Eneroth Lift Entities
Moves selected entities out of its component and into all drawing contexts containing the component.
Eneroth Lift Entities

Moves selected entities out of its parent component, up in the model hieracrhy, into all drwing contexts containing this component. Useful if you no longer want some geometry to be shared by all components but instead want to be able to edit it seperately for each instance.

A typical use case woul be an architectural project containing numerous identical apartment modules. At some point you may want to move all the windows or all pieces of furniture out of the repeated component to be able to modify it for each apartment individually.

Activated from Extensions > Eneroth Lift Entities.


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Thanks! Really useful tool!

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Thanks Eneroth3, very cool... i'd love it if it did reverse too - selected object into CG (first level).

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Glad you like it :) . You can already use cut and paste in place to move in the other direction.

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Eneroth Lift Entities (1.0.0); February 20, 2017
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