Eneroth Layer Usage Inspector
List all components that uses a specific layer. Useful to determine if a layer can be safely deleted.
Eneroth Layer Usage Inspector

List all components that uses a specific layer. Useful to determine if a layer can be safely deleted.

A little too often components from the 3D Warehouse contains numerous layers that are totally irrelevant for the project and just ends up as spam in the Layer panel. If you are unsure wether a layer is such a layer or actually has  some sort of purpose in your own model you can use this plugin to find out.

Activated from Extension>Eneroth Layer Usage Inspector....


Wow! Very useful. I just installed it now, and I'm playing around with it, but so far I love it! For large models with hundreds of components and dozens of layers, it really helps understand what is where, and what isn't, and not just for the purpose of deleting. It gives you the "reverse" view of how the model is arranged, which is very useful for determining if components are on the right layers or not, and also for finding components that you forgot to name...

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This is exactly what I'm looking for. Unfortunately, I'm unable to use it with the model which brought about this need, as the list of layers exceeds the vertical resolution of the screen and the list does not scroll.

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There should be a scrollbar. What OS are you using? I haven't tried the plugin on Mac so maybe that works differently. Perhaps you can select the text and copy it to a text editor to view all.

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Thank you for the quick response.

Sketchup Pro 2017 version 17.2.2555 64 bit on Windows 7 Home Premium SP1

When I launch the extension, a window pops up with the layer selector. Upon clicking the selector, a list of layers opens, filling the screen from top to bottom. Layers that don't fit on the screen are inaccessible.

Also, the list does not "latch" in the open state. That is, when I release the mouse button, the list closes.

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Oh, you mean the dropdown list of layers, not the output list? It has actually never occurred to me that a model might have more layers that what fits in the screen. If I remember correctly from when I started using SketchUp on Win XP the dropdown menu then could be scrolled when it was too long for the screen. However now it doesn't work when I try it on my current Win 7 machine. Maybe there was a regression between the OSs or I just remember it wrongly :/ .

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I'm not sure. All of my coding experience is in HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, Perl, SQL, etc... Never working with UI elements outside of a web browser.

The model I'm currently working on which prompted me to seek out the functionality that your plugin provides currently has 89 layers in it. It's been a work in progress for about 2 years, often with months in between progress. As you might imagine, one can easily lose track of what is on what layer. I have a few layers that don't appear to have anything on them based on isolating them by setting setting every other layer not visible. Nothing appears visible in the model, yet if I attempt to delete that layer, I get the option to move it's contents to the default layer, which clearly indicates there's *something* there, likely members of multiple layers.

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This interface uses SketchUps built in inputbox and not web technologies. The latter would be possible but requires much more boilerplate code to set up.

However, I think I may have found a solution. The arrow keys still work for cycling the list and since it's alphabetically ordered it should be fairly easy to find the layer you are looking for. If you have 89 layers I can really see why you want to clean them up. Maybe my layer merger can also be useful if you find numerous layers that do the same thing but just are differently named, e.g. in different languages.

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Excellent! Yes, I have verified that cycling through layers using the arrow keys works for me.

Thank you so much for your time.

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Hi Eneroth,
Looks like a very useful extension and it would be great if it also shows groups and non-group entities in the result (somehow categorised). Maybe even make an automatic selection in viewport?

Also -feels like- a major issue i encountered (SU 2017):

1- Make a component > Add that component to Layer2 > Run the extension on Layer2
Result: The component couldn't be found at Layer2
Expectation: It should appear in the result.

2- Enter inside the same component > Select everything and add them to Layer3 > Run the extension on Layer3
Result: The component is found at Layer3
Expectation: It's okay, -i think-.

Hereby, if i delete Layer2 (which appears empty in extension result), the whole component vanishes! But if i delete Layer3, all those entities merge to Layer0 and the component is kept normally in Layer2 (and eventually my behaviour will be deleting Layer2, because it appears empty!).

I hope i made myself clear :D

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I have just tested myself and in the situation you describe the plugin tells Layer2 is used in the Model Root (outside all containers) and layer3 is used in the components as intended. The plugin lists the layers used inside a drawing context, not the layer the container is on.

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Will have a try..:-)

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