

1.0.1 (2014-11-21)

Limited use to Sketchup Pro (due to EW terms and conditions).

1.0.2 (2016-07-25)

Fixed bug in intersecting volumes.


Made open source.
Added intersect tool.
Fixed toolbar icons not being checked when tool is active.
Additional clicks keeps modifying what is already being modified (use Esc to select new solid to modify).
Allow more than two selected solids to be operated on on tool activation.



Hello Julia Christina Eneroth, I'm from Brazil and I'm a new user on SketchUp. I installed your Eneroth Solid Tools tool and found it fantastic. However, I believe it stopped working after you accidentally uninstalled your tool manually by deleting it from the folder:
C: \ Users \ José Carlos \ AppData \ Roaming \ SketchUp \ SketchUp 2017 \ SketchUp \ Plugins

After this happened the sketchup gave a warning that did not find its plugin giving an error message as I had not disabled.

Re-installed everything but it does not seem to work again.

Could you help me? Did you make any video about this fantastic tool?

Thank you for your attention

José Carlos dos Santos Jesus

Eneroth3's picture

Hi José

Could you elaborate a bit more what happened? Did you delete content in the plugin folder yourselves? Do you know what you deleted and why? Usually re-installing should work when files have been deleted. What error message are you getting?



Hi Julia Christina Eneroth, I solved the problem with re-installing the plugin and performed the SketchUp 2017 recovery. Your tool is working perfectly. Thanks for your attention. Excellent plugin. Thank you.

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wow super


Thanks for sharing

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I have given up using SketchUp Solid Tools, Enroths version is an improvement no doubt. But for people who consider upgrading to SketchUp Pro because of the "Solid Tools" function there are way better alternatives. I would recommend both Make and Pro users to look up the independent extension "Bool Tools 2" by mind.sight.studios.

thanks alot that is so excellent

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what if you're having lot of blocks inside of a one component?
can you still subtract it? I'm looking for this kind of plugin for a long time.

because it's taking lot of time deleting each excess surface of each block.

Eneroth3's picture

If these blocks are groups or components of their own the plugin will ignore that they exist. If you explode them so you have raw faces and edges all in one big group or component it should work.

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For plain rectangular boxes, this tool works well and the ordering instructions are much more intuitive than the regular solid tools. But with circle shapes on SketchUp 2016 it doesn't seem to work right. Here's a model with the two groups that I'm starting with:

When I try to subtract it asks me to pick the group to subtract from, and I pick the big outer rectangle. Then it asks me to pick the group to subtract. I click the small inner circular thing, but the prompt text doesn't change and it doesn't appear visually to have done anything. Clicking 'escape' key, I see it has edited the model but not at all what is expected from prior tests with plain boxes. This is the result:

Here is the expected result that the normal solid tools give:

Also, is there a better place to ask for support like this?

Eneroth3's picture

Hi Jesse

Thanks for reporting this. I've found the bug and expect the bugfix to be live in the extension warehouse around next week (it has to pass a review).

This is the best place for support. Here other users can also read the comments which may be helpful if they experience the same issue.


Jesse P.'s picture

Hi Eneroth3,
Thank you for contributing your extension, and for the support info (I wasn't sure if this spot was only for reviews, or also for questions). Glad to help a tiny bit with a bug report!

Update: I tested the new version 1.0.2 and the problem is resolved. Thanks!

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Very useful. Love that it doesn't rename the element that has been cut.

Nice simple sequence:
1) nothing selected.
2) click Eneroth Trim (set to shift-T on my machine)
3) click the original item to be trimmed (per the instruction)
4) click the other item to be trimmed away ( per instruction).

Gives me a nicely trimmed item. And if I have two items near each other, I can just cycle through - clicking the original and the "cutting" item. Love it.

But I can't get it to work on nested items. If I make a box, then make it a group. Make a second box. Group the two boxes. Overlap the grouped boxes with my cutting box.

Now when I trigger Eneroth Trim, it just asks me to cycle back and forth between selecting the original, and selecting the "other." No trimming occurs.

What am I missing?

SU 2016 Pro, Mac OS 10.11.5

Any help would be valued. And thanks for making this in the first place!

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The plugin simply ignores all nested groups and components by design and only perform the operation on geometry lying loose in the groups or components. This allows for smaller details not to be solids while the tool still works on the overall volumes.

If you want the tool to perform on everything you could perhaps reorganize the groups and components so they all lie in the same drawing context.

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Ah, I misunderstood your description above. When you said "ignores nested groups and components..." I thought you meant that it would cut through them. I get it now - all need to be on the same level of the hierarchy.

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Thank you.

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it would be cool to click on an object mads of 1000 cubes like a menger sponge and have a script that cycles through all the solid objects in the group and makes it one object, via union.

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You think this incredible tool could be developed for SketchUp 8.0 Pro?

Eneroth3's picture

I tried it for older SU version but the transformation matrices seemed to work differently and the content got misplaced when moved between groups/components.

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Excellent plugin. Simple and effective. Thank you very much.

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cool your bio thing sounds like me in a way...

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muito bom..

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Thanks a lot!

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Thank you very much! this is a "must have" plugin.

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Thank you for this! Fantastic toolset, much easier to use on components than either the Pro solid tools or the Booltools.