Eneroth Pipe
Create pipes from edges.
Eneroth Pipe

This plugin is designed to allow you to pipe (give a 3d thickness to) large amounts of edges, all at once. This allows for wire frame models to be 3D printed. Unlike some other plugins this isn't limited to just one contentious sequence of edges but can be used on a 3D network, such as a space frame. The plugin re-uses the same component definition for each pipe which decreases the file size and allows you to modify the cross section of the pipes at a later point. Lastly the plugin looks for sequences of co-linear edges and form long continuous pipes instead of individual short fragments.


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just purchased this plugin tool but it keep saying Pipe is out of licence, and I have window. I even restarted my computer. Still not working!

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There is currently a bug in the Extension Warehouse regarding licenses. The SketchUp team are aware of it and are working on it now.

Hopefully installing the plugin will work in a day or so.

Purchased and installed but the extension insists I do not have a license.

Takes me back to the download page when I click I want to add license.

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Hi Stuart

There's apparently a bug on Mac with the toolbar command states not updating. The button is intended to be disabled when no edges are selected and enabled when edges are selected, but the code checking for selected edges isn't called as it should on Mac.

Does the button update if you switch tool, e.g. press M to activate move tool? If this doesn't work, maybe the menu (Extensions > Eneroth Pipe) works.

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using SU 2018, if i draw a circle and check merge continuous pipe it remains as pipe seggments, the same as if it were unchecked? what am I doing wrong here?

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Hi Steve

The merge contentious option makes a single pipe from co-linear edges, (as shown in the second image). It doesn't merge edges that has an angle between, such as segments of a curve.

Hi, does plugin work in Skp 2018 ? Jan

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Yes, it supports SU 2016 and all newer versions.

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Lamentablemente no puedo bajar la aplicación para instalarla manualmente

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You have to be sign in to the Extension Warehouse from within SketchUp to be able to install the plugin. Downloading and manually installing doesn't work for licensed extensions.