Eneroth Layer Painter
Swiftly apply layers to entities in a Paint Tool-like fashion.
Eneroth Layer Painter

Swiftly apply layers to entities in a Paint Tool-like fashion. This allows for quicker application of layer to entities without having to look up the layers by name each time.

Activated from Extensions > Eneroth Layer Painted or the toolbar.

Personally I use Alt+L as shortcut for this extensions (L used for Line Tool and Ctrl+L, Shift+L and Ctrl+Shift+L used by Eneroth Swift Layer Manager).

Beware that the tool picks layer from the topmost group/component. To pick from child entities use the context menu (right click) without pressing Alt.

Known issues/limitations

If the model is saved and SketchUp closed while the tool is active the Color By Layer display will be enabled when tyhe model is next opened. To disable it, click the Detials arrow in the Layer panel and untick Color By Layer.

Due to limitations in the API layers cannot be picked from entities outside of the active drawing context the way that would otherwise be consistent with native paint Bucket Tool.


The comparison offered a better idea regarding how fast and how much details could be included in the model when the plugin is used along with the Sketchup. The features offers a better and efficient way to Slice objects and use section planes to trim a model for rendering trinitykochireview

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Beautiful, ca marche. Great tool, thanks!

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I tried putting it in the sketchup 2018 plugins folder with the .rb file but it doesn't work in 2018 for me, it says it needs another license. Do I have to buy another license for 29018?

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Hi Walter

The extension needs to be installed through the Extension Warehouse inside of SketchUp for a license to be activated. There is no other way to activate a license.

When buying a license it should work on two computers or SketchUp versions. Maybe you've already activated the license on a computer or SketchUp version you no longer use. Unfortunately I as a developer cannot de-activate licenses but I've heard Chris Fullmer at Trimble has helped other users when they've changed to a new computer.

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I mean 2018 not 29108...

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Can't get the select part to work, just wants to paint straight away...

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You must first hold down Alt to pick up a layer.

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