Eneroth Relative Top View
Like Sketchup's native Top View but has the same relation to the previous view as Top View has to Front View. Useful to set plan views that are aligned to a building or other content instead of having north up.
Eneroth Relative Top View

Small script to create a top view that is aligned to the previous view in the same way Top View under Standard Views is aligned to Front View. Useful for plans that are aligned to a building or other content instead of having north up.

First position the camera so it points towards what should be upwards in the top view, e.g. by right clicking a face or section plane and select Align View. Then run the script from Camera > Eneroth Relative Top View.

Known Issues/Oddities

Ideally this script should be called from Camera > Standard Views > Relative Top but adding entries to existing sub menus isn't supported by the API.


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Most of the time this works just fine but I spend alot of time trying to rotate my view so I am aligned with my group or component before I go overhead. Is there a way to have the plugin pay attention to a selected object and align the overhead view with the nearest to alignment bounding box side? Not just go overhead and leave me 2.004076 deg off axist to the object but zero.

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Prior to activating this plugin you can align precisely to any face by right clicking it and click Align View. You may need to open up a few levels of groups and components before reaching a face. You could also use my Align View plugin to align the view to a face without having to dive into any groups or components. https://extensions.sketchup.com/en/content/eneroth-align-view

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Like all your other work, just exactly right and plain useful.

i did't really get what it do can anyone explain it for me please ..

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Thank you very much!!!

A great job! I was crazy trying to solve that problem!! :)

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The "Roll Camera" function of TTs "Camera Tools" extension is also good at this job.

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Thank you so much wonderful work

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Thank you!

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Really useful. I've been looking for something like this. Well done.

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what about interior ?
is it useful for interior shots

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You can use the section plane tool to reveal interiors, or keep your ceilings/roofs on a separate layer that you can turn off to see interiors.