Eneroth Random Selection
Randomly shrink selection to given percentage. Can be used to introduce variety in model.
Eneroth Random Selection

This extension was originally planned to be a Ruby Extension example but turned out to also be a rather useful little extension.

It is used to shrink the selection to a subset of the selected entities using a slider. One practical use case is to randomly select a subset of similar components to replace with another component. If you for instance have numerous identical trees in a model you can select them all, use this extension to shrink the selection to about half, and replace those with another differently looking tree component.

Soure code available at GitHub.



I wish it supports SketchUp 2016, T_T


Hi, Totally amazing i l really like to create vectors and i'm using photoshop

However, thank you for share!
Appreciate it.

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This is a great tool. I use it all the time!

After several hours of work on a PC I tried to install it a Mac (SU2018) and doesn't seems to work..
Let me know how can i fix it...


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Hi T

Can you be a bit more specific of how it doesn't work? Are there any error messages? Is it behaving differently from how you expected?


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