Eneroth Open Newer Version
Convert and open models made in newer versions of SketchUp.
Eneroth Open Newer Version

Open models made in earlier SketchUp versions by first converting them down to a supported format. Useful e.g. for opening models from SketchUp free (2018 format) in Make 2017, the last free desktop version of SketchUp.

Only supported by 64 bit Windows.

Source code available at GitHub.

Please note that this extension should not be seen as a reason not to update SketchUp. The new versions have better performance and useful new features, both for the end user and to make the life easier for us extension developers. The extension is much aimed at hobby users using Make 2017 who wants to open models made in SketchUp Free (which uses the 2018 format).

Known Issues

Unfortunately there is no Mac support as I don't have access to one to test on.

Version History

1.0.1 (2018-06-27)

Removed flashing command line window.

1.0.0 (2018-06-25)

First release.


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I am using SKP 2016 and I need to convert a SKP 2107 to SKP 2016.
I am getting error/warning messages saying some "Execution of the Windows Script Host Failed (Access is denied)"

I can even add a screenshot of this warning message.

I have installed directly from Extension Warehouse.

Please help me with this


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What Windows version are you using? What is returned if you run this in the Ruby Console?

require "tempfile"; File.writable?(File.dirname(Tempfile.new("test").path))

Miguel Angel L.'s picture

Muchas gracias, funciona muy bien.

Es bastante bueno :D