Eneroth Scale Tool Handles
Simplified interface to set what scale tool handles component has.
Eneroth Scale Tool Handles

This extension provides a simplified interface to handle Scale Tool handles on groups and components (pun intended). Instead of micro managing each of the 7 handle pairs individually this plugin automatically adjusts the diagonal handles depending on what main axes scaling is enabled in.

This can be useful on very slim components, e.g. pipes, where otherwise the correct handle is difficult to grab.

Please note that the handles in Scale Tool aren't instantly updated. If the tool is already active you can re-activate it to update the handles.


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This is my favorite Sketchup extension of all time, which I never thought I'd say again after installing your Improved Solid Tools extension. I model tons of storefront systems for commercial TI projects, and being able to quickly scale panes of glass without having to zoom in to the Nth degree to select the correct scale anchor has streamlined my workflow and made my life much easier. Thank you for all your wonderful work!

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That is great to hear! :)

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This is pretty cool. It's great to be able to select only the direction to scale a thing. I have only one issue with it: Setting it up to enable just one scale direction takes four operations of three clicks each.
My workflow with it:
After selecting an object to scale, (group or component works best).
1. right click
2. select Eneroth Scale Tool Handles
3. uncheck ONE of the unwanted handles.

Repeat steps 1, 2, and 3 until only the handle desired remains checked. Since there are 5 options, and I want just one (usually), I have to wade through the process four times. It's almost faster to zoom in to find the handle desired (sometimes changing to wireframe to see them all).

Unless I'm missing something?

Thanks though. The utility has a permanent spot in my collection of "neat stuff."

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You don't need to manually untick the diagonals. When scaling in e.g. Red axis is disabled, so is scaling in the Red Green plane, the Red Blue plane and uniform scaling.

Even if you only need to go into the menu twice I know it's not ideal. On the other hand, if there were a window popping up with all the options you'd need to move the mouse from the menu entry that opens the window all the way to the entries inside the window, click them, and then move the mouse again and click the close button. Even though it feels odd to go into the same menu twice it could actually be faster.

Edit: You can also assign shortcut keys. I'm using Ctrl+Right Arrow, Ctrl+Up Arrow and Ctrl+Left Arrow for Red, Blue and Greens scaling respectively.

In the current version the scale handles wont immediately update so you have to re-select scale tool after using the shortcut. I have however made submitted a bugfix that I hope should be published within a day or two.

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Yes, I see how the diagonal grips "go away" as you untick one, then another, of the ordinal directions. I don't know a damn thing about coding, but it occurs to me that if NONE of the options were available, the user would need just one trip to the menu to select the one he wanted. My guess is that would no doubt enlarge the code by a factor of at least two ... ;-)
Nevertheless, the utility is valuable where there isn't time or need to create an interactive component with limited scale handles. And it's nice that the selection remains with the group or component until changed back.
Thanks for your reply. I am a fan.

Thanks so much for sharing your work!!

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This is awesome. Exactly what I need.

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Glad you like it! :)

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